American Silver Buyers Have It SOOOOO Good.

I get tons of emails from all over the world about how difficult it is to buy silver outside the US.  I have a young man in Israel that has to buy silver shot, because the coins are so rare or so expensive to buy.  I have a gentleman in Ireland that cannot find silver at all.  A man in England that has to pay a 20% VAT tax and almost double spot for silver.  Now I get this email…

“Silver is difficult to acquire in smaller denominations here. They come in 1 kilo and 500g sizes and are very expensive. Premium + 10% government tax for every purchase. It becomes even more expensive if you import. Last month I purchased 30 ounces of rounds from Hong Kong for about $1500 USD after taxes and fees. Also, there aren’t ANY precious metals dealers or shops for bullion and coins. There are numismatic shops but they charge 65,000 won (approximately $57.18!!) for an American eagle at the moment. People in America should consider themselves very lucky.”

If you wonder why silver on Ebay is so expensive this is part of the reason.  My suggestion to all foreign buyers of silver, pay the premium and get the physical, because your land is going to be so silver poor from years of VAT taxes and steering your wealth into their paper paradigm, that your real purchasing power is going to be much more than we will experience in the US.  I think I have a way for you to buy silver and get around the VAT tax, email me, and I will get you in contact with someone that might be able to help depending on your locality.

This is the beginnings  of a real physical market that totally ignores the paper markets.  Paradigms collapse when the reality people feel is the complete opposite of what the paradigm puppets pump into our head.  There will come a time where the fiat spot market will be as laughable as Baghdad Bob.  I wish some one would make a physical ticker that showed the REAL price of Physical Silver. (Hint, hint techies.)  To all you US buyers of silver think about not only how cheap silver is compared to all of the way I showed you in the Silver Bullet and Silver Shield series but how cheap you can get it relative to those around the world right now!  Keep stacking the 30 year cup and handle is coming to an end.  Maybe my largest call of all, that physical silver will not be available for any paper money, will come true sooner than we know.

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  • Archangel

    This excites me…

  • Archangel

    Exciting stuff!

  • I can help the irish one: Buy in Germany via internet! VAT at 7% on silver coins

    see my site to find how:

  • The site is mainly in italian, but you can find links….

  • NOTE :

    You pay the seller’s country VAT and no customs if you make it shipped to a EU country.

    If you buy and ship the silver to, say, Russia or Morocco or Israel, you’ll then pay the custom house fees of your (non-EU) country. That depends on your contry’s fiscal politics.

    • Rainmaker


      I would like to send some silver to relatives in Russia. Is there a firm you know of I can use to do that reasonably?

  • Steve Henson

    I can help the English guy,

    I used Google to find numismatic coins dealers around where I live, these guys always have a few rounds kicking about, and will seek them out if they know they have a regular buyer (hint!).Bars also. I’ve picked up about 20oz over the last few months, initially at £16.50 an oz!

    Also Sarnia Silver do rounds under the VAT value threshold -so buy more units, at a lower weight than 1toz.


  • Pavel

    I live in the EU in Sofia,Bulgaria.. It’s quite easy to find silver here,but the price isn’t good. We have the 20% VAT because silver is considered industrial material.Banks and most coin dealers sell at almost 50% premium on top of spot price.

    I have found a dealer(Tavid/Tavex)who is adding only 10-15% premium and 20% VAT, I get 1 oz american eagles for about $45. Some EU coins from Austria are about $40, and Chinese/Australian/Canadian are about $50.

    I am buying freedom and I buy small volume usually 1 to 3 oz every month,so I don’t care about the VAT. I will keep stacking ! :)

  • Can CountryMan

    It’s very easy buying silver here in Canada as well. We have a VAT, but it doesn’t apply to silver. Old coins with silver are sold at the spot price even from dealers. Maple Leafs are at a $4 premium over spot though.

    Just a question – one time when there was a big takedown in the price, I couldn’t buy Leafs (sold-out) and ended up buying a couple hundred silver wolves (limited edition coins) for a $1 over the Leafs. (after the takedown, I figured I could afford to do it and I travel a fair distance to a city). Anyways, a year later these coins are scarce. I just recently traded 25 wolves for 35 maple leafs and the dealer would have taken them all off my hands if I’d wanted to (and had them with me). What is your advice? Cash out now, or wait (their price has kept going up over the last 2 months).

  • Mark

    In the UK, we get hit hard for many things, especially silver purchases. Spot Price is currently £20.12 (01/04/2012) and coins can cost anywhere between £28 – £30.00 for one ounce silver bullion coins. Any plausible solution for silver purchases would be greatly appreciated.

    I will still keep on accumulating where possible though.


  • Keythong

    Can someone please identify some competitive Silver coin/Bullion dealers, in lower VAT EU countries, with English Language websites, so that us UK Silver Bugs can minimise costs and risk?

    Please, no dodgy Paypal dealers.

    Please, no US dealers, given they will be too expensive after UK VAT and insured courier costs.

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