My One Question To Ron Paul

“If you vote for the lesser of two evils, you are still voting for evil and you will be judged for it. You should always vote for the best possible candidate, whether they have a chance of winning or not. Then, even if the worst possible candidate wins, the Lord will bless our country more because more people were willing to stand up for what is right.” – Ezra T. Benson

Ron Paul has provided much of the intellectual foundation of the current freedom movement.  His outspoken actions in spreading radical ideas like obeying the Constitution, Non Interventionism, and honest money provide a clear collective answer to so many of the collective problems this country faces. I believe that history will wonder why we did not listen to him. We know that we should end the fed, end the wars, end big government, and bring honest money into our society. But we also know that it is impossible to reform a system so far gone.

“If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”
 Emma Goldman

It seems every single election is billed as the most important election ever.  This is done to get us to expend our time, energy and money in a fake political cage match as the true Elite continue with their plans to spread debt and death around this world.  I started the year off with saying that this 2012 Presidential election will be the least important election ever. For no matter who wins, we will continue to go further into debt, we will continue to involve our selves in more wars, we will continue to push our jobs over seas and nothing will fundamentally change, as it hasn’t since I have been alive.

One of the members of our site had an opportunity to ask Ron Paul the first question at a local campaign stop in California.  He immediately contacted me on what he should ask Ron Paul.  I though about it for awhile I knew I wanted to address where do we go from here.

The one question I came up with was…

“You can never solve a problem with the same consciousness that created the problem. You must see the world anew.”
“Do you think working outside our current paradigm will be more effective in obtain our freedom; then placing more effort and resources into legitimizing our current political and financial system?”
Unfortunately I do not think Ron Paul heard the question and ended up giving his answer to why not a third party run.
I wish to use this video to not only re ask the question to Dr. Paul but also to get people to really think about what action we can best take from here.
Ron Paul has been a huge proponent of walking away from the dollar and buying real assets like gold and silver
He has moved for the US to walk away from the world and end  our unsustainable military empire.
He has spoken about walking away from an increasingly tyrannical state and getting back to the COnsittution
Now that Ron Paul is not running for office after this election as he gave up his house seat, I would like to challenge Ron Paul to see the world anew.

You cannot solve a debt problem with more debt, restructured debt, or bailouts.
You cannot solve war with more war, proxy war or covert war.
You cannot solve a political problem with the lesser of two evils.
You cannot solve a depression with the same things that got us into this mess.
You cannot solve a collective problem with campaigns or marches.

You must see the world anew.

I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.
Bruce Lee

It is insane to think that 7 billion people trying to manipulate others on what people should do is a rational plan for happiness or real change.
You cannot change the world to make your self happy or free, you must change yourself to make the world happy and free.

Only individual action can solve our collective problems.
Only when we take responsibility for our actions and inactions can we make real effective change.

All fixed set patterns are incapable of adaptability or pliability. The truth is outside of all fixed patterns.
Bruce Lee

If a big Federal government is the problem then, working only on the most local and responsive level must be the answer.
If Wall St is the problem then, taking you money out of their casino must be the answer..
If the Federal Reserve is the problem then, selling all dollar denominated paper assets must be the answer.
If fiat paper debt is the problem  then, real tangible assets must be the answer.
If vapid main stream media propaganda is the problem then, informed, logical education must be the answer.
If factory food is the problem, then organic food must be the answer.
If people pushing their ideas of right and wrong on us is the problem, then walking away  must be the answer.

In short, no answer will ever come from working in the same paradigm that created the problem.

The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.
Bruce Lee
I believe that Ron Paul’s legacy will not be his 30 years of service, or his dedicated education of the Constitution or free market capitalism or his Presidential runs.
It will be the next generation of leaders he will inspire during our greatest time of need.
I would ask that Dr. Paul consider taking up this opposite consciousness  outside of the choices that are presented to us, as the true path to freedom

“Don’t believe them, don’t fear them, don’t ask anything of them. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.
By working inside the paradigm we actively or passively  support and legitimize the systems that they use to control us.

By playing into the political soap opera, it fools million into thinking that if they just work hard enough they can enforce their world view on to others.
I hope by now see that it is a complete waste of time.
Instead of focusing answer on what we as a collective should do like non interventionism, Ron Paul could focus on what  we as individuals can do to become free of the paradigm.

Let them march all they want, so long as they pay their taxes. Haig

You cannot beg for power any more that an teen can beg to be an adult in their parents eyes.
We must become powerful ourselves to become independent and free.
Only then will the current power respect us or even begin to fear us.
So long as people are dependent or work with in the paradigm, they are not threat to the men that own and control our world.

I think the most important legacy Ron Paul could leave is the idea that no one is coming to save you.

All of our problems start and stop with us.
We are the ones that get into debt.
We are the ones volunteering for the military.
We are the ones watching so much TV.
We are the ones that send our money to Wall St.
We are the ones that work for and vote for social predators that are only concerned about their own profit and power.

Without our active or passive support of the paradigm built upon spreading debt and death, it would all end.
If investors refused to give Wall street their money and bought real tangible assets or invested locally we would kill the vampire squid.
If voters refused to take part in the lesser of two evil campaigns and only worked on local races we would empower the house to cut the purse strings to the beast.
If Americans dumped their Federal Reserve Notes and saved in honest money it would cut the power cord to those that would seek to enslave you and your children with debt.
If consumers stopped buying corporate widgets and saved our wealth for what is truly important like generational wealth.

Maybe then an opposite consciousness will spread as people empower themselves to walk away from the paradigm  instead of throwing stones at others inside the paradigm.
We must look within to find our answers and stop manipulating the world in a fool’s errand.
Maybe Ron Paul will be the one to show us the way, maybe it will as simple as all of us just walking away from things that don’t resonate with us.

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  • I had a very hard time really understanding what he was saying, I would love to have a transcript of his response. I do think you were correct in how he answered the question but I think it was based on how he heard the question. Further I don’t think you should expect much more while he is running.

  • You mention that we should ignore the federal election (which I do now) and focus on local elections. So do you think we, as awake individuals, should run for local elections? I think G Edward Griffin want us to run for local positions. Coach David

    • Silver Shield

      It is certainly better than Presidential, Senate, and Governor Races that plays into the hands of a centralized power.

      Personally I think the future is in the State Houses not in Washington.

      The real rebellion is forgetting politics at all and acting as independent from the paradigm as possible.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    A few month ago I wrote here in support of Ron Paul among current contenders. Today I don’t believe he is any different. He talks a lot (not always on the point, as we can hear above) and does nothing.

    It is simply unimaginable that a system addicted to power would use this power to restrict itself. As cancer won’t eat itself, so won’t the Congress and the White House.

    UPDATE: To be fair, a question that looks good in writing may be confusing when asked in a noisy environment, over a distance, by a person without voice coaching. He should have been asked

    “What will motivate our political system to reform itself?”

  • lastmanstanding

    So once again, if you use your right to vote…it is going to once again be for the lesser of 2 evil.

    I can’t even believe I said that.

    the crash of the dollar maybe our only and fastest hope fo destroying this beast.

  • What a coup…fabulous technique! I commented (as mu2freighter) on the video, but I’ll reiterate, I appreciate your reaffirming that the best and most effective way to counter the creeps of the world is by doing the opposite of their method.

    For example, to best reverse the collectivist forced public education/indoctrination system, we need to approach education by simply applying individualist tactics. That’s an oversimplification, but it shows that like judo, using the enemy’s weight against him works best.

    Great job!

  • sledmaster

    I will try to keep this short. As most all that read this know, we as citizens have been evilly dooped. It all starts with the birth certificate. Yes it is nice to have records of births, but the birth certificate is used to put one “in the system”. Once one gets a birth certificate, that person is basically owned by the system, PERIOD. How about a marriage license. We always heard this was started to make sure the blood match was correct…wrong. The state has control over your marriage. How about the social security number. This is your personal tracking number by the system. My new 4 month old baby is required to have a social security number, I ask why, well I know why, she cannot be on my health insurance if she doesn’t have it, plus so her life can be tracked by the system. If we truly want to be free, all of these documents and many more need to be deleted. The citizens of this country are forced to obey and take part in the “system” because of the above mentioned documents. Why are the Amish getting cracked down on. Not because they sell raw milk, because they want to live their own life and not be part of the current political/economic system. Have you heard of some people that have tried to start buying and selling goods using silver coins and silver certificates, they get thrown in jail. You aren’t even allowed anymore to go sell produce at a farmers market without having a “tax ID” card, give me a break. This current system cannot survive if people stop taking part in it. WE ALL NEED TO STOP TAKING PART IN IT. Start bartering with neighbors as much as possible, try to free yourself from using federal reserve notes. I have heard it this way before. We are a bunch of sheep in a herd, millions of us. We are surrounded by a circle of wolves. When one sheep tries to leave the herd, (not be part of the system), they are devoured by the wolves, “the workers of the system and the elite”. But the thing about it is, the wolves are actually cowards and are not as mean as they look. Once the sheep start leaving and all of them follow suit the current system will cease to exist and the wolves will be completely overun, because they cannot live off the sheep heard anymore. The end is near people, and there is no stopping it. I would go out on a limb and say that it will happen before a 3 yr. time period. I am sick of the current paradigm and don’t want to be a part of it anymore. I am tired of supporting the blood suckers that are parasites of the working people in this country.

    • speedspirit

      I agree with you Sledmaster that the people have more then enough power in numbers to challenge the elite and begin a new life on a new path but its the consciousness of the masses that keep the “bloodsuckers” in power. As Chris has stated many times the “working people of this country” are distracted with Nascar, NFL or the Stock Market all of which are equivalent to the Roman Coliseum. The change that is coming is evolution and we are all guilty of allowing this to happen in some degree. Its a new birth and it will have some pain involved as this paradigm is squeezed thru the birth canal and into the wide open future. Dont hate it. Except it. Go along with the current, change with it. Love yourself, Love this opportunity, Love is the key.

  • AgShaman

    I’ve concocted an idea that I think would become a viable solution. I call it the Absolute Agenda. Your welcome to have it…and shape it as you see fit. I’m not so optimistic as most…in that there can be a peaceful solution. Most Americans don’t recognize how dire the situation truly is….and their apathy gives me the impression that we…as a country, are not deserving of freedom and liberty. As a former US Marine…that notion is like a splinter in my mind…and sickens me to admit to it as a truth that exists. I think the “Absolute Agenda” could be the last chance at a peaceful solution….I just haven’t resolved within myself that I even want a peaceful solution.

    • lastmanstanding

      Well said…especially if you listen to SS break down the bs in SSR 24…

      Draw your line…I have mine…God please look out for those of us that just
      “want to be left alone.”

  • realjob


    I just found this video and thought it would be a great clip for you to use in a video. CNBC has Jamie Demon on and Cramer comes on to talk about the interview. Start watching at 3:00 to hear them discuss home loans and Cramer getting a bad rate offer from the Morgue and them wanting him to put up more cash. That then morphs into the stupid hosts credit card situation. At 3:39 she gives us the goods on how clueless she is and why she is a perfect MSM host. Why is it good to max your credit cards?

  • patriotdeb

    I have had enough and have gone against the R party and am running for committeewoman. I was asked to withdraw my petition by the party chair as they had an endorsed candidate. I told him I would consider it. Still in.
    There was a big mess in Harrisburg PA with the committee people being threatened if they didn’t vote for the candidates the party wanted. Some of the people came out crying. That is enough of the bullying!
    I have lived here 14 years and have never seen my committee people. I owe nothing to the party and they owe nothing to me so I can work with the people, not for the party. Most of the people will do the right thing if they are given the choice. May seem crazy, but have faith! I am just one person but I will not give up on my children’s future and hope by becoming involved it can change and teach them the power of being free to stand up. It won’t be easy and I have been through tough times and know God is with me. I know who I am and have the power to change things for the better. Even if I don’t win I see a positive to getting to know like minds in my community.
    All of the military families who give up all they have to fight for our freedom makes my little trial nothing compared to what they give up. I didn’t understand my part in keeping watch until 2008, 2009. I now know and won’t give up.
    If anyone is in the Philadelphia area, the Tenth Amendment Center is holding a Nullify Now Tour this Sat. Please try to make it. Here is the link and hope you can join us.
    God Bless all of you and our Troops. Stay safe.

  • Rojelio

    I see the frustration that Ron Paul is banging himself and his followers senseless against the current system and of course losing. However, he HAS proposed a paradigm shift in some key areas. Thanks to him, more people than ever in the last 100 years know what the Fed is. Also recall the other day him holding up a silver round on CSPAN in front of his good buddy and proposing sound money as a competing currency. That’s huge and alot of people heard him that day. The problem is not Ron Paul, it is that Ron Paul is basically ALL ALONE.

    @Mustafa: you’re wrong. He is different than the others.

    “Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
    ― Ron Paul

    • Mustafa Cohen

      you’re wrong

      Please prove it. What has he done?

      What you finish your comment with is a set of words. Pretty much everyone on this site has the same views, we all care, we all object, we all realize. Why don’t we vote for ourselves then?

      I have nothing but respect for Dr. Ron Paul and no interest in Congressman Ron Paul. He is a glitch in the system at best.

      Imagine that scapegoats are elected through a beauty pageant, then granted immunity. That’s what representative democracy is. Any attempt to “save” or “fix” it makes as much sense as performing CPR on a patient in the state of adipocere.

      • Rojelio

        I agree that even he can’t “save” us. He’s not going to fly in like Superman and fix things. But what’s wrong with having that voice out there? What would you rather he be doing right now?

        At least he gives us something to feel good about. Who held up a coin to Bernak, possibly risking his life, and proposed a different monetary system?
        Was it Newt Gangrene? NO.
        Was it Mit Romney? NO.
        Was it Mustafa Cohen? NO.
        It was Ron fuckin Paul, that’s who.

        • Silver Shield

          I love the fact that Dr. Paul has used these two campaigns to introduce such important issues int othe elections and American lexicon.

          Now that it is over I think it would be incredibly powerful of him to take up this walking away opposite consciousness as his next phase.

          30 years inside the system has not resulted in any real change. Not even a speed bump.

          A few months of telling his millions of followers to walk away from the system would provide more results than 10 presidential campaigns.

          • Rojelio

            Ron Paul will fade away soon enough, but in the meantime enjoy his comforting grandfatherly presence. He’s not going to change his consciousness. We the people could have listened to his consciousness over the last 30 years and it would have helped, but we did not. I say just let him be.

            My question is when are people like Warrn Buffet, Clint Eastwood, and so many other respected cultural icons that have a podium going to step up to the microphone.

        • Mustafa Cohen

          Who held up a coin to Bernak

          He was uttering words. For words to become action in the Congress, they need the support of majority, and the system is designed to prevent majorities dangerous to the system from even forming.

          “Representatives” who don’t understand it and stay there are stupid. “Representatives” who understand it and stay there are hypocrites.

          Was it Ron Paul who admit it publicly? NO.
          It was Mustafa fuckin Cohen, that’s who.

          Will you vote for me now? I support everything you support and condemn everything you condemn, 2.47% stronger than Ron Paul. Nobody else ever said this, think of it! Oh, and I object, I severely object The Bernank. When in office, I promise to meet him in the Octagon at least once a month.

          What would you rather he be doing right now?

          With the funds he has raised, he should be running an ad “Why I quit the machine and how you can too” on New York Times front page, in Times Square, on every major website.

          But what’s wrong with having that voice out there?

          The illusion of being represented. Of having someone work to change the world to your liking. Nobody represents you but you.

          • Rojelio

            Yes, I’ll vote for you. Are you on the anarchist ticket?

            • Mustafa Cohen

              Anarchist ticket. Lol. Yes, that would be me. One of pre-Socratic teachers said something to the effect of “Philosophers are those who will not change a thing in their life if the laws are cancelled.” That’s my definition of an anarchist.

              • Silver Shield

                Can you explain Stefan Molyneux opposition to the Constitution and promotion of Anarchism?

                Wouldn’t a society founded on basic tenets be better than one with none at all?

              • Mustafa Cohen

                This is actually a response to Silver Shield’s comment (ran out of levels of reply):

                I can’t explain Stefan Molyneux’s opposition because I don’t know what he says and I don’t care what he says about anything, sorry. I already know too much.

                Wouldn’t a society founded on basic tenets be better than one with none at all?

                I am going to demonstrate how knowing very little is enough to answer this question:

                1. Anything that lives dies. Anything that exists eventually ceases to.
                2. Tenets, no matter how great, need to exist for something to be founded on them.
                3. Some day they will cease to exist. Why consciously build something that we know is temporary, if with less effort we can have something eternal – namely, no tenets, no laws, no walls? If there is nothing to corrupt, it will not be corrupted.

                Who comes up with tenets? What makes them think they are better than me at coming up with tenets? What if I have a better tenet? Who enforces tenets? Who oversees the enforcers?

                Soon you will have an elaborate structure built around tenets by those who claim that keeping tenets alive is paramount, because, well, the tenets must be kept alive.

                That’s where we are now.

                How many more times?

                Correction (yes, I am slow):
                We have built-in principles that are born with us and die with us, which means they last exactly as each person needs (genius design!). They cannot be replaced with coerced principles: they are the foundation onto which everything else is layered as we grow up.

    • lastmanstanding

      Guys…a 23 year old man that I know is running for a seat in the house in Mt. he is a hard working young man and we have been banging shit into his head and more importantly, he is/has been doing the research on his own.

      Like you…I need every breath of fresh air that I can get.

      Take’em when you can gettem…It is going to be a long battle.

  • nerd

    The question was not framed properly, I can’t see how else he was supposed to have interpreted what he was being asked.

  • Ben

    Very good Chris.

    A lot of good comments as well.

    May I just say….Bruce Lee was effing awesome.

  • Sandor Bors

    Its just a ride, man. Just a ride. Two things rule the planet – love and fear.

    Bill Hicks

    Start from love within and watch it bloom…

  • Rojelio

    Mustafa: “No tenets, no laws, no laws, no walls”.

    Are you thinking of a particular society either today or historically that has successfully practiced these ideals? Or is this more of a personal objective like practicing Tai chi?

    • Mustafa Cohen

      First let me repeat that anarchy is not what CNN says. It’s not chaos and uncertainty, but personal responsibility. It takes courage, confidence and skills.

      It’s not a question of “where”, but of “when”.

      Anarchy is impossible on a limited scale – e.g. one country. As long as there are borders, they will be fought over and redrawn. Solution? Get rid of the borders. Sounds simple, and everything simple is an enemy of the State, which feeds off borders, limits, tenets, restrictions, complex rules, and their preservation for the sake of their preservation.

      Anarchy requires that the critical mass understand how everything in the world is connected; how we see in others what we are ourselves. Which takes a couple of generations of education instead of brainwashing-meet-babysitting.

      It’s slow, but it’s happening. Thanks to the Internet, we now know that regular folks in other countries are just like us, and rulers in other countries are just like ours. We can communicate directly. Stage 1 complete.

      • Rojelio

        Cool. No argument from me. Except back to the original question. Is there any evidence throughout the history of humanity that this model has actually ever thrived or is this something that we theoretically evolve towards?

        If this all depends on free internet communication, I’m wondering if TPTB will soon control it like Cable TV?

        • Mustafa Cohen

          Is there any evidence … thrived

          As far as I know, this isn’t mentioned anywhere in recorded history. Before you rub your hands in triumph, please note that history is one endless record of how every OTHER model invariably failed. Because, again, everything that is born, will die: concepts, borders, alliances, systems, etc.

          We are always told “Well, yes, it sucks, but that’s all we have. What would you replace it with?” Answer “With nothing” magically goes unheard, dung gets replaced with manure, and we’re encouraged to celebrate progress.

          Re evolution:
          Yes, I believe this is what some of us are evolving towards. Those who want to take more than they give will go one way; those who give as much as they can and don’t have any grabbing goals will go some other way. I don’t expect them to part peacefully.

          Internet was an initial kick. Take it away now, it won’t matter. Once mind has expanded, it won’t fold back into the same constraints easily.

          UPD: It’s hypocrisy that drives me entiresly nuts. If you are stronger than your neighbor and want his stuff, just take his stuff. Don’t hire scientists to prove that you have a right, don’t hire playwrights to show that it’s better for everyone, etc. Just grab it and be happy, if your mind is built that way. Same with human laws: they don’t work. They plainly don’t exist for the government itself; others can buy their way out, who needs such laws? Why pretend? Get rid of the stuff that does not work anyway. Don’t haul it with you across centuries.

          • Rojelio

            “history is one endless record of how every OTHER model invariably failed.”

            Did you mean: History is one endless record of how every failed model invariably repeats itself.

            Anyway, one could envision that the grotesque imbalance of heading towards one cheap-oil-fueled world bank is about to shatter into a million shards of local power disputes, some more dangerous than others. Some of those regional situations might dovetail with your vision while others might represent endless struggles with others for the diminishing supply of resources.

            I personally would like to hang out in the world you describe instead of the one I envision. Can you let me know how to get there when we reach the other side?

            • Mustafa Cohen

              how every failed model invariably repeats itself

              For my purposes it’s the same: if a model succeeds, cannot be repeated, because it does not end.

              one could envision

              Exactly. I think that we ARE living in a me-first variation of anarchy, where those who by hook or by crook had climbed up on top kicked the ladder behind them (this is Chomsky’s image).

              My gripe with today’s world is that it’s based on a lie upon a lie. Smedley Butlers are sent to cut throats for banks, but kids are taught that banks win because simply they are better.

              My main question to the Status Quo is, If you aren’t openly admitting your cutting throats for profit, then you know it’s not good. Why are you doing it then? If you think it’s good, why not teach everyone the same approach? If you don’t teach everyone because only some of us are supposed to learn it, then we are not in the same boat, and why talk about “us”, “society”, “world”, “nations”, “obligations”?

              Can you let me know how to get there

              I am not a licensed guide, but here’s what I think might work:
              – Stop feeding the beast: not only physically (quit their money), but mentally, too: stop knowing who Kardashian is or what Santorum said. Kick them out of your world. Avoid people and places where you might run into this garbage – they are vampires.

              – Ignore everything that does not depend on you and do what’s right in front of you. Example: I learned to cut myself short whenever I start dreaming about what my work could lead to. It’s a drug. The work I need to do, on the other hand, is real, and it’s the only thing that I should have on my mind.

              – Be alert. Try to figure out why you are where you are in that moment, instead of wishing to be elsewhere, instead of having “plans”.

              – Get rid of self-importance. None of us is better.

  • Rojelio

    A Ron Paul / Peter Schiff ticket would be cool just to hear the Joe Biden/Peter Schiff debate.

  • Ross Hayward

    @Rojelio – “Is there any evidence throughout the history of humanity that this model has actually ever thrived”

    Perhaps when human life was designed for this planet it was designed with the intention that humans would not change much about themselves or anything else. That all systems were designed correctly and in harmony. And because it was intended that all things simply remain as they are and life on Earth designed to be self-sustaining there was no reason for humans to understand the laws behind the how. In short, laws were embedded into all things so that understanding them was not required. But then, imbalance struck. Humans began to need knowledge in order to survive the imbalance. Humans now needed to know the laws behind the how in order to survive.

    If it is true that ultimate balance once existed on this planet, then yes having no borders among people worked. And maybe now that the planet is physically and spiritually unbalanced having borders is the only way to keep power in check.

  • Disgusted Observer

    You criticize Dr. Paul, but I don’t see you doing anything even remotely near as significant as his run.
    If everyone in this country is too stupid to see that if the constitution fails it takes America with it, then we all deserve what is coming. If you have any cognitive powers left, throw everyhting you’ve got behind him and stop jerking off.

    • Silver Shield

      Who is criticizing Dr. Paul?

      I have nothing but respect for his efforts and he was fundamental in my awakening.

      Now that he is done running for office I would ask that he take a different and I feel more successful attack on the paradigm built on debt and death, by walking away from their power and empowering ourselves to be independent of their control.

      Running presidential campaigns will not ever change power.
      Marches on Washington is the equivalent of a teenagers slamming the door at their parents.
      It does not change the dependent state of the teenager.
      Only when the teen is independent of the parent does the relationship change.
      That is what we must do, walk away and become free.

      Instead of focusing on a superman in the white house we can become our own.

      We walk away from their money, wars, media, food and show them that we do not need them.

      Gandhi and MLK made fundemental changes in societies not by running for president but by peacefully walking a path away from the tyrannies they were subjected too.

      Instead of us wasting time energy and money on one campaign, far more real change would happen if the millions of Ron Paul supporters took their wealth out of wall st, did not volunteer for war, bought and invested only in their localities and shunned corporations, refused to do jobs that did not resonate with them, ate wholesome foods, etc.

      Basically strengthening the individual and withdrawing out support from the collective that seeks to enslave us.

      Do you see what I am getting at?
      We cannot solve the problem with the same consciousness that created the problem.

    • Rojelio

      The last 30 years was our chance to listen to Ron Paul and we screwed up. I think that some of the people here are simply trying to point out that it’s too late even for RP to save us.

  • Ritchard

    Sounds like everyone is expecting Ron Paul to single handedly turn our country around. Ron Paul is a gift from providence to show us the way and provide a rallying point. He has all the qualifications; all that has to be done is support him and vote for him. The corrupt entrenched establishment of course will not let him win, but he has already won, he has woke up many Americans, made them aware of what has to be done to take the country back and the movement is growing. All the public has to wake up from the Zionist induced mental fog long enough to under stand the message maybe then they will turn off the TV forget the bread and circuses and start living life the way it was intended. Whether he wins or loses, thanks to Dr. Paul this country will never be the same.

  • Ed

    A couple points:
    1.”Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”
    -Albert Einstein
    2.Physicists have something called the “Theory of Dissipative Structures”- briefly, any system at its inception takes into account all the available data and is built accordingly, then as time passes new data emerges, some of which doesn’t fit the present model and induces “perturbation” (stresses) that eventually shake the system apart, then a new model emerges that takes the “new” data into account, then as time passes…
    3.”That which we perceive grows.”- A Course in Miracles
    4.”Nothing Real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists; herein lies the Peace of God.”- A Course in Miracles
    5.”Hang on, Laddie, it gets bumpy from here.”- Scotty

    • Silver Shield

      Doing the same thing every election, tax, and consumer season knowing that we are going the wrong way is insane.

      At what point do people say, “this is not for me” and turn around.

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