BS Elitist Presidential Poll Shows Trump #2

The Elite’s Main Stream Media has already started to marginalize and control the growing Freedom Movement. The WSJ/NBC conducted a poll of likely Republican primary voters and only gave the voters the choice of the Elite’s sock puppet candidates. Ron Paul was not a choice in the 9 candidate field. Even more mysteriously, Ron Paul was missing from the Tea Party specific poll. The big headline story was that Donald Trump is all of the sudden the #2 candidate on the poll. Even though we are way early in this race, I want to expose this Elitist plan to prevent any real revolution in this country.

I have already pegged Donald Trump as an Elitist shill that will spout the new Neo Con agenda of China being the enemy and that Muslims are a problem. His bombastic rhetoric is designed to take some of the legitimate anger Americans are feeling and vent it on outside enemies, instead of the Elite that control our world. (Please read Beware Of The Patriot Pied Pipers, Donald Trump- Hypocrite, Elitist Tool and War Monger, The Elite’s 10 Pronged Attack on Freedom, Donald Trump- Arrogant, Elitist, Attack Dog and Don’t Fall For The Beck vs. Trump Soap Opera.)

Ron Paul who shook up the Republican political establishment in the 2008 Republican Presidential campaign, was NOT even a choice on the poll. The Ron Paul revolution was the spark for the modern day Tea Party that the Republican establishment is trying to desperately stop. Ron Paul had record fund raising outside the grasp of the Republican Elite. He also personally destroyed Rudy Giuliani’s campaign when he schooled the “9/11 hero” on blow back.

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”Mahatma Gandhi

The fact that he was not even on this poll, shows that the Elite are very afraid of Ron Paul. We are back again to where Ron Paul is being ignored once again by the MSM, just like the 2008 campaign. Right now, the Elite are laying the ground work for their contrived soap opera, the 2012 Presidential Race. They are attempting to infiltrate, subvert and destroy the national Tea Party and rejuvenate the Neo Con movement with talk of foreign enemies.  As the election season matures and the economy gets much worse, the American people will tire of the same ole’, same ole’ politics and look for a real change in this welfare/warfare state. Freedom is popular and the Freedom Movement will throw out these Patriot Pied Pipers that the Elite control. The American people will support real Freedom candidates like Ron Paul.

I will be here ripping apart all of the Elite’s multi-million dollar campaign strategies, so that people see that this is all a game for the Power Elite to control us. I intend to prove that the power of truth can override even the most powerful propaganda. The Freedom movement should concentrate on smaller local races like Congressional races on both the state and federal levels. I look forward to supporting candidates that would End the Fed, practice non-intervention, support honest money, eliminate much of the Federal government, end the income tax and follow the Constitution.

16 comments to BS Elitist Presidential Poll Shows Trump #2

  • j r

    Trump is there only to take votes from Ron Paul. If it ever looks like Paul has a chance of winning he will be killed. Count on it.

  • Darkwing Duck

    Ron Paul is the reason the elite haven’t tanked the economy as they can’t dismiss Obama until they’re certain his services won’t be needed. The day a neocon wins the primary is day zero of the last stage of our decline.

  • PicoPlaca

    Trump has become the darling of the neo-conned, birthers. Never mind real issues, to the right wing, there is only ONE issue: The birth certificate.
    Donald made a big show about his “alleged” birth certificate to placate the easily-duped neo-conneds.
    Trump will be another shill for the elite bankers, of which he is one. But as long as he has the “proof,” the righties will be happy and they will go back to their football games and American Idol.

  • Kev

    I saw a similar poll ( I think UPI) on my phone yesterday where they said that Romney, Huckabee, and Gingrich were ‘front runners’.

    It mentioned Ron Paul in a brief sentence and said he has little support.

    I was SHOCKED at the blatant lies. The media needs to tank Ron Paul because he represents REAL change. Liberty is being attacked from all sides now. We’re living in a world hostile to truth and freedom.

    I have seen so many polls marginalize Ron Paul as if he doesn’t even exist. yet so many sites that have political commentary have members which MOST support Ron Paul.

    Even “Liberal” commentators on sites like YouTube and such like the guy. I don’t see how it’s possible to witness so many people agree with him on so many issues, yet for him to STILL be tagged as ‘fringe’.

  • Kenneth Varley

    If Ron Paul is assassinated there will be a violent restoration of constitutional government.

  • pj

    That smarmy newscast that purposely showed the video clip from the wrong year of Ron Paul getting booed at C-PAC, when this year he won and was roundly cheered, had their meat puppet ask Paul if it was due to the “Trump Factor.” That was the tipoff they were going to use Trump to counter Paul, by any means necessary.

  • lastmanstanding

    Kenneth Varley. I believe you are absolutely, positively, 100% correct…I’ll add that violent will be an understatement. The Paul’s are an inspiration to many of us…The Founding Fathers would be damn proud of them.

    As I see what is going on in our world both here and abroad, I realize that there are only certain things that I can control. I have always operated that way. Now, since I am a “mastermind”, (much to my wife’s dismay!, she’s the teacher)(in one of the modules, not telling which one! keep going!) I will have all the bases covered, recovered and covered again. Hope you and others will do the same.

    We all need to pray for the Paul’s safety…Don’t forget one or 2 for our troops that have been put in an evil place and finally for Silver Shield and his family.

    His ass is pretty far out the limb.

  • Moz

    I was so mad at the bias against Ron Paul back in 08. I went to a rally in Des Moines where there republicans had rented a hall, and were taking turns making speeches. There were four or five of them, but Paul wasn’t invited, so he rented out the neighboring hall (sharing a wall I believe) and attracted more attendees alone than all the others combined. What a day! And now the Republicans are tapping the tea party for congressional muscle, what irony. I think Ron is too old to try to run again, but if he does, he can count on my support.

  • Matt

    Actually Donald Trump has proposed a once off 14.25% wealth tax on the net worth of individuals and trusts worth $10 million or more. Trump claimed that this would generate $5.7 trillion in new taxes.

    I am voting for Donald Trump in 2012!

    Destroy the filthy rich that have pillaged and destroyed the middle class.

  • Silver Shield

    Karl Marx laughs in his grave..

  • ewkeane

    I have no doubt that trump is the foil of choice for those repubs who like things the way they are.
    The girl likes trump, she thinks that as a gangster, his turf is CONUS (not an internationalist), and is too rich to bribe. I dont share those sentiments.
    Here in america we elect a dictator every four years or so. trump may make a good dictator. What do you think?
    See his interveiws and decide for yourself.

  • Matt

    Why are you being sarcastic Silver Shield? Karl Marx laughs in his grave?

    The real and only problem with the USA is the concentration of wealth. The top 20% own 80% of the wealy and yet only pay 40% of all taxes. The bottom 80% that own only 20% of wealth pay 60% of the taxes.

    We can easily raise trillions of dollars of revenue by taxing the wealthy of their properties, (not their annual income). Their properties include boats, cars, airplanes, art, jewelery, etc.

    Marxism is when the government takes control of your property completely.

    • Silver Shield

      I did not mean to be sarcastic but I just did not have the time to write back a good response that your statement deserves.

      Have you ever played Monopoly when you had all of the Monopolies and all of the cash?

      You could literally give away every dollar or get taxed 90% of your dollars in a redistribution scheme like Trump is proposing and in a couple of turns you would have all of your money back.

      Please don’t fall for ANY collectivist scheme that relies on force or redistribution.

      If you want to make real effective change we need to end the Monopoly of the FED.

      Honest money, end of usury, end of fractional reserve banking, and debt free money would be a great start.

      Have a debt jubilee, abolish the IRS, income tax, and the Federal Reserve.

      Reduce the size and scope of the federal government, bring home the troops, end tax free foundation statuses, end prohibition on drugs.

      These are all freedom based solutions to the obvious problem of wealth inequity.

  • TexasPatriot

    First, hats off to Silver Shield for your great blog.
    It is quite obvious as to what Trump the Chump is doing. It is also very frustrating seeing Dr. Paul being totaly dismissed by the mainstream media. “If only the sheeple knew”. I believe the good doctor could pull of a win in 2012 if he ran and if he ever needed a flesh and bone body guard you can count me in. Anything to topple the FED and return to Constitutional Law.
    As for Trump’s proposal of a “once off 14.25% wealth tax on the net worth of individuals and trusts worth $10 million or more”, this should set of all sorts of alarms and horror. This was Obama’s lead-in to his presidential bid, “stealing from one class to give to another socialilsm”. I just can’t go along with this kind of peverted thinking, it also gives more power to and enables bigger government growth. The size of government must be reduced before we the people can be free enough to even consider a decent future, the corportist/welfare/warfare/police state must be stopped now.
    The revolution must be peaceful, resist and educate yourself and others. Challenge others to find out for themselves. Fait currency collapse is certain, so prepare while you inform. Work the basics, water, food, medicine, heat, shelter, weapons and ammo “for WTSHTF”, etc etc etc and keep buying physical silver “the silver bullet/shield” to hold in your possesion . Work towards complete self-sufficiency. It is so calming when one is aware and can plan. So be cool, be calm and perpare. Try to inform others, be persistant many will resist. Set an example others will see, then maybe they will begin the dangerous process of self thought.
    Write to your elected government representitives, let them know where you stand regarding any new anti-liberty legislation and any UN, NWO, or IMF bullcrap. Tell them you want to audit and end the FED, tell them you want our military off foreign soil, tell them we want out of the UN and IMF and to remove these collectives off our soil. Tell them to guard our borders and tell them we want an end to the massive corporatist/welfare/warfare/police state we now have. If you can’t find anyone worth voting for don’t vote, but don’t let these puppets off the hook either. Put the heat on them and keep buying silver for yourself.
    “Real Money Talks-Fiat B.S. Walks”

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