New Silver Shield Interview

Here is a recent short interview I did with Kerry Lutz on AM 970 in New Jersey. The interview covers the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield article and where we are going in the near future. Kerry is really ahead of the curve on the powerful investment opportunities in the silver market. He can be heard on his podcast channel and you can read more about him at his site.

5 comments to New Silver Shield Interview

  • Micah

    So, what is the rest of the story with the military contractractor in Afghanistan?

  • silverdoc

    Good job having patience listening to Lutz’s stories and comments during your interview. He sounded like chong, from cheech and chong…kept waiting to here a big inhalation and cough in the middle of one of his commentaries. Hopefully your hard works reaches more and more of the sheeple who blindly follow
    o-baaaaahhh-ma and his croonies without question.

  • jazzy

    keep up the good work dude.after todays action things will hopefully slowly (or quickly) gain momentum.keep it up.

  • […] can hear an interview Kerry did with me a few weeks ago here. Click Here. Wake Some People […]

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