Ben Bernanke Slams the Gold Standard

3 comments to Ben Bernanke Slams the Gold Standard

  • sledmaster

    1:25… Not enough gold for a global gold standard??????? You are the federal reserve chairman. We are not talking about the global economy here, we are talking about America. Plus the reason you think there is not enough gold, is because everything is inflated and created out of thin air. The gold standard would work, it would keep the fed from creating money out of thin air, and bailing out banks and corporations from filing bankruptcy when they don’t run a straight up business. The little people that don’t run their businesses as they should go under. This is all make believe and the story is about to come to an abrupt end. Please prepare the best you can people.

  • Archangel

    Global? Who said global? This tells you how he thinks. He’s not considering America in his decisions, he looks at the world economy and how to best profit from it. And it’s the Fed that creates the excessive booms and busts by bypassing normal free market growth and retraction. They think they can play God with people, since it is human behavior that all economic activity is predicated on. So no Mr. Bernanke, you should not have the authority to play with the money supply, because a diety you are not, despite what your elitist friends think.

  • me

    This guy is beyond full of garbage. Nothing he says is worth listening to without a great deal of secondary verification and research. If you want to be taken advantage of, listen to his every word and accept it at face value.

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