The Intellectual Foundation Of Walking Away…

“All states, because they live parasitically off the population on an ongoing basis, depend on eliciting the compliance of the people in some degree; no state can survive a mass refusal to obey.”  -Etienne de La Boetie (1530-63)

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  • Mustafa Cohen

    no state can survive a mass refusal to obey

    Beautiful and true.

    Ask a random person in the street, and his idea of political improvement would be a different government. The first step is to make it widely known that the State is not a default.

    In fact, I have been wondering lately: gays, African kids, Arctic seals, Pacific whales all have organizations to promote their interests. But there is not a single one for People Against the State Slavery. Why? Because unlike Greenpeace phantasms, it’s a real problem that would expose human right protectors for what they are: corporate whores.

  • and the possibility of mass refusal is impossible. TPTB know this and sleep well at night.

    If there was hope, it must lie in the proles, because only there, in those swarming disregarded masses, eighty-five percent of the population of Oceania, could the force to destroy the Party ever be generated. The Party could not be overthrown from within. Its enemies, if it had any enemies, had no way of coming together or even of identifying one another. Even if the legendary Brotherhood existed, as just possibly it might, it was inconceivable that its members could ever assemble in larger numbers than twos and threes. Rebellion meant a look in the eyes, an inflection of the voice; at the most, an occasional whispered word. But the proles, if only they could somehow become conscious of their own strength, would have no need to conspire. They need only to rise up and shake themselves like a horse shaking off flies. If they chose they could blow the Party to pieces tomorrow morning. Surely sooner or later it must occur to them to do it. And yet –! Winston Smith, 1984 by George Orwell

    Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious. Winston Smith, 1984 by George Orwell

  • gary quibell

    And the possibility of mass refusal is as simple as pulling the plug on your TV.Throw all political and corporate influences out of our homes.

  • I think it was the quotes that first drew me to DTOM. This one is fantastic. The antithesis;

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…

    “… the State ‘has the supreme right against the individual, whose supreme duty is to be a member of the State… for the right of the world spirit is above all special privileges.'” — Author/historian William Shirer, quoting Hegel in The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (1959)

    See: “Word of the Day: Hegelian Dialectic”

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