Silver Shield Report #25- The Anti-Hegemon Shakes The World

You wouldn’t know it by all of the coverage on Treyvon and Mega Millions, but one of the most historically significant meetings of the Decade, and perhaps Century, happened this past Wednesday and Thursday in India.  BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) got together and they are creating their own paradigm outside of the Anglo-American Empire.  I cover the four major developments that I am positive will eventually end our way of life.  This will not be because of action against the Anglo-American Empire as much as walking away from it and building themselves a independent and powerful paradigm for themselves.

The thing I find most interesting in this meeting is that these nations are doing so much of what I am suggesting you do in your personal life and what we can do as a community to walk away from people and systems that do not resonate with us.

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4 comments to Silver Shield Report #25- The Anti-Hegemon Shakes The World

  • Alex Braga

    Chris, EXCELLENT break down of the BRICS summit and what can be coming down the pipe as a result of it. I’m in Brazil and even the media here didn’t get CLOSE to explaining the implications of what these nations can do as you did. Thank you so much for your research and for explaining these issues to us.

    • Silver Shield

      Thanks. I felt this is so important to how our world will be shaped and what to prepare for.

  • Gareth

    Very good explanation of a complex situation, Chris, thanks.

    I once read a novel written by an American who’d visited England in the mid 1800’s. He wrote, “I thank God that I wasn’t born poor in England”. It was the industrial revolution and the poor ‘slaves’ died on a regular basis.

    I lived in China and I also thank ‘God’ that I wasn’t born poor in a country commencing a path of industrial revolution. The Chinese elite are a bunch of nasty bastards and the pent up aggression can be ‘sensed’ if one lives there for a while.

    My point: China is a massive question mark. There’s a revolution due there too.

    Hope the cabin build goes/went well, bud.


  • James Tetreault

    Excellent stuff.
    That quote from that Indian government official was absolutely fascinating. I’d heard of that conference and had some idea of its implications but I never heard that statement. It made it clear that they understand what they’re getting away from and what they’re doing.

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