According to Barry Stuppler Platinum has a Golden Future–03-15-2012

Barry Stuppler, veteran precious metals investor and dealer said back in October that Platinum was a screaming buy. For good reason. Platinum’s price had dipped below the price of gold, for only the fourth time in the post WWII era. Of course the Platinum market is extremely small compared to others, but it is an extremely important industrial metal that also has some investment attributes. Sure enough, Platinum closed out the year at around $1400 and in no time at all has surpassed gold. Platinum has been the best performing metal so far this year. Today, Thursday, 3/15/2012 it’s at $1674 per ounce.

There’s a number of factors adding to Platinum’s rise. Labor unrest in South Africa (the largest producer), increased auto sales, jewelry demand in Japan, and the Canadian Mint’s reintroduction of Platinum Maple Leafs. If these factors continue in force, we could see record increases in Platinum prices and for that reason Barry believes it has a golden future.

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2 comments to According to Barry Stuppler Platinum has a Golden Future–03-15-2012

  • I reckon all the metals will do well as the future unfolds. Sure platinum is doing relatively better at the moment but I doubt many will buy some. It doesn’t have a history as a monetary metal and although some that can afford gold may – and I stress the word may – opt for a platinum noble of maple leaf instead of a gold coin, the silver bugs will stay well clear.

    Sure, it’s an important industrial metal, but not as important as silver.

    More people can afford silver than an ounce of platinum.

    In my most humble opinion if you’re looking for a second metal I would suggest copper – the working man’s red metal.

    If you’re looking for something with similar characteristics to silver than there is NO OTHER rival to copper. It is an important industrial metal AND has a very long history as money.

    I wouldn’t recommend buying it though – just collect the coins in your change. In the US get the pennies and nickels. The pennies are bronze and the nickels are white copper – 75% copper and 25% nickel.

    Love the show, Kerry.


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