Double Barrel 45 ACP

I gotta have one. I mean, I GOTTA HAVE ONE!

19 comments to Double Barrel 45 ACP

  • Aurochs

    useless gimmick. save your silver.

    • Andy in the UK

      I agree, must surely be a pig to handle, and what about accuracy? That said it will likely sell well to wanabe ‘gangsta’ types everywhere.

  • JimNYC

    I gave it a five star in terms of looks and quality workmanship. BUT. I’d rather have my single stacks in both hands blasting away at the oncoming enemy. Would never buy it.

  • 4 Liberty

    Don’t think they should build too many. Thats like trying to sell cow patties to a cattleman. Love 1911’s but what were they thinking? Practice at magazine changes and you can accomplish the same thing. Although , the younger generation does like to have ballast to keep their pants hung low. I believe Andy in the UK may be on to something.

  • Archangel

    Firepower plain and simple. More lead downrange with each trigger pull. They claim all 16 rounds in an orange at 15yd, watermelon at 25yd. It would certainly do damage. I wouldn’t say useless, it’s a manstopper for sure. I’d take a Para Ordinance double stack for firepower over the double barrel. Now, their Strike One pistol looks about perfect. check it out. The barrel has an inline action rather than the typical rotating barrel locking mechanism of all other auto pistols. I’m interested in that one for sure in .40. with the LRC attachment. Nice system.

  • lastmanstanding

    I think I’d prefer to buy another 1911 and have one for each hand…

    Here’s an even better idea…we send Planet Prisoner shipping and handling and perhaps when Barrett begins doling out 50’s when shtf, he can overnight us one via UPS or fed ex as the post office will be shut down (adversity issues)… there are several ammo plants in my neighborhood that will be doling it out as well.

  • Rainmaker

    JimNYC and Lastmanstanding, you are on to something. I think I might need two, one for each hand! After I posted last night, I had a dream about “IT”. What kind of ordinance to use? Wadcutters, semis, HPs? (WCs for sure). 185 gr, or 230 gr? Maybe 200 gr. Or maybe a combination interchanged on the double-stack? The combinations and options are endless…………a boy can only dream.

    You are all probably right. I probably could not put all 16 into a water melon at 25 yards anyway(I still want to try). I doubt I would be using it to qualify for my CCW. (I would love to see the look on the sheriffs face though when I broke it out and put it on the table) I doubt that we will even be allowed to purchase one in The Land of the Free. (makes me want one even more)

    Even though I am a card carrying member of the AARP and I know I should be sensible, I can’t help myself. I am still just a big kid at heart.

    • lastmanstanding

      we just want to enjoy life with our families and be left alone.

      Us old guys will be hard to get rid of…We know what’s at stake.

  • Cool.

    Think i’ll stick to my black widow catapult for now though, Rainmaker :-)

    I’d be well ‘on’ the radar if I acquired one of those in Britain. The rapid response unit aka SWAT would prob pay me a visit over a regular gun let alone a double-barreled hand-gun.

    • Andy in the UK

      I was shown how to use one of those black widows a few years back by a bush-craft expert who swore by them. He always kept one in his car and one at work in his bug-out bag. I was not too convinced until he showed me what a well placed shot (.38 steel ball) could do to a target at 10-15 metres. He also showed me how to convert it to shoot arrows fitted with broadheads (something else you are not supposed to have in the UK).

      I was so impressed by such a simple and ancient weapon I bought one for each member of the family (plus several spare bands and steel ammo). I didnt go down the arrow option as only broadheads would be of any real use at that power level (and I didnt want to risk going on anyones radar – stay the grey-man and all that).

      Anyway, as an option in a non-firearm environment for keeping non-firearm carrying undesirables away from the house it promises some very low key stand-off protection. I also keep a few bottles, rags, and matches in a safe place should anyone need further encouragement to stay away – if you know what I mean.

      I hope to never have to properly use any weapon – but it is always best to have an option available than non at all.

      Dont know what our American friends will think of us when they hear of our simple catapults and molotovs, when they have access to all sorts of exotic hardware. I can almost here the laughter……

      • Aurochs

        We’re not laughing Andy. It’s not funny.

        • Andy in the UK

          Yes my friend, and sorry, I didnt mean to imply that anyone who has a real grasp of how serious this is would actually laugh. Just another failed attempt at humour by me.

          I should have learned by now that I am not good at humour and should give it a rest, but when all you have to defend yourself is a rubber-band and some ball-bearings it helps to laugh at how ridiculous the situation is, the alternative is fear, and I dont do fear.

          Take care.

      • Anon

        You can easily get legal for adults xbows which could do a lot more accurate & near silent damage; some can fire barbed fishing darts and some .8mm steel balls.

        I’ve fired a barbed fishing dart with cord attached, through a long narrow space, on my property, using a cheap 100lb compound xbow, so that I could pull some cable though and I’ve fired them at a target, so have a good idea what they could do.

        I definitely wouldn’t want to risk even a target dart in me from my xbow, let alone a barbed fishing dart, so I’m careful.

        The more powerful ones, well, they are not called hunting ones for nothing; seen “The Walking Dead”, enough said…

  • twisted titan

    doubble tapp with the G 21 will work just fine

  • captkirk

    I am pretty sure that this pistol would be classified as a machine gun by the BATF… firing more than one cartridge at a single pull of the trigger

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