5 Reasons Why American Riots Will Be The Worst In The World

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  • Jon Goetz

    Wow…kind of makes a case for getting the hell out of the States and heading for a quiet beach in Chile…

  • Jeff

    Very well done and thought out.

    I always like to say to people….

    “Imagine that angry mob that we see on TV every Christmas…you know, the ones who trample over each other, or shoot each other over a $29.00 ‘Door-buster’ DVD player…..now, imagine that mob trampling each other under foot after they haven’t eaten well for about a week or two….and then ask yourself, will you want to be among that crowd, fighting for your place in line to secure some of the last rice / bread / beans / whatever, that is available for the doorbuster price of everything you own?

    I always tell anyone who I think will listen that it is better to prepare now…because I would rather be 5 years early to this party…than even one minute late….because at that point, the game is over.

  • speedspirit

    What you speak of Chris is the plan of the power elite. To get the citizens of the world to turn on each other. We are talking about within our country and WWIII according to the Universal Law The Second Law of Thermodynamic. This law states that in a closed system, entropy, meaning disorder, will increase. On might say that if a system becomes closed to outside influences, it will inevitably self-destruct.

    This law can be applied to the entire material universe. It is said that this universe is simply one part of a larger whole, and that there are spiritual realms beyond this world. If the entire material universe was cut off from any connection to the spiritual realm, then it would inevitably self-destruct.What the second law really says is that everything in the material universe will inevitably return to its most basic components, unless it is sustained by an impulse that comes from outside the material universe. That impulse is the spiritual energy of God, and that energy can only enter this universe through the consciousness of a spiritual being, including, but not limited to, a human being in physical embodiment. That is where people like Chris and myself try to educate all that we can that there is an alternative.

    Your doing a Great Job Chris!!!

  • Rojelio

    Wow, I’m glad I found your videos. You’re blowing my mind. Even just on the basis of peak oil, one can make the case for decentralization and localization.

    Assume distance will continue to cost more. I blame peak oil AND inflation. Assume that travel will also increasingly incur the cost of security, both for citizens and companies. Wage slavery in 3rd world countries is only profitable when the cost of transport is negligible. There is no globalization without cheap transport. Peak oil alone destroys this entire paradigm. (Thanks Chris, for my new favorite word).

    For anyone wanting a wakeup call on exactly what’s up with oil, check out Jeff Rubin’s talk on this. It’s 45 min, but he’s a kick-ass speaker.


  • Duh

    Search for honest money & Freedom while not being supported by the government. I think Network Marketing is a great place to start building your pipeline. Or you could just make order out of chaos and stick with your job and have the government support you while you dont understand what is going on then you take to the streets for the riots. Do Your Research, Build a Pipeline (Freedom) Buy Silver (More Freedom).

    • Rojelio

      I actually read through this thing. Not like its written in plain English or anything, but it sounds like he can confiscate anything he wants: farms, factories, property whatever if its for national emergency.

  • Harold Bell

    When the media is controlling what is being fed to the general public how can the public be informed? It is now too late!! The cost of food is now beyond bizzare due a irresponsible government that is gaining more control as I write this blog, and what is left are people that have had eneough! What is left ? Those who do not cooperate will spend some time in your friendly FEMA CAMPS… or be shot on site.

  • FundeMentalOne

    The NWO would welcome with open arms a total economic collapse to implement their cashless monetary society… And, to usher-in a new single world-government system. That’s what they are planning.

    The rest I totally agree with. The anarchy and madness that will follow the collapse.

  • jc

    Good video, but highest crime rate? That’s a stretch…Even at that, most of it comes from Illegals…

  • Mark

    Sorry but a rosie picture of what will be many time worse than what is shown here. When it starts, and it will start, It will last for years.

  • Mad Dog

    There is No Doubt we are in trouble . I believe in your 5 reasons as to why they will be the worlds worst riots Only If it Happens. I think you have better odds of winning both Mega Millions and Powerball together
    But then again Who am I and the above is just my mere opinion

  • Brian

    This is exactly why any responsible American should be adequately armed and take caution against the line of bu**sh*t the Obama regime has been feeding us. I don’t dislike this man because he wears a “D” in front of his name. I dislike him because he does everything under the radar like a dictator does. He may well be the “Anti Christ” and all the Lemmings are just going to follow him , over the edge. If you really want to know what the Holder, Obama regime are about, Google Fast and Furious and learn.
    Holder has been ordered by a federal judge to hand over all the records pertaining to the 1600 plus AK47’s and Ar15’s he walked into Mexico, he has refused. How does one refuse a federal judge? Those weapons all ended up in the hands of Mexican drug cartels and nobody has any answers. Bryan Terry, a former soldier who worked for the border patrol was killed by one of these weapons, think maybe his wife and kids deserve some answers? When the big riot comes, it will come because hardworking good Americans will no longer be willing to give in to the lies and crimes committed by those who are supposed to represent us. They will no longer be willing to stay in their homes in fear that going outdoors will get them killed by some Chicago or L.A. gang banger. They will no longer be willing to sell their souls for the purpose of oil, that ultimately, only benefits the very politicians we are forced to vote for. When the big one comes, the only thing worth more than gold will be firearms and if you don’t watch out Obama and mayors like Emanuel will be knocking on your door to take them away.

  • Kody

    An extremely shallow, unsupported, anti-capitalist, OWS-commie-Obama world view that merely apes the same arrogant, mindless communist propaganda that has been circulating for nearly 100 years.

  • Kudos Silver Shield: Superior report.

    Cultures clash and civilizations crash. It’s not a question of if riots will happen it’s merelyt a question of how soon.

    Actionable tactics and strategies to survive and thrive in troubled times.


    Right on Silver Shield – WRITE ON!

    Cordially, Yoda@magnifiedview.com

    P.S. “May you live in interesting times.” Ancient Chinese curse.

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