Four Reasons To Be Optimistic!

Many of my friends and acquaintances think I’m a little hard to talk to. I spend a lot of conversational time with them discussing such weird topics as precious metals as money, impending economic collapse, government tyranny, and preparedness. Many find these ideas disquieting at the least, and downright terrifying at worst. As a result, many consider talking to me to be somewhat depressing.

To me, talking about these difficult topics is both frustrating and fascinating, but not depressing. Since this is my first post at DTOM, I decided to make sure it is upbeat instead of a “downer”. The fact is, we all have numerous reasons to be optimistic about the future, so I thought I’d remind myself and the readers of some of these. Let’s have a list!

(1) We are prepared.  Just reading DTOM puts you way ahead of the curve, even if you don’t have a single ounce of gold or silver, own a firearm, live on a sulf-sufficient farm, or have a basement full of food. The mental leap of just admitting that there are significant current and future challenges, and educating yourself about them, vastly increases your chances of surmounting them as they occur. Of course, if you are able to prepare physically as well as mentally, that will only help that much more.

(2) We are part of the solution.  History has shown us that those who can anticipate a crisis ahead of the bulk of their peers stand not only a better chance of surviving the immediate disaster, but also are usually the ones to help their neighbors and communities to recover, since they have thought out the consequences and recovery actions well in advance of the problem. By reading and participating at DTOM and thinking through these issues, you are serving your neighbors and communities as well as yourself.

(3) Corruption does not last.  It’s very easy to become worn down by the constant drumbeat of graft and malfeasance in the world, both in goverment and in the financial world (silver price suppression, anyone?). The fact is, corruption is a cancer that eventually kills its host. Corrupt politicians get caught and jailed. Corrupt financial systems crumble under the weight of mathematics. Corrupt governments topple. Nothing built on lies and deception can stand the test of time. This too shall pass. Be ready to help build something better from the ashes.

(4) We are living history.  The names of those living in a golden age of plenty and prosperity are rarely remembered. But those who live through trying times of strife, and rise to the occasion, become heroes to posterity. Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, and the rest were of course remarkable men, but it was the forge of revolution that tempered them into great icons of human history. It is most productive to view extraordinary events, even disasterous events, as opportunities to make history instead of as misfortune that befalls us.

Just some things to keep in mind as we all navigate the uncharted waters ahead. Of course there is and will continue to be unease and trepidation, but there are also reasons for positivity and hope. Don’t let the one completely overshadow the other…be optimistic!

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  • Mustafa Cohen

    Corruption does not last

    Antisthenes said “States are doomed when they are unable to distinguish good men from bad.” Look at who runs the world and it’s clear that the end is nigh. What can be more optimistic than that!

  • Rojelio

    Thanks for the post. These are all things we’re probably thinking about right now.

    For example, “Just reading DTOM puts you way ahead of the curve”. To what extent is this true, if you could quantify it?

    “Corruption does not last” – Again, thinking alot on what kind of time frame we’re looking at here.

    Anyway, good luck.

  • Jealous Attention

    Rojelio…As far as reading DTOM is concerned, I think that most people are so oblivious to what’s really going on around them, that they will be hopelessly dumbfounded when serious problems occur. People that read DTOM and similar sites are already thinking about those problems, and will be able to more or less skip the “shock” phase and go directly to the “action” phase. Early bird gets the worm, and all…

    As to time frame, for things to wind down to the point where they can get more or less a fresh start, we’re probably looking at decades, but it could be less. It took centuries for the Roman Empire to grind to a halt, but everything seems to move more quickly in the modern world with high-tech communications. The Soviet Union imploded in a matter of weeks (not that we’d like to model anything on their “recovery”).

    In some ways things would be easier if the USA were *not* the great hegemon that it is. With our tendrils in everything, there is a symbiotic relationship where we both support and are supported by all the other generally corrupt nations and organization throughout the world. That will make the unwind process slower.

    • speedspirit

      That will make the unwind process slower

      I disagree. The collapse will happen much faster because everything is intertwined. What is the problem in America today? Well, it is a problem that has been described by physics in a law that has been known for centuries. And it is called the second law of thermodynamics. Unfortunately most people in the world and in America are not familiar with this law. And if they are, they see it as something that applies only to science but not to other areas of life.So for those not familiar with this law, it states very simply that if a system becomes closed, becomes isolated from anything outside itself, then disorder will increase in that system, until the system breaks down to the lowest possible energy state.
      Rome could do almost whatever they wanted with their armies, as America today thinks they can do almost whatever they want. Yet, this great civilization – that had conquered most of the known world back then – collapsed. And why did it collapse? Well, it collapsed because it fell victim to the second law of thermodynamics! Because Rome, especially those who lived in the city of Rome and directed the Roman empire – or the emperors, wherever they lived – they isolated, they insulated, themselves from anything outside their own little mental box.

      And as a result, their mental box became narrower and narrower. It became more and more focused on themselves, and they became more and more blinded by their own logic, by their own filter through which they were looking at the world. And so they were absolutely convinced that they were right and that their way of looking at the world was the only possible way of looking at the world. And they were so convinced that Rome was so mighty and so powerful that it could not possibly collapse.

      The Roman empire collapsed first and foremost from within, through corruption, through decadence, through neglect, through denial. And it was this corruption, this division from within, that made the empire vulnerable to invasion from without. But truly, the invading forces were only instruments of the people’s own divisions and their inner turmoil. They simply finished the breakdown process that the people themselves had started, led by the power elite of the Roman civilization.when a society becomes trapped in its own mental box, when it starts closing that mental box – isolating itself from any input from the outside, any input that can disturb that nation’s sense that all is well – well, my beloved, that is precisely the time to watch out for. Because you know that just as the people are totally trapped in the illusion that they have it all made and that they have created an eternal society—well just about at that point, the second law of thermodynamics will start breaking down their “eternal” civilization. The end is coming to this system that is like a virus across the Whole planet and it will unravel fast. Those nations disconnecting and saving their national wealth for an investment into a real future of a credit system will transition quickly into a better future then those who cling onto the dying paradigm. Sorry for the long post but I wanted to really explain.

  • Jealous Attention

    Mustafa, I like your thinking! My glass is always half full (of acid). :)

  • Jealous Attention

    Speedspirit… It all depends on how we define our terms. I’d say that we’ve been in a steady decline since the early 60s, and especially since the gold window was closed in 1971. By that measure, we’ve already been in this death spiral for 40+ years. Of course there may be one event or a series that causes the whole thing to come crashing down, but that will be like the Visigoths sacking Rome, more an effect than a root cause.

    I think we’re on the same page, just arguing timetables and nitpicking. Thanks for the long and thoughtful response, I enjoy talking this stuff out and actually having a meaningful discussion.

  • Ant

    Take my advice, if your spouse does not want to hear it don’t involve them. Just prepare in private. It might save your marriage and their life.

    My wife says I am negative. I don’t understand. I think we can survive and do it well. She says she wants to leave. She just does not want to hear it any more. I should have just learned to keep my mouth shut and prepared in silence. So yes be optimistic, just don’t get those you care about involved if they don’t want to hear about it. You being personally and outwardly optimistic is crucial. Just make sure those you care about see it from their perspective. Nothing really matters if your family bonds just disintegrate. Take your personal responsibility literally. I can’t imagine what will happen to the family structure in America when things just go to pieces.

    I like Chris’s messages. I just think it might be a real rough and tumble ride on so many levels. Walking away from the existing paradigm is necessary, just do your best to keep the peace and keep your family from walking away from you.

    Be the love,
    keep the calm,
    stay optimistic,
    seek interested friends,
    and be prepared – in private if necessary.

  • Gareth

    Some people won’t want to understand whilst many simply cannot understand. Contemplating the future with its multitude of variables and almost endless possibilities is an abstract process; a process not in everyone’s ability. Some people live very much in the ‘now’. “The normalcy bias is strong with this one” said master Yoda :-)

    Explain to people through doing if necessary, ie literally be a ‘role model’. I gove silver coins as gifts and also ask for silver coins as gifts :-)

    Good luck dude
    Good Post

  • Jealous Attention

    Gareth, I’m right there with you. Whenever contracting for goods or services from a private individual, I always give the option of PMs.

    If Buying: “Would you like payment in gold, silver, or Federal Reserve Notes?”

    If Selling: “I’ll take X ounces of silver, Y ounces of gold, or Z FRNs.”

    The silver/gold price is always at a discount. 😉

    Even for people not aware of using PMs, this at least provokes a conversation.

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