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No 35.48% (44 votes)
Yes 64.52% (80 votes)

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  • Irving14941

    Only if it’s extremely focused, helpful, respectful, and exclusive to Silver Shield Report members. There’s already plenty of clutter out there. We don’t need more. If a forum is done, it HAS TO BE FOCUSED.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    Thank you for the comment.

    Focused … FOCUSED

    On one hand, I agree that there should be a spine, a vision, an idea around which some activity happens. On the other hand, the beauty of a forum is that anyone is free to start or join any discussion.

    What would you focus it on?

    exclusive to Silver Shield Report members

    The point was to provide a microphone to new, young members. It is possible, though, to have private forums along with public ones.

  • AgainstTheGrain

    Why would a private forum be a bad thing? People who want to have a discussions on subjects THEY want to talk about. Especially for SSR members, we need to start communicating, commenting on videos only does so much. People can ask questions and other members will be able to share there expertise. I can’t think of a reason as to why not..

    • Mustafa Cohen

      Why would a private forum be a bad thing?

      It wouldn’t. I am all for forums, public and private.

  • Nigel Dally

    A forum would help me get in touch with the members in NZ

  • Ben

    I voted yes because I thought forums would be a good thing. I would like to rescind that vote. I think forums generally start out pretty good but generally devolve into name-calling, negativity and one-upsmanship. I have seen it on every site that I have been to on the web. Since people cannot discuss things face to face and anonimity is the rule, things generally go downhill from there.

    Also, if you decide to have a forum, I would make it open to all. The minute you start excluding people because they cannot pay for a membership tends to lead to exclusivity. Isn’t that what we are trying to fight against at this site? Perhaps my pollyanna idea of free-flowing ideas and information is outdated.

    • But Ben, you first say that a forum devolves into name calling and one-upmanship then assert the need for an open forum in order to have a free flow of ideas.

      A private forum for paying members is much less likely to devolve into a troll magnet and much more likely to be an informative exchange of ideas from those of us who are active enough to pay for the access. TANSTAAFL. If we make it free, it is worth nothing.

  • patriotdeb

    I believe MC could set rules. I see enough negativity. If someone wants to vent then a place could be set up for that and people just don’t go there if they don’t want to read negative comments. I think a separate section for members would be good to comunicate with each other on a greater personal level. I would love to have more contact with all of you and a conference call could be set up to discuss ideas as well. This avoids the email issue which I am overwhelmed with all ready.
    Thanks for your ideas and volunteering to do this MC! :)
    I would be happy to look in to setting up conference calling if any one is interested.

  • Robert Selig

    forums are good, and yes they do go off course but thats okay, b/c we will always come back to the main dish…

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    Yes we need a forum focused on SSR members. If we let the public read and/or contribute, then the forum will degenerate with advertising and more extreme self promotion. Furthermore, we can be more frank with other SSR members because we are serious about building long term relationships wherein we will meet and work together.

  • Trafix

    I would love a forum. I think it needs to have both a public and private section for SSR members. The public forum will be a good place for new prospective members, but also will attract the negative people who never do anything but complain. The reason, Silver Shield created SSR in the first place was to weed out those kinds of people.

    • Silver Shield

      +1 on the rock throwers vs. private SSR

    • intothevoid

      i like this idea as well.

      it is one thing to constructively criticize or logically debate a point that may help people learn and grow as an individual.

      it is another when one ostentatiously rebuts and attacks people and views for the sake of self-righteousness.

      i myself would like to avoid the latter and stay focused and positive, as well as retain the ability to learn with and from other advancing members.

  • trailhiker

    I voted for a forum, strictly for the sharing of ideas but as has been pointed out, it should be for members. The basis of what Chris has started with SSR is for a focused group to share, learn, and most important grow.

  • vox

    Good moderation will keep any bad actors in check. You have a good “Terms of Use” policy that is accepted during the sign-up process and you can prevent the standard BS like advertising, spam, etc. I’m happy to help here.

    This is a good idea. Let’s do it.

  • Flint

    I am for a Forum but it needs good moderation. At least one moderator dedicated to each forum subject and strict rules.
    A 13 + age limit and any defamatory remarks result’s in a warning then expulsion. I know of a forum that would make a great example and it is one that has worked for 15 years its called they have a thriving place and nobody dares overstep the rules.
    This could work if done correctly.

  • Billboard

    For something to endure, it must be profitable.

    A very simple rule, yet the sheep hate it because it is the truth and they always want something for free without work.

    The hard work of developing an organization must always be done, but the privileges of the organization do not ordinarily go to the mass members, just the chosen few. Cry about it you must but the truth will always hold.

    • Mustafa Cohen

      Does it mean you are in favor of a private forum? This is shaping up as a consensus.


      For something to endure, it must be profitable.

      Horseshoe crabs have barely changed over 400 million years. How are they profitable?

  • Rick

    It would be good if someone had a question about something but not good if everyone had to weed through tons of noncense and basic crap. There are tons of other forums around if someone needs a soapbox to stand on.

  • Sal

    I too vote for a forum, but it should be for paid SSR members.

  • Patrick gould

    I vote yes I think it would be good for the ssr members to have a private place to brainstorm. I am not sure how productive a public forum would be but we could always give it a shot and if it turns into a 3rd grade class you can shut it down

  • Gareth

    I like the idea of a dual forum. One for SSR members and one for anyone that cares to participate.

    Should set a specific time for the SSR member forum though, bud. We’re in many time zones so just ‘checking in’ might not work as well.

    Two types with a specified time for the SSR member forum. Just my thoughts.

  • Martin Vanderhof

    Since you are already using wordpress, why not try buddypress for SSR members? The plugin is free. It would require some minor customization, but on a quick glance it seems like it would be effective right out of the box.

    It would provide the ability to create groups based around specific projects/initiatives, a classic forum, and “private”/SSR members only social networking(activity streams,private messaging, improved profiles, “friends” etc.). I would test drive it with just SSR members and eventually allow guests, but restrict guest access to certain content and content areas.

    I’m new here so… just puttin it out there.

    • Mustafa Cohen

      Thanks for your input Martin. buddypress at this stage would be an overkill. bbPress is enough.

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