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I have been collaborating with a few younger members on a special project to reach Millennials. Before I go public with this, I need some help from our members to make this really outstanding.  The problem I have is that I do not know any Millennials.  I have 30 and 40 year olds in my life and a lot of little kids, but no teens or 20 year olds that I need for this project.   If you have younger people in your family, please see if you can help with this special operation.

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As you know I am very concerned about reaching for the younger generation and have covered this a few time in…

Silver Shield Report #22- Reaching Beyond The Choir

Silver Shield Report #12- Generational Dynamics Of The Revolution

I have been collaborating with Irv on a specific project to tap into this listless generation.  I fear if we do not resonate with them and show them that the answer lies with freedom and individuality, they will fall for the new Bolsheviks of Occupy Wall Street.

I know through all of my work that unfortunately negative emotions are the most powerful ones.  I wanted to acknowledge what this generation was feeling but turn it to the opposite consciousness.  I wanted to show the reality of what these kids face and provide them with an answer that they will not hear inside the paradigm.  So here is the script we came up with.  I think the most powerful way to present this is to have 10 to 20 young adults and kids read the entire script and I can cut them all together in to one message.  So if you have anyone 10 to 30 in your house hold that can read this record it in the highest quality preferably in 720p and up load it to a YouTube channel where I can down load it and mix it.

I Am Not Good Enough?

I did everything you asked of me and now I am not good enough?

I went to school…
studied long hours…
worked hard…

You told me how special I was and that if I just worked hard enough, I would be rewarded with the American dream. The dream we’ve come to know as the decent, paying job that would pull me up in the ranks of society…

You told me to invest in my education… but I have nothing but thousands of dollars in debt and a piece of paper that says I’m “smart.”

I did all of these things and now you say that I am not good enough?

The best jobs I can find are jobs which not only DO NOT resonate with who I am, but make me feel underpaid, underappreciated, and with no purpose, place, or direction.

I cannot buy a house, a car, or even start a family…

I now see what the problem is…

You wanted me to follow your path, because it benefits you.

Debt, consumerism, sacrificing family for work was something that worked for your generation.

I now see that unless we follow your path, your world would end.

Who would buy your assets?

Who would pay your social security?

Who would rent your properties if not my generation?

We see the big picture now and I am aware of how this world works.

We now see that listening to the inner voice that we all have inside of us, in order to pursue our dreams is the true path to becoming our best and highest self.

We may be caught in debt and a faltering economy, but I am young and smart and now my eyes are open.

We will work to correct the wrongs in this world.

We will have the opposite consciousness as those that created this mess.

We will turn the tide around and save this country, but it won’t be the way you want it to be; not by preserving the status-quo with more debt and death.



I feel the really powerful part is a script where Baby Boomers can say something to the effect of don’t follow my path.  I would love to collaborate with some members on that and then we can do the same format of people reading the script and mix them together.  The idea is to realize that inter-generational dynamics of this revolution is important and that we all have a stake in the outcome.  The first video is a younger generation awakened and taking control of their world and individual power.  The follow up video will be Boomers providing the wisdom  and support that they did not have in the 60’s when they tried to buck the system.

I hope this turns out to be something special and any help you guys can provide would be awesome.

18 comments to Silver Shield Report Special Operation

  • speedspirit

    Powerful stuff.
    I think what is missing is alittle about the direction the elite are headed and the solution they think will preserve this paradigm. Explain the future of the millenium under that pretense. Images of scenes from mad max , running man, escape from new york ect. Also images of post russia after their collapse, Argentina. Do we have any members from those parts of the world that experienced it first hand? And what about touching on the fact that its the Elite bankers of the world pulling the strings and not just a generation who was fooled into giving up the Milleniums rights. Just thinking out loud.

    • Silver Shield

      You see I don’t think the problem really lies in the bankers as much as those that enable the bankers.

      This is about empowering and walking away from them.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    One major, MAJOR note:

    Young people want to be heard, not taught.

    Don’t tell them what you think. Tell them you want to know what they think.

    When I realized the absurdity of everything we know, I was about 20. And I wanted to tell everyone about my discoveries. And no one would listen.

    Remember how you knew everything when you were ~20? That’s it.

    Correction: All people want to be heard. Older ones just stop believing that it will ever happen.

    • Silver Shield

      Got a re write or edit?

      • Mustafa Cohen

        Something is wrong with the world, but nobody seems to notice.
        If you know what is wrong and you know how to fix it, speak up at

        Mind you, this better be a place where people can get to talk right away, like this: (it’s a link to a form on Google Docs).

        Incentive missing? How about something like “Want to write for thousands of readers who understand? Fill in this form, and we will get back to you.” Just don’t add too many words :)

        • intothevoid

          haha… good point mustafa, i would say there is truth to your comment on some levels.

          it instantly reminded me of a comment made by marilyn manson in the documentary Bowling for Columbine when he was catching a bunch of flak for his music supposedly “influencing” eric and dylan and their actions.

          Michael Moore: If you were to talk directly to the kids at Columbine or the people in that community, what would you say to them if they were here right now?

          Marilyn Manson: I wouldn’t say a single word to them I would listen to what
          they have to say, and that’s what no one did.

          and if i’m interpreting your statement correctly, you are right about older individuals who just stop believing that it will ever happen. there are older individuals who have the same issues younger ones do, but have kept their head down and mouth shut and continued to plug away at their job, while younger ones tend to question things and freely voice their opinions and any problems they have with the status quo.

          i have seen this first hand at the last job i had, where there were issues that affected everyone plant wide and i, among other younger workers, would stand up to voice concerns with these issues and point out how screwed up they were.

          i even went so far as to go around different departments and talk to some of these older gents and ask them how they felt about issues and why they were not standing up for what they felt was right.

          their answer: they had families to support, or that this was the only job they’ve had for the past 15-20 years so what company would take them at their age, or this was the only skill they knew how to do and were not able to jump into an accelerated and higher tech job market, or they had too much invested in the corporate system and didn’t want to start from the ground up again. they just kept the bitchin’ to a minimum any time management was around, and dealt with the concept of this was how it has always been and showed up for a paycheck.

          i even offered to put myself on the line to take the heat, and to take note of any concerns they felt needed to be voiced and would sacrifice myself for the sake of attempting to make things right for the way everybody wanted it to be.

          and even then they still chose to be silent and said that “i didn’t have to do that” or that “it wouldn’t change anything anyway”. so the other younger workers there who fought for justice and equality for everyone, were ignored and eventually silenced as it became apparent that the rest were “going along to get along” and could not afford to stand their ground and were in a state of fear of losing their job.

          power and control were maintained and there is still a disconnect and detachment between the middle/upper management and the hourly workers and they don’t understand why. they simply won’t listen, they don’t want to change things for the benefit of the workers, only for the benefit of themselves.

          i walked away from 7 years at that company and better pay than my parents ever got (withholding obvious monetary principles that made that possible in today’s society) on a matter of personal and moral principles. i’ve done it before that particular instance, and i will continue to do so in the future when a situation calls for it.

          it’s just a shame that there are commonalities and similar struggles between the generations and because the younger generation chooses to be more vocal of their concerns, they are perceived to be “whining” or “bitching” and are told to “suck it up” and “deal with it”.

          when for the most part, and this is my personal feeling based on my personal experiences and what i have run into in different industries and in different states; those are the only things the majority of older generations know how to do. they don’t know any other way of dealing with life in general besides “busting their ass” and “sucking it up” and “dealing with it”. hence why I feel the shared sentiment of the youth being “entitled” and “spoiled” little shits is amongst the ranks of people of an older persuasion.

          on another note, i “played” their game, i got a degree, i paid off a school loan, i paid off a brand new car, had good credit, had a house, worked hard, had a 401K, hustled and “won” decent amounts of money and was robbed of some good years, but not as many as some boomers who have 20-40 years invested. i dare someone to call me “entitled” or “spoiled” because i’m down for the youth and their cause and see how this system is flawed.

          i worked for everything i had and i can still agree with most of what the younger people are upset about. i honestly wish more of the older individuals, and even the ones i personally know, would take the time to listen and understand that it’s not simply a matter of going out and “getting a job” or “working harder”.

          it’s much more than that to the youth and there is the undeniable reality that there are more chips stacked against them in today’s society compared to when the boomers were coming into age. Loss of jobs, devalued dollar, abundance of devalued degrees and a false hope that was sold to us that “we can be anything we want to be if we try hard enough”

          i despised the system then and obviously even more now after getting a peek behind the curtain. this old way of thinking is in its’ death throes and i for one, anxiously await its’ final dying breath. and the idea of a “virtual comment box” for improvements like the google doc form, is good suggestion and would be a way for those individual ideas and voices to be heard.

          few more relevant quotes by MM:

          ~ “This is the culture you`re raising your kids in. Don`t be surprised if it blows up in your face.”

          ~ “We live in a society of victimization, where people are much more comfortable being victimized than actually standing up for themselves.”

          ~ “Is adult entertainment killing our children? or is killing our children entertaining adults?”

          ~ “A lot of people don’t want to make their own decisions. They’re too scared. It’s much easier to be told what to do. Americans talk so much about being individualistic, but they don’t want you to be an individual because if you think for yourself then you’re not going to be a part of any trend that they want you to be a part of. They don’t want you to think for yourself. They tell you they do, so that you’re happy and you’re stupid and you’re sheep. Anybody intelligent enough to realize what America is, is not going to sit around and do nothing about it. They’re going to be the same way that I am. They’re going to be the same way our fans are. They’re going to be pissed. These people are artists. These people are musicians. They’re taking it out and trying to express it that way. The rest of the world, who are just willing to accept it, are gonna’ be doing their everyday jobs, and they’re going to be trapped in a rut, and they’re never gonna’ see it until the day they die, and they’re gonna’ be disappointed when they don’t go to heaven anyway ’cause they were too stupid to realize that it’s not going to happen.”

          • Shane Thomasson


            Now if you can compose this story into a vid with video or pics illustrating this story some millenials might relate to this and be invited to look at more of this site.

            • intothevoid

              thanks shane, and i agree with your suggestion as i have plenty of stories/experiences like that to draw from. i also have a few younger friends that are in the same boat as well that i’m sure would like an opportunity or platform to share their thoughts.

              i have some ideas on the backburner and i’m planning on having some discussions with some of these friends to try to get them on board in some way to colloborate and implement some tactics to help spread the ideas and messages presented here on DTOM.

              i myself am not tech savvy enough nor do i have the experience with social media as some people might expect as i’m more of hands-on/blue collar worker. but i’m looking to change that as any effort is better than no effort at all.

              • Shane Thomasson

                I don’t have audio setup for a vid but I can do some drawing if you need some illustration for such a project. I have a wacom tablet and can do some digital art. Let me know if you can use some art help.

          • Irving14941

            @Intothevoid WOW MAN, that was absolutely beautiful! For a second there, three quarters of the way to finishing your comment, I thought you were still quoting Marilyn Manson; but that was actually you who said that!

            Fucking awesome. I got chills.

          • Silver Shield

            5*****Star Comment IntoTheVoid

  • speedspirit

    ” Ask and it is given” is a Universal Law
    So how about placing an ad on line seeking the opionions of individuals aged 20-30 to view a few videos and say what they think.

    Wanted 20-30yr olds who feel let down by the system who want to change the system and will contribute for free. Will be rewarded with a better future and be members of strong community. We are a group awakened and prepared ” Sons and Daughters of Liberty seeking the brighest of the Millenium generation to help us move forward from the collapsing system of greed.

    • Mustafa Cohen

      Great copywriting, speedspirit. You wrapped it into an actual recruitment ad flesh.

      One note: It could be my cynicism talking, but I have doubts about “better future” as an award. This is how we were duped into serfdom. I think younger guys – at least, smarter younger guys – shut their ears whenever they hear about future awards. This is how we end up with hamburgers spat into and toilet seats wiped with towels in 5-star hotels.

      How about:

      Principled 20-30 year olds
      disenchanted in mass culture
      willing to talk about how to fix the world

      Head of your own


      Now, questions:
      1. Where is this call posted?
      2. What is to be done with responses?
      3. How are the responders given the microphone?

      I am an advocate of a format like forum or Wiki, but it’s Chris who calls the shots.

      • Silver Shield


        If you want to add a forum to the site, go for it.

        I have been meaning to do it if only for SSR members but I have been too busy and I would not want to baby sit the inevitable trolls.

        If you want to build and management off of this site, you have my blessing and power to do that.

        I think it is a great way to develop our voices and future leaders.

        I am stretched too thin with what I am doing now to offer any help.

  • speedspirit

    I am just thinking out loud to contribute to the cause and I am glad that you Mustafa like the thought. I googled free ad space and came up with Craigslist,,,, If young people respond to a ad maybe chris can have a older video thats on point reposted and titled for them to view and respond to in the comments. From there Chris invites the good ones in or a select few outstanding ones free membership to Silver Shield for thier input and tech help. And from there we form a chat room or forum with their help. 1 small step at a time leads to a far off destination.

    • Silver Shield

      If you want to run a contest I will give away a year of SSR and a strategy session…
      Maybe a few people will step up?

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