Silver Shield Report #23- Iran, Israel and the Petro Dollar

Silver Shield Report #23- Iran, Israel and the Petro Dollar is one of the most comprehensive looks at the coming Iran conflict.  The thing I feel is most missing from all of the commentary on Iran is the historical genesis of this conflict.  This Silver Shield Report will show all sides of this conflict and why this war will NOT be an Iraq Part 2.  I will show how Iran can win any conflict with the US in a few days and that our military knows this.  This report is a must for anyone who seeks to understand what is really going on in this world.

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9 comments to Silver Shield Report #23- Iran, Israel and the Petro Dollar

  • Gareth

    Excellent research, dude. I didn’t know quite a few points made here so cheers.


  • speedspirit

    We must keep an open mind that if we the American people will not stand up to the oppression by our own government and if it takes a war to pull the blinders off then so be it. God Bless our soldiers.

    No matter what happens it is just another step towards our freedom from the mad men that are trying to rule the world. If the American government does indeed pursue a path that leads to the use of military means, it will only fuel anger and resentment in the Islamic world. And this will only turn the Iranian president into a folk hero and set the stage for the emergence of an even more potent Islamic warlord. This person has so far remained outside the public eye but is waiting in the shadows for the right moment of sufficient Islamic anger to make a powerful entry. And if indeed this person does manage to get popular support, then the result could quickly escalate into a war that would drag not only the West but also India and China into the fray. And this would be a situation in which anything could happen but nothing can be predicted.

  • Viper131

    Great Job Silver Shield!!!

    Be prepared for a False Flag sometime…. most likely after the election!!!!

    Some additional points:

    1. During the Iran-Contra scandal – the arms were shipped from US to Israel. Israel delivered the arms to Iran. Then the resulting money was sent for Nicaraguan ops. Of course Israel cooperates when it is beneficial to themselves.

    2. The Bush Admin conferred with Iran regarding the upcoming Afghan invasion. Iran gave approval. Then the Bush Admin tells Iran that an invasion of Iraq is forthcoming. Iran does not provide approval – due to the fabrication of the reason and also did not want US forces on both sides of their country. The Bush Admin invades anyways under the false pretenses of WMD.

    3. North Korea and Iran have had relations for many years. There is regular commerce and ties taking place every day. If there was a desire for Iran to have a nuclear weapon — it could have been acquired many many many years ago. PLEASE – stop the whole iranian nuclear weapon discussion.

    At any rate – be prepared for a False Flag or entrapment tactic against Iran. This is just another ‘need to create an enemy so that the bankers can finance both sides of the war – and become enriched while residing in their Swiss Chalets or large blue water yachts!

    • Bill Looser

      How will we recognize that False flag?…every day there are small “false” flags, red flags, black flags, political bs flags…

      I don’t think there will be any notice…hope I’m wrong.

      • Silver Shield

        Well we picked apart KONY 2012 pretty quickly and we expect an attack to blame Iran.

        I guess what ever happens we simply need to ask cui bono?

        • Bill Looser

          Sorry, I was just being somewhat facetious because of the continuous bs that they pull.

          but…I knew a month or so ago that Iran said they would be selling India and China??? oil for gold…I hadn’t been able to confirm that it actually happened…you mentioned that it had, or I heard it that way.

          Is it true? It’s a no brainer for sure…

          Nice work…If one just researched any issues, took a few moments to think rationally about how it effects others and the earth…can you imagine what it would be like?

          What is going on must stop.

  • Leo Young

    Great report. Thanks for all your efforts.

  • Jim Teddick

    Nice job. Very informative. It all just turns my stomach. I just hope i can get my family prepared in time.

  • Gregory Hall

    Interesting information. Thanks for this presentation.

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