Chris Duane and Kerry Lutz are Very Upset Over Nicki Minaj’s Wardrobe Malfunction and Silver 30.Mar.2012

Chris and I discussed many alarming events happening around the globe. Like Britney Spears’ sale of her house in California so she could move in with her fiance. Then there was Nicki Minaj’s wardrobe malfunction on American Idol and her beef with JLo. Forget the dollar losing its reserve status or constant and continual manipulation of the gold and silver markets. There are so many other negative events which are occurring just beneath the surface. It is often said that markets determine the headlines, rather than the headlines determining the markets. Or perhaps we are just seeing the pre-holiday calm before what promises to be the mother of all economic storms. Either way, April has always been a consequential month, with both the Revolutionary War and the Civl War starting in the fourth month of the year.

Are we predicting war or worse? Hardly! Just beware of the signs of quickening economic turmoil that the world has been attempting to get a handle on for the past four years.

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3 comments to Chris Duane and Kerry Lutz are Very Upset Over Nicki Minaj’s Wardrobe Malfunction and Silver 30.Mar.2012

  • Ben

    I think it’s going to be in interesting summer.

  • Rainmaker

    I note that Kerry and Chris are talking about the BRICS using fiat in much the same way as the west. I might not agree that the BRICS do not have enough PMs to settle or back currencies. Those nations do not have a history of complete nor transparent disclosure. I will agree that with the addition of other commodities that could be introduced into a basket, there are huge changes upon the horizon. Look to the MSM to propose that reducing the value of the USD and convincing the Chinese to strengthen the RMB will be a good thing (This will be propagandized by politicians as a positive move for US trade, except the US does not make much. This move will hurt Americans worse than can be imagined) Look to China to position the RMB to the new reserve. If the world loses faith in the USD (and our politicians participate in that feat), what is the next viable alternative?

  • Nikkie

    I am one of those individuals who lost their job through propaganda and since I have had alot of time on my hands I decided to really find out what’s really going on in this land of ours. I for one am a Christian and believe solely on what is mentioned in the bible coincides on the things that are happening. Some of you might not believe and I’m not here to debate on that issue but I will say changes have been happening faster than a speeding bullet. I try educate my family and friends to start preparing for the doomsday that will be coming and just like you said Chris how the fake fiat money will eventually be deminished. I can say only a couple of them have listened but the rest take it so lightly. When my mother passed away 3 years ago she gave me some silver and told me to save it for a rainy day at the time I couldn’t understand why this was important. Well through all the research and knowledge I have obtained, I’m clear on this message she has told. Although it’s not alot it’s a start. My husband and I are both out of work but we are doing our best to make preparation when the collaspe will occur. It is sad that so many people are in denial or they just don’t care because they feel they’re okay (for now) and if it’s not effecting them, then why should they care. I feel enough of honest people stand up against the people who have been controlling this world for 2 centuries we can conquer. We need to stop depending on the system/government and we the people need to fight for our constitution that is being stripped from us daily.

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