Acts like HE has already won the election. I can hardly wait. Too bad he can’t be that honest with the American public.

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  • Ben

    That’s amazing video. Is he acting like he already won the election? Or does HE KNOW that he will win the election. I was surprised that there as an “ABC” bug in the corner. How in God’s name did that ever make it on to ABC?

  • Now what group will Barry offer flexibility to after the election (besides the Soviets)?

    • Rainmaker

      Not to be nudge, but the Soviets no longer exist. And while the current regime is made up of former Soviets and KGB, the power structure is more Tsarist than was that of Nicholas Romanov II.

      How do you think the Poles and the Czechs feel about this? What happens when the USA loses all credibility and respect in the world, including Euroland?

  • RealityChick

    I think they trend is to keep these mind-controlled pawns in office as long as possible. And I’m sure there will soon be an executive order which will do away with term limits soon enough. Serfdom, here we come!

  • Silver Eagle

    He has been acting as if the fix is in for the last year. I can’t determine if it is his pure arrogance, if he knows the switch to have chaos in the elections will sway it his way will be pulled, if an Iranian War will swing support to a sitting president, or if TPTB are insuring his victory because it fits their plans.

    Either way, President O-No, has alot of “tells”, the way he uses words and phrases that have double meanings, voice inflection, body languagem facial expressions, etc. But his pure arrogance reveals what we should all be watching, because that level of arrogance is very dangerous.

  • Gentlemen…your folly is in assuming that elections actually elect “our leaders”. No such monster. To quote Professor DeLaPaz: “Every era requires that the population believes the illusion of choice. In monarchies the illusion was that the King was selected by God. The key was to insure that God selected the right King. Today, the illusion is that elections select the leaders. The key is to insure that the right leaders are elected.

    Mr. Obama is well aware of the illusion and is behaving accordingly.

    • Rainmaker

      NO way. Can’t be true. Next thing you are going to tell me is that Wrestling is fake! Actually, BHO (AKA as Big HO) vs. Mitt “the Mormon” Romney. Has a ring to it.

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