I Called It… Part 3

In the Ultimate Exit Strategy I talked about a plan for us to create our own paradigm that resonates with who we are.  That we could buy land with Alloidial title and develop a sustainable community that is built upon honest money and honest people.  While people tell me why this can’t be done, I told them that we are going to be going through a huge paradigm shift in values and that our silver will have magnitudes more purchasing power after the collapse of the dollar.  I said that we as a community will be able to negotiate with local counties and states to take off of their hands unproductive land and be able to secure either Alloidal title to that land or huge Tax abatements so long as we develop it.  This debt free land will be a very fertile ground for our new liberty minded community.

I went on to say that States that move towards a Constitutional free market approach to a dollar collapse will attract the best and brightest and recover the quickest.  I mentioned 13 states that are already looking to gold and silver legal tender laws in advance of a dollar collapse and that Utah is leading the way.  In Silver Shield Report #11- A New Community For A New Paradigm we looked at Utah for a possible location for our future community.

Now this…

Mar 23, 6:36 PM EDT

Utah governor signs bill demanding federal lands

Associated Press

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Gov. Gary Herbert signed a bill Friday that demands the federal government relinquish control of public lands in Utah by 2014, setting the table for a potential legal battle over millions of acres in the state.

House Bill 148, which easily passed the Legislature, is saddled with a warning from legislative attorneys that there is a high probability it will be found unconstitutional. But Republican lawmakers and Herbert are optimistic about their chances in court, especially if they can persuade other western states to pass similar legislation.

Ideally, state and federal officials should work together to improve access and increase development opportunities and improve conservation on public lands, Herbert said. Alternatively, the state’s congressional delegation would be able to work through Congress to give the state more control.

If those approaches fail, Herbert said a lawsuit to answer the constitutional question needs to remain an option.

“It’s not a slam dunk, but there is legal reasoning and a rational thought process,” Herbert said. “But this is the first step in a long journey. There is a lot of education needed to raise awareness.”

Opponents, including Utah Democrats and the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, said the bill is not only unconstitutional but bad public policy. If implemented, they said, it could eliminate important protections from development and vehicle use for wildlife refuges, forests and other sensitive areas.

“The state has proven itself time and again to be a bad manager of public lands … This is a political stunt,” said David Garbett, an attorney with the environmental group. “It’s amazing that in one quixotic act they’ve offended the U.S. Constitution, the state constitution and the state’s enabling act.” (Source)


Those that did not see this coming should have NO say in where we go after it gets here.

Get ahead of the curve and join a group of forward and positive thinking people, ready to create our own paradigm in the Silver Shield Report.

8 comments to I Called It… Part 3

  • SilverFox

    I am glad for Utah and the other 12 states looking at gold and silver legal tender laws. I can’t help but to wonder why the other 37 states are not. Does this mean they are for the most part puppets to the NWO elite?

  • Rottenclam

    I’m all for States rights and the State having its land, but I’ll admit to feeling torn about how this could potentially impact “National Parks” and/or “National Forests”.

    Yes, I know the Federal government has always pretty much sucked at managing anything and everything, but I’ve never had a bad experience with the National Parks and/or National Forests. They’re pretty reasonably priced too.

    The Federal Government has a long legacy of screwing things up, but the National Parks and National Forests are one thing I think they’ve gotten right.

    Yes – I know that nowhere in the article does it mention either of those being threatened, but anytime I see the wild / woods / preserves being threatened, my spider-sense starts tingling. Free Enterprise is awesome…but it also tends to be shortsighted whenever nature stands in the way.

    • Silver Shield

      Federal government land grabs does not settle with me. In fact any government owned land.
      Just because they have beautiful land does no mean private ownership is going to turn them into Vegas.

      In this paradigm shift I believe governments at all levels will be dumping these properties for a song or I mean real money.

      I would want to develop it in a way that is sustainable.

      Perhaps you are right that this will be a gift to the responsible that we’re aware and prepared because this land was kept from the short sighted that profited off of this current paradigm….

  • lastmanstanding

    I have millions of acres of National forest around me and let me be the first to say that they know absolutely nothing about managing it. They let the enviros jerk them around with taxpayer dollars…i’m not going to get into the right-left aspect of it because both sides suck.

    I often wonder if they(our govt.) are using these vast acres of land as collateral for the bs borrowing that they are doing to continue this game…think about that one…we get the Chinese to lend us money (we have fucked them at nearly every turn) If you think that they haven’t learned, you need to get your head examined.

    Word on the street is that they are buying land in the US…why not get land to collateralize the loan…cause they are mining and buying all the gold.

    Just some food for thought.

  • lastmanstanding

    Forgot to mention about the big nsa building in utah…that seems strange.

    And romney…isn’t he a mormon…lives in utah…

    Just coincidence I’m sure.

    By the way, i buy stuff at beprepared.com in utah…it is taking longer…and longer…and longer to get my stuff.

    • Steve

      Try Emergency Essentials also in Utah, I never have problems getting supplies and they deliver fairly quickly

  • adam

    Has anyone address the fact that there is a deal on right now 5-12 with the majoring banks being sold to the Chinese? Beforeitisnews.com

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