Obama lawyer laughed at in Supreme Court

Whats the difference if its an insurance payment, a tax or a penalty? Levinworth.

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  • lastmanstanding

    no laughing matter folks…it is time to bring the full weight of US Constitution loving US citizens down on these bastards…

    …if you want anything but personal responsibility, freedom and liberty…be advised…you’d better get your ass out of our republic.

  • Rainmaker

    You said alot LMS, but I fear that the sheeple don’t care nor understand the tyranny we are under, what we have allowed. Its wierd, I never thought we would have allowed a collectivist technocracy to obliterate our freedoms and that we would all stand and watch with drool on our chins.

    We considered moving abroad several years ago, but considering and doing are two different things. Now, we are concerned being somewhere new and being “American”. There are alot of nations and peoples that hate us, what we have become and how we allow our gubmints and money powers to make war for profit.

    Times gonna come where we all gonna have to go dark and let the chaff fall where it may.

  • Ben

    “…the sheeple don’t care nor understand the tyranny we are under, what we have allowed.”

    That statement says it all right there. Furthermore, there are not enough of us willing to fight for those freedoms and I am certain our Republic is lost.

    To the Collectivist Oligarchs….mission accomplished. It took 100 years but you are almost there. I am sure you will enjoy watching it burn to the ground.


  • Rainmaker

    Ben, I am laughing out loud, I had to look up BOHICA.

    Now on the not so funny side, it irks me that I think the same. I get asked when “it” is going to happen. I have to reply it already has. I have always been an optimist, a make lemonade out of lemons person. Now, I am pissed off pretty often and I don’t like that.

    Its burning now. Lets hope a Phoenix rises.

  • Ben

    Agree. It is happening. It’s like watching a large tree fall in slow motion. You know, like some big movie production tree fall. You first hear the crackling, then it starts to fall and you see all of these different camera shots, branches falling, leaves flying….then it hits and there are shockwaves and then it finally settles. Here’s hoping none of us are in that path. If you use that same tree analogy, there are some of us “ants” that are looking up and can see it coming…and we are preparing to scurry away and care for ourselves and our loved ones. We have made preparations. We will still feel the shockwaves, but as I stated, I hope none of us are in the path. Sadly, many will be crushed.

    I have been awake for many years, started when I was in college, it heightened after 9/11. Honestly, I never thought I would see this come in my lifetime.

    I am pissed as well,and I get tired of it, but it does no good. A lot of people will not heed the warnings….but I still gently try to let them know what is coming. My neighbors listen more than my friends and family.

    In the end, none of us are getting out alive. WE all have to pay the ultimate price one day. I just hope I can make it through to the other side, to see what things will be like when the paradigm shifts.

    One day we will all know the answers. I think we may find we asked the wrong questions!

    Enough philosophical bs….I need to go to bed.

  • outsidelookingin


    an act or instance of extorting.
    Law . the crime of obtaining money or some other thing of value by the abuse of one’s office or authority.
    oppressive or illegal exaction, as of excessive price or interest: the extortions of usurers.
    anything extorted.

  • Sharky

    I cant believe what has happend in the US and the world in general, its just a repeat of history that we were never ment to forget as a nation falls into outright tryanny.

    The UK where I am from is no better and going down the exact same path, David Cameron and Georre Osbourne are the biggest banker puppets that have ever been at the helm.

    I have never seen facism spread throughout the world in such a relatively short period, its a complete global take over of bankers and the monopolistic corporations they own with the compliance of all the world politicans, you have to pinch yourself every day when no representatives in any position of power has stopped the utter destruction of everything the people of this world have worked for and built.

    It makes you physically sick, the accountability of all these crimes will now have to fall to the responsibility of the people of the world as the rule of law is completely gone for the elite.
    Especially if Jon Corzine does not see the inside of a prison cell after recent developments.

    But not like the hideous practice of Obama Executing American citizens without trial, all these crimes deserves a trial judge and jury even Corzine.

    The governments of the world have failed on every level bought and manipualted by cheap money.

    They should all hang there heads in shame for what they have done.

  • lastmanstanding

    Guys/Gals…regarding the sheeple…you get what you earn.

    In vintage lm style…you take advantage of others for everything in your life and the planet will eventually eliminate you.

    to many people living a great life at the labor of others…everything comes to an end…we are there.

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