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  • countryboyseein

    You have to remember to sign in one last time, after you cancel FB, it’ll ask you to confirm a last time. Then your free!

    • Rainmaker

      I tried to sign in while the page confirming the deactivation was still open. It reactivated the account. I’ll wait a bit and then go back into the site after closing the page and try it again.

  • Rainmaker

    Done, deleted. Been wanting to do that for a long time. I am concerned about security, especially electronically. I would like to know how to screen my IP address, how to use a secure search engine, how to use an offshore email account, and any other ideas or ways to be more discreet. I have great concern that Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, Skype Utube and all the other big computer generated communication firms collect data to know our habits and for other nefarious reasons. No doubt, those private companies share our personal information without our consent. There is a file on every one of us.

    I remember there was a post way back that had some information on this. Can that be reposted?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • sledmaster

    I did this last week, also my youtube channel, and I quit using google. Take care Chris.

  • But I was just gettin’ good at trolling the sheeple with little seeds that could plant real ideas…

  • Silver Mike

    So, now im supposed to go hang out with people that act like psychopaths?

  • Ben

    I deleted my account 3 years ago….it was nice for awhile but the superficiality of it got old fast. I was only on it for 4 months. I am much happier without it.

  • TMD

    Watching this video was like watching every discussion/argument I’ve ever had with my wife regarding Facebook. She’s a Facebook crack head and probably always will be. I swear if the power goes out for more than a few hours, she starts getting twitchy because she can’t check her status. I’ve never signed up for a Facebook account because I don’t want the whole world knowing about what I’m doing every minute of the day. Not that the world actually WANTS to know what I’m doing, and if anyone does, they probably need to get a life. And if I want to talk to a real friend, I’ll go see them in person or call them on a phone. Guess what folks, just because you work with someone or went to high school with them, it doesn’t make them a “friend”. Will they help you bury that dead hooker in the trunk of your car? No? Well, take them off your friend list!!

  • 0ld-shekel

    WOW ! a good one !
    Every facebook member should watch this video …

    I had a facebook account for a few month and I closed it years ago .
    people are looking at me like I was an alien beacuse I don’t have fb .

  • Max

    Great video – I totally agree. But why do you still have all the link buttons to the social networks at the bottom of the video? Wouldn’t it be good to lead by example?

  • Matt

    Anyone know a good safe e-mail clent that is not yahoo, google or any other spyware?

    • Rosco1776

      I have a website for cheap at Globat and use the emails provided through them, you get as many as you want. I can log on through the web and get my emails or you can get them through outlook, evolution or any email software. I don’t use the eugenicist Bill Gates software at home.
      I just deactivated my account, I’ve done it before but now with all that’s gone down just since the beginning of 2012 I decided to go ahead and walk away. Thanks!!
      Now, what do you think about Youtube?

  • NZAllBlack

    We (You) should use FB and not let FB use you. Joining groups like the JSMineset group lets you meet like minded Silver/Liberty loving people. Plus you can keep posting all the Silver Shield/Truth Never Told videos. You never know which one of your hundreds of “Friends” will watch a Truth video and wake up. I re-post MANY ZeroHedge, Truth, King World News article and interviews.

  • Eilev

    Deactivated my fb account now. I have been thinking about doing it for some time and needed this extra pep talk to get it done. Feels good.

  • Cian

    I deactivted my facebook page around 2 weeks after I opened it. It felt like a spiders web that would be very easy to get tangled up in. I could see the benefits of it, but I could also see that the negative aspects of it would far outweigh any positives over time. There are enough abstracts of reality, that have to be dealt with in this matrix reality that we live in, without completly becoming a slave in all areas of ones life.

  • Lucy

    Oh thank God! I was beginning to feel like a real alien not having a facebook account. I have never had a facebook account. I think it’s totally ridiculous. I’ve seen some friends’ facebook pages and viewed the sort of stuff that gets posted and it horrifies me that people are so devoid of true connections. Well done to all of you that have deactivated your accounts and now have time for meaningful face to face dialogues! As for the business and marketing sides of facebook, well I recall a time when if I need to find a service or product, I simply looked up the Yellow Pages and I always found what I needed (not a want that was created by advertisers and marketers…….). I look forward to the day when we all return to living more simply, it’s so freeing and blissfully peaceful.

  • Silver Eagle

    Ive been preaching this to family members for the last three years. I would love to see that little twit lose his billions along with the Spooks losing a valuable “domestic terrorist” (you know those pesky, dangerous homeschooler, prepper, ex military, constitutional, Ron Paul support types) file creator

  • Silver Steve

    Just got off as well. It does feel empowering. Thanks Chris. What was already inside me, you brought to the surface.

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