New Article: In Memoriam: Andrew Wordes, Enemy of the State

Andrew Wordes

I’ve seen a lot of sneering comments mocking the so-called ‘Chicken Man,’ Andrew Wordes, who died on March 26 of apparent suicide as officials entered his property to evict him. I suspected there was more to the story than the endless repetition of the grotesque ‘Chicken Man’ name by the established media, so I started looking around for myself.

As I suspected, years of government persecution led up to the events of that day by officials with a self serving agenda engaged in what I firmly believe was an ongoing criminal conspiracy to ruin Mr. Wordes and destroy his property rights. Chickens were only incidental to this case and served to provide the aggressors and their minions with a cartoonish image to use as a distraction from the actual events…and their vicious crimes.

Have a look at my article just published in the American Daily Herald, check out the supplied links in the essay and make up your own mind.

8 comments to New Article: In Memoriam: Andrew Wordes, Enemy of the State

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    What a bunch of f**king criminals masquerading of public servants.

  • Rainmaker

    Out of control of the small and local Gubmints will be our downfall.

  • Barbara Slack

    The answer to 1984 is 1776 and the backbone of Andrew AK47 Wordes.
    Roswell harbors criminals in high places and oppresses it’s citizens as evidenced by this case.
    Georgia needs to clean up it’s act.

  • Y’know, I see these reactions a lot. As I detailed in ‘Down To Business: My Appeal To the Liberty Community’ on March 15, I’m under de facto imprisonment in my home and the area within a couple of blocks in good weather thanks to disability brought on by multiple sclerosis…and seeing stuff like this is driving me batty!

    If enough of you in the community will visit my blog, ‘Get Glenn Mobile!’ and help me achieve my goal, one of the first things I’ll do is go down to Roswell MYSELF, make noise, make A Scene, and interview whoever I can about this.

    There is no reason the creeps who orchestrated this criminal conspiracy should get away with it, not with the blatant trail they’ve left in the public record coordinated with Andrew’s timeline. None.

    I’m disabled, in pain full time, and I’M willing to go put my butt on the line over this and other outrages if no one else can be bothered to lift a finger. I sure could use allies in the cause of restoring our liberties…if y’all won’t do anything, please at least drop a buck or five in the kitty so I can. But I bet there are others out there who’ll actually help, they just need a nudge in the right direction.

    Consider this that nudge.

  • orion

    If you guys are ever being threatened with eviction, hold out as long as you can. Once you are at that “do or die” moment, stand in your front lawn with a paint can full of mercury and declare that if they try to evict you, you’ll kick the can over and cause a multi-million dollar EPA cleanup for the city.

  • Interesting idea, orion!

    I’d much prefer to keep any sort of threats out of the picture, and while that tactic might be effective for a while, sooner or later a sniper bullet from a guy hunkered down in a neighbor’s yard would do the threatened homeowner in, some guys in hazmat suits would dispose of the contaminant, and that would be that.

    In my case it simply wouldn’t work…I can’t stand on my lawn. I can’t walk or even stand upright at all. I’m entirely dependent on smooth surfaces my power wheelchair can negotiate, which makes me an easy target. Plus, as dramatic as your suggested method would be, it’s morally unacceptable since it threatens the lives and property of others.

    No, I’d rather see something more like a civilian alert network…remember, these people are the worst kind of bullies and cowards, and will scatter like cockroaches if they’re aware public scrutiny is on them. Of course, something like that would need a lot more public awareness, which is dismal right now. Far too many people are obsessed by sports or their favorite TV program, and even those who aren’t are mighty difficult to persuade to even lift a finger to hit a ‘Like’ button, much less go to the trouble of actually writing a comment or opinion.

    My hope is to escape my own de facto imprisonment and get out in the community…just to begin with. A guy in a power wheelchair emerging from a modified vehicle like I’ll need to do the job is quite conspicuous, and if that vehecle sports a few magnetic signs promoting Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, the Mises Institute or THIS site, all the better to inspire questions from observers.

    The nifty part is that the people who have gotten America (and much of the rest of the world) in such a mess can’t help but show us the best solutions by negative example. Where they use collectivism, we counter with individuality. Where they rely on coercion to ram their scemes down peoples’ throats, we demonstrate the virtues of persuasion and voluntaryist action. Where they rely on sneakiness and lies, we can defeat that with facts and forthrightness.

    But we have a lot of work to do, reaching those enmeshed in the Matrix one at a time to wake them up, then demonstrating that their best tactic is to go forth and awaken more. It doesn’t have the instant gratification of screeching, threatening and using subterfuge, but we can see the results of those…it’s worth the extra effort. Imagine these bullies trying to implement some scheme while hundreds of onlookers took video of them, while speaking personally to them of the shame they bring upon themselves…it’s not some goody-two-shoes plan, it’s a powerful and long lasting method to keep them from pulling these psychopathic stunts.

  • illuminoughtu

    I haven’t seen anyone question the suspicious motives of the city of Roswell. It seems obvious that there was a continuing potential threat of a lawsuit by Wordes against the city. The failure of the city to rectify the flooding put them in an ongoing liability situation. This could have presented a theoretically unlimited payout under exigent circumstances. They had huge incentive to get rid of Wordes. In the proof of a crime before a judicial review, both motive and opportunity are needed. It is obvious that the city had both. He clearly had a case for harassment. In fact, a good attorney could make a great case for criminal conspiracy on the part of the city, from what has been presented so far in the press. It is sad that justice is only available to the wealthy in this country.

    • That’s an excellent point, illuminoughtu, as I’ve said, motive and opportunity are what an investigator looks for when determining the presence of a crime as well as for determining the identity or identities of its perpetrators.

      I’m convinced that the city’s actions constitute a criminal conspiracy against Andrew Wordes, and if I can get down there will be included in the list of items I plan to use to get some assistance in pursuing these creeps and keeping public awareness of their acts high. Thank you!

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