Neo Con Trump Only Interested In Libya, “If We Get The Oil.”

Let the new Neo Con agenda arise from the dead. From the guys that brought you the preventative war Bush Doctrine and Gestapo Homeland Security, here comes a new, more forceful, Neo Con agenda. Get ready for more war, debt, and loss of freedoms as the 2012 election comes closer.

After America thoroughly rejected the Neo Con agenda in 2008, the Neo Cons went into strategy mode. The Power Elite must have seen the two big things that kept them from power in 2008. #1 Ron Paul causing a rift inside the Republican Establishment with his “crazy” talk about the Constitution, Honest Money, and Non-Intervention. Since the 2008 campaign, Sarah Palin has been groomed by Henry “600,000 dead Cambodians” Kissinger to become the Tea Party king maker with her $25 Million dollar speaking tour. Then there is Ruppert “Fox News Alerts every 10 minutes” Murdoch who transformed Glenn Beck from calling the Ron Paul Revolution, terrorists, into a new Patrick Henry. I have gone on record showing how the Neo Cons have attempted to infiltrate, subvert and destroy the national Tea Party movement, in my article, Beware Of The Patriot Pied Pipers.

The #2 reason was that none of their Neo Con sock puppets could forcefully fight back the founding of the Tea Party with a good justification for more war and debt. Rudy Guiliani was as close as the could get and he was in effective at best. Donald Trump is not a serious candidate in this race, he is just the Neo Con attack dog the Elite need to bash Ron Paul.

Trump is anti-2nd Amendment, so I hope you see the irony...

Now is the time for the Elite to resuscitate their Neo Con antithesis to their controlled Tea Party in the new Republican Hegelian Dialectic. I have been spending as much time on Donald Trump as I have on silver, because I think this needs to be caught early before he gains anymore traction. He has already stated that China is, “the enemy” and that Muslims and Iran are the problem. This tells me that at the very least the Elite are planning a war with Iran and at the most a World War with China. You MUST understand that the Elite uses war and debt to enslave all of humanity and that the same tactics of marketing to get you to buy a new car, are the same tactics they use to bring nations to war.

The problem for the America is NOT Tehran or Beijing, it is the Power Elite in New York, D.C. and London. The Elite will make any other bad guy in the world from Osama bin Laden to Man Made Global Warming to even an alien invasion to keep us from looking at the real problem in this world, the Elite that use the welfare/warfare model to enslave us with debt and war.

Donald Trump went on the Today Show and said the following, “I am only interested in Libya if we get the oil.”

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The last hoorah for arrogance.

So now our foreign is going to be no different than the Somali pirates who capture oil tankers? What kind of human being, much less a presidential candidate, goes on national TV and says it is OK to go into another sovereign country kill their people to get their oil? Can you imagine a world where China says it is OK to kill Texans to get their oil? Where is the outrage? At least Bush the “decency” to lie to our faces when he said that al CIAda and WMD’s were the reasons to go into Iraq. The trend is now to just say, America is going to kill anyone for oil. What kind of world are we living in?!

I have long contended that Obama was put into power to take the fall for the Economy so that the Elite could create the conditions necessary for Americans to beg for some fascist strong man to power. The Birth Certificate issue is probably a poison pill insurance to guarantee a Republican win this time around. Once the new Neo Cons get into power, we will be either in the final chapter in the Road to Serfdom or right in the middle of Idiocracy.

Trump won’t declare his candidacy until the Apprentice show is over in June.

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Caesar Trump say, "your fired!"

He says it is a great show with great ratings and the country will just have to wait until June for him to declare his intentions. The reality, of his reality show, is that it is train wreck voyeurism making fun/money from desperate celebrities. Does anyone else see the resemblance of the early Roman Caesars providing bread and circuses to keep their serfs down? Trump does not care about you or America, this is one huge ego trip for him. If he truly cared, he would be attacking the Federal Reserve or the out of control Military Industrial Complex. He should have been a huge proponent of calling out the criminal activities that created the boom bust of the housing market. But nooooo, he cashed in on that big scam after declaring bankruptcies, what like 4 times? Do you know Trump’s daughter’s new father-in-law is another billionaire real estate developer who saw jail time for sleazy crap in New Jersey?

I am sure this will not be the last article on this TV clown and there will be a lot more twists and turns in this campaign to follow. The key is to see how the Elite operate and get ahead of them. Please do not wait for our government to get their act together, take dramatic steps right now to becoming totally free. If you have not joined the free and member supported Sons of Liberty Academy, join now. “When you are aware, you can prepare.” Silver Shield.

President Trump will demand his angry wig before attacking for oil!

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