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I did a really powerful interview with Jack Spirko on The Survialist Podcast yesterday.  Jack has one of the largest survival podcast audiences out there and it was a really cool to reach a different audience.  We covered a great deal of topics, but mostly about positively preparing for this mathematically inevitable collapse.  Please listen and comment on his site, especially the forum, as there are a great many new people we can reach out to in his audience.  Also Jack’s channel is really great and recommend you check out his other podcasts.

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  • Chris thank you so much for doing the interview. I have had a lot of guys on about metals and you are honestly the best researched and proven so far. I think there is a lot of synergy between our communities and hope to see many DTOM readers at TSP and vise verse.

    FYI to readers of this blog, The Survival Podcast isn’t the type of “survivalism” most people expect. We practice what I have termed “modern survivalism”. It is all very positive and about assuring our lives going forward. No tin hat conspiracy stuff just real world advice on how to live a better life, if times get tough or even if they don’t.

  • Rottenclam

    Although I already passed along my gratitude on the comments over at TSP, I just wanted to convey to DTOM readers that this interview with Chris is the HAMMER!

    If you thought Chris had some momentum on his recent interview with the dude from Peak Mystique, just wait until you hear him and Jack get going.

    BTW – Jack’s comment about “Modern Survivalism” above bears repeating. To wit; most of us know that there is no shortage of ‘bunker mentality’ survivalists out on the web that have captive audiences, just like there are no shortage of precious metal shills across the web. DTOM is pretty different from its contemporaries; well, TSP is also very different from its contemporaries.

    Check out the “Modern Survivalism” approach that Jack has built and expounded upon across his 800+ episodes. For me – if there is an analog to Chris in the ‘prepper’ world, I’d say it is Jack Spirko.

  • Voluntary Joe

    Hey DTOM community! Heard about you guys on TSP. Great interview!

  • Scott

    Awesome interview at TSP. Keep spreading the word!

  • jarrett

    Chris, I just listened to your interview on The Survival Podcast and was very impressed and inspired. I think both DTOM and TSP communities have a lot in common. Thanks for sharing your insight with our community!! I just subscribed to your YouTube channel. Hope your listeners will come and listen to TSP as well. The tide is starting to turn for Liberty, The more people we can get to WAKE UP the sooner we can reclaim our Republic!

    Keep up the good fight

  • IFIxTeeth2000

    Hey Chris – I found your site via The Survival Podcast! Great interview and I look forward to reading more on your site.

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