Resonate XVI- Billy Corgan

I have written a great deal about how the next generation of music will throw off the corporate model and create artistic music that resonates with something deep inside of us.  This will be a very powerful force as humanity comes to terms with with a post-Dollar paradigm.  We will no longer see vapid, narcissistic, formula driven, electronic bops sold by branding and positioning.   We will see raw, energy released as artists from all over, expressing their emotions of a world they do not understand anymore.  The music we will see after the dollar collapses will make the awesome music of the rebellious 60’s, look like nothing.  Think of Shakespeare, Wagner, and Michelangelo in a powerful, electronic Renaissance, touching the essence of the human experience.

In this interview Billy Corgan talks about how there is a change occurring and that we should listening to the vibrations that are resonating louder as we come face to face with our consequences.

Resonate- The Words I Never Said by Lupe Fiasco

Resonate II- Wake Up by Mighty Max

Resonate III- Freedom by Michael Heart

Resonate V- Define Better by Big Pharma

Resonate VI- Sheep by Pink Floyd

Resonate VII – Obama Nation II by Lowkey

Resonate VIII- Paris

Resonate IX- Only The Strong Survive REO Speedwagon

Resonate X: Roll With The Changes- REO Speedwagon

Resonate XI: Everyday is Exactly the Same- Nine Inch Nails

Resonate XII War Again

Resonate XIII – Bombs (The Ron Paul Song)

Resonate XIV- Price Tag by Jessie J.

Resonate XV- If You Fear Dying

1 comment to Resonate XVI- Billy Corgan

  • Rainmaker

    This was a great interview and Billy was certainly a well spoken advocate for debate. I would have preferred a bit more coverage on the topic of the Second Amendment and how and why the Second Amendment was created as a deterent to tryranny, but Rome was not created in a day (But it burned in one)

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