Department of Homeland Security purchasing 650 million rounds of ammo?

I wonder why? 450M rounds of 40 cal hollowpoint and 175M rounds of 223. Thats alot of ammo.

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  • Smile and say Silver Stacker

    You know being a SSGT in the US military several years ago I know a thing or two about ammo. NATO rounds are supposed to be BALL AMMO, that is, NOT hollow point type bullets. SO WTF is the homeland war zone crazed TSA loonies et al doing with these types of bullets? Could it be that none of the rules apply to Mr Janet NAP?

    We are seeing more destruction of our Constitution everyday and now international rules of war in the make believe terrorist riddled AmeriKa are going another step further in doing whatever they hell want, – frickin’ insane, just frickin’ insane!

  • Rainmaker

    I looked into AKT and they indicate that the HST round offers “optimum penetration for terminal performance.” Its a hollowpoint round designed to breach and then expand while staying enclosed in the jacket without fragmenting. Primarily sold to law enforcement. AKT is a defense contractor that is a big supplier the the Gubmint.

    Attached is the product link for AKT.

    • lastmanstanding

      only a few things that they could have in mind for it.

      Buy it to shoot it…buy it to store it away from citizens who will shoot it…buy it to throw it in the ocean so no one can shoot it…that one is thin.

      All with money that they print to tie up production of a controversial good.

      Keep things simple guys…buy it while you can.

      You all have known for years that they want our arms…they will be the ones to decide the outcome…the 2nd amendment is all that is left.

      Please have faith in a peaceful solution…but…

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight.”, give me liberty…or give me death…”live free or die.” I choose all three.

  • NZAllBlack

    ICE/CBP/Border Patrol use .40. (TSA are not law Enforcement, therefore thy are not armed.)
    You guys always complain about TSA but it will be the other guys that force you to the FEMA camps by force.

  • Ben

    Perhaps they are getting ready for their own “Hunger Games”.

  • Obamanke

    That is one and a half bullets per citizen.That should take care of it

  • A Chicken for every pot. Two cars in every garage. And two rounds for every man, women and child. One can only hope that whatever psychopath decides to command their troops to fire upon his fellow countrymen is soon disobeyed and those who choose freedom turn their attention to their superiors who ordered such a vial act.

    You know; while struggling under the unimaginable conditions of a Nazi concentration camp Professor Victor Frankl was able to conclude that his reactions were not solely the result of his condition, but were also from the freedom of choice one has, even in severe suffering. He so developed this response- ability that he was able to concentrate on the lessons he would one day teach his students; when he was free of his current situation. This allowed him to enjoy a greater freedom than that endured by his enslaved, tormenting captors.

    So it is; the passage of time has erased all understanding that such a condition could exist and again a dark stage is being erected. As this “Tragedy” unfolds a fresh troop of ‘enslaved’ young men and women will again be commanded to perform unspeakable acts on their fellow man. Again, perhaps this round the captors realize that between what happens and how they react they have a moment to choose and be response – able

  • “A revolution is coming – a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough, compassionate if we care enough, successful if we are fortunate enough – but a revolution which is coming whether we will it or not. We can affect its character, we cannot alter its inevitability.” – JFK

  • Rob

    Made me think of the Future Weapons episode. Using 9mm rounds to take out tanks.

  • Biker/blue

    Everyone needs to see the “never to be seen” TV movie ‘SHADOW ON THE LAND’. It’s strange how a 13 part TV show was squashed after the pilot. All indications were the government had something to do with it & now it’s impossible to find a copy anywhere. The show was made in the 60’s & it’s amazing how it depicted what’s happening today. Wake up America, supposedly the elected officials work for us & the betterment of the country. Eisenhower saw the writing on the wall over 60 years ago, but no one would listen. HELLO

  • Why does DHS have the right to make this Ammunition, Unavailable to us , The Tax Payers?
    Since when does DHS have the “Right” to get around the 2nd ammendment by taking this “END RUN” ?
    Why are White House Tours suspended due to lack of Funds,
    And still come up with all this money to purchase 2.2 Billion Rounds of ammunition?

    Neil O’Brien, (A life member of the NRA)

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