I Called It… Part 2

Along with my call on the Anti-Hegemon, I made a bolder prediction in the Sons of Liberty Academy that flew in the face of conventional wisdom.

And now this…

As Soon As Next Year, America Could Become The World’s Leading Energy Producer

Gus Lubin|March 21, 2012|
Today’s big report from Citi validates what energy bulls have been saying for years. America is becoming an energy superpower again, and this could be great for the economy. One particular chart from the report will knock your socks off.

US oil and gas production is projected to pass Saudi Arabia and Russia by the end of 2013.

After that US producers will take a big lead. Canadian and Mexican production is soaring too, which is why Citi calls North America the new Middle East.

Citi is even more bullish than Goldman, which projects US production to pass Saudi Arabia in 2017.

Those that did not see this coming should have NO say in where we go after it gets here.

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4 comments to I Called It… Part 2

  • phreetogo

    Hey Chris, I enjoy this site and your youtube channel. I have been in transition for a while, but your videos have me looking at the world and life in a whole new light. I’ve been recommending them to anyyone who shows the slightest spark. Is the Silver Shield report for everyone, or just those who have a chunk of change available to them? Thanks!

  • Jen Lee

    Hi, there is one huge discovery of oil that has not been widely known called Gull Island in Alaska. A book called the Energy Non Crisis has been written and there is a discussion of this with Lindsay Williams and Alex Jones on Youtube – America and Alaska’s untapped oil 2/11. Also why did Obama stop the Alaskan oil pipeline (supposedly in the interests of America). Warren Buffett certainly benefitted with his railroad.

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