57. Not Good Enough

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  • intothevoid

    chris and irv, great job on this one and i hope to see more like it.

  • Tybeir

    Good job guys from the youtube comments it seems you have struck a nerve as usual keep it up!

  • Jason

    Thats what I’m talking about! Good job! Blantanly honest and I love it!

  • Son of Liberty

    Wow SS you’re firing on all cylinders lately. Keep it up.

  • Aaron

    You keep saying the phrase “highest and best self” are you a Buddhist or Mormon?

    • Silver Shield


      After all of my work and seeing how we are controlled and kept down the opposite consciousness is our highest and best self.

      Fully actualized people cannot be manipulated or controlled.

  • speedspirit

    Awesome video to communicate with the Milleniums. Now what are the ideas to get it where they will see it? It needs something so different then what they expect that they want to share it with others. And not something borrowed but something original. An image of something powerfully good to the core changing something so old. I am asking so the Universe can give it.

  • lastmanstanding

    So what are you all going to do about it? Talk is cheap…I blew thru the same shit 30 years ago…as alot of the other contributors and posters have…and we are still dealing with it (and still blowing thru it)…and we didn’t have the same info that you all have now.

    What is coming could have happened then…piss and moan…poor me.

    Us older folks want to help you, our kids and our grandkids are you.

    I’ll light the fuse…come get me…you want a forum, I’ll give you a forum.

    • Silver Shield

      I knew I could count on you to get the fire lit.

      P.S. I just sent you and email 2 minutes ago about this…

      • lastmanstanding

        …emails to clients every morn, scheduling, quick scan of dtom, sgt… trying to get out the door to work!…couldn’t resist…

        I’m ready…forgot to mention to those that want a piece of me…please keep it short…don’t send me a book…be blunt.

        SS has already described the simplicity of the plan…it is that simple.

    • intothevoid

      ok, so wait… im not sure if i fully understand your comment. as i have been visting since 3/2011, i know you are a long time member and before i respond with anything, i would like to understand your position and what you meant by your statements.

      * what are you all going to do about it?
      – who specifically are you referring to?

      * blew thru the same shit 30 years ago.
      – blew through what same shit 30 years ago?

      * what is coming could have happened then… piss and moan… poor me
      – what is this statement exactly in reference to?

      * us older folks want to help you, our kids and our grandkids are you.
      – which older folks are you referring to besides DTOM members?

      * come get me… you want a forum, ill give you a forum.
      – who are you calling out?

      • lastmanstanding

        visiting from where?…you and I heard the same video, perhaps interpeted it in different ways. When I comment on this site it is to everyone and anyone who wants to get to the root of our universal problem. Generally speaking.

        What are millineals going to do about it?

        The same hit has been going on for 100 years here in the USA and longer.

        I am tired of hearing young people cry about the fact that its not fair, I was told that everyone wins. No one prepared me for losing.

        Everybody on the planet…including you that I’m guessing is from another country.

        I’m ready to debate anyone about what is going on worldwide…If your a millenial…I calling you out…I question everyone and everything…always have.

        • lastmanstanding

          I thought that a hundred people would want to chew on my ass…at least you had the balls to question me.

          Maybe the rest of you don’t get it or have a set.

          Just sit back and let those of us that want to be free handle it.

          • intothevoid

            i live here in the states, i meant to say ive been visiting DTOM since march of 2011. ive only recently started to comment on posts in the last couple of months.

            i always have the balls to question and challenge issues. im not some pansy-ass sissy who abides by the rules and is afraid to speak out against people or issues, i came from a rough background and typically fight for the underdog and for what is fair and just.

            there are a few issues to take up with your statements, as i am on the cusp of gen-x and gen-y (millenials) im 32 and get both of these younger sides. forgive some of my punctuation as my comma key is out of commission and yes, you are going to get a book for a response, and no i am not trying to be a dick about this as i don’t know your true intentions or know you personally. i am just letting some thoughts flow for now.

            what i am i going to do about it? try, what have i already done and continue to do about it.

            1. i went to school, got a degree, and paid my student loan off.
            2. i walked away from a bank that was raping me on a refinance on my house.
            3. i have paid off my debts other than the mortgage that was through a bank that got bailed out.
            4. i walked away from a high paying career that did not resonate with me.
            5. i pulled every last red cent, from a reasonably sized 401k, out of the casino.
            6. i walked away from connected people and sociopathic relationships.
            7. i have prepared the best that i can for what is coming and still continue to do so.
            8. i went all in on silver.
            9. i have been down for SOLA, DTOM, TGTNT and im all for the Ultimate Exit Strategy.
            10. i went to the meeting in Ohio by myself at the drop of a dime without even thinking twice.
            11. i have participated in 2 SSR reports.
            12. i still continue to take what i learn here and discuss these topics and the monetary issues we have with other younger people the best that i can to help get them out of the paper game and into silver. i even try to do the same with boomers.
            13. i am still actively working on ways to get the message across to the youth on a larger scale for us here at DTOM and chris.
            14. i am all for busting my ass to rebuild a better way of life and community.
            15. i have and continue to be, mentally prepared in the event of a complete collapse… i know several trades and look to learn more and i am not scared of hard work.

            and guess what? im still bitching and moaning how unfair the system is and how the youth are seriously getting hosed. and im still bitching about older people telling them to suck it up and deal with it. we are all in this together, we need to wake them up to reality, not talk shit about them and demean them.

            it doesnt help when older individuals keep busting their chops about it, i feel boomers need to share their experience and guide them. did you talk shit to your kids or grandkids when they were growing up? did you tell them when they made a mistake or got hurt to suck it up, quit crying, go work harder?

            giving them shit only serves to push them away, alienating them and ultimately destroys what love, trust, and respect they might have for you. what if chris said, what are you going to do about it… and you didnt know what do to? what if he didnt offer any of his work or insight to you? what if he told you to quit crying and try harder and then say that your efforts arent good enough? or that hes tired of hearing everyone piss and moan?

            last time i checked and the position i get from all of this, is that chris has turned his passion and ideas into a thought provoking work intended to change the way we think and live, not to make us rich, to save our wealth or our ass, or to benefit the few who got it. he is doing all of this to get us to learn and think critically and to take responsibility for ourselves, to be better people, parents, friends, lovers. i feel he is doing this so that we take this opportunity to come out ahead and to enable us to make the world a better place.

            i would think that he is doing this to give his kids and other children a brighter future and an opportunity to do something great in their lifetime. are any of you older individuals really giving the youth an opportunity to change the future by saying you are sick of hearing them cry or by thinking theyre lazy and undeserving little shits?

            i would like to direct you to two comments i posted in the past regarding boomers. one, is on how a good number of them dont plan on worrying about the millenials future, as they feel they have given and done enough for the youth. so no, not all older individuals are concerned with helping their kids or grandkids, they sometimes are just concerned with themselves. kind of ironic when some of the boomers parents set them up for the future with inheritances and trust funds to rely on.

            another, is in regards to boomers choosing not to do anything due to holding onto the system in place or for fear of losing what they had or have. boomers who are scared to challenge the system and have no other option but to keep the gears turning and ride out the storm. read those and then tell me why the youth have no reason to bitch about the system.

            (look for my comments when you have time and consider what i wrote)



            most boomers had their run, they had their revolution, their marriages, their properties, their well-gotten gains. they have something to lose in all of this, whether it is time put into a family, career, a business, or life savings. and by all means that’s great, good for them… they worked hard, made sacrifices and im sure most of them deserve every penny, i am not jealous in the least and i highly doubt the majority of the youth is either.

            but, what do the youth have to value and look forward to besides debt, no jobs, and crushed ambitions? where in this current system is their time to shine, to have a career and a life? they are jaded and pissed off due to doing everything that boomers suggested doing and not getting shit in return besides debt and words of toughen up, go get a job and work harder.

            and what about those right now that somehow made it following the same path as boomers, who work harder and harder, who quit crying a long time ago and toughened up even more… and still cant break even? are they not allowed to be fed up and voice their concerns or be upset with the failure of this system. what if you knew you were wasting your time and your talent and being taken advantage of? wouldn’t you speak up, wouldn’t you question things, wouldn’t you stand up in all your youthful vigor, once you found out you were being conned?

            the thing is most of these kids dont even have a job or a place of their own. they havent had any real life skills or trades passed down to them, they dont have anything to identify with. they dont have the ambition to go out and learn something like blacksmithing or welding when theyve grown up with fast food and the internet.

            they dont think to sell useless possessions to buy silver because paper money, plastic cards, co-signs, and easy credit are all theyve ever known. they dont see the personal or social value in those things because everything they were taught to do or believe in was in part due to keeping the gears of metropolis running, by guess who… you got it, boomers.

            they only know what worked for boomers and what boomers have given us, so why care for anything else? and why would they, the system they tried so hard in has denied most of them and beaten them down in their ability to come into their own, to progress in life, to become responsible young adults and that is now upsetting them. they feel cheated and they have all this energy and passion and nowhere to put it.

            they are in a sense bitching about why the square peg wont fit in the round hole. while the boomers are the ones who gave them the damn game in the first place, go on yelling at them that they are doing it all wrong or to that they need to just push harder. do you see why that wont work? in this system, we have to stop yelling and show them how the game has changed and to cut the corners off the peg in order to get it to fit or… in reality, to throw the damn game away and actually do something together.

            ill tell you what, i came from a broken home, i went to school, i worked two jobs in high school and after trade school, i asked questions, i listened to more solicited advice, i worked harder, thought about going back to school for another degree after i jumped out of one career into another, and looked at another trade school after i left my second career… and in the end, all it was, was another carrot on a stick. it wasnt what i was meant to do and i just followed the road signs and maps of the adults before me that were guiding me at the time, why? because it was all they knew, it was what worked for them.

            and it is only meant to continue feeding the system and maintaining the lifestyle that boomers expect to have, and these kids are waking up to that and saying enough is enough. im saying enough is enough and that we need to band together, quit being dicks to each other, offer our natural talents and love, and focus on what is important: being the best we can be together and living a life that is worth living.

            in my second linked comment from another post, i listed some of the factors within this system that are against the youth: a failing economy, a devalued dollar, stagnant wages, outsourced markets and more government restrictions/taxes on entrepreneurial ventures. its fighting a losing battle for these kids, they cant try any harder when the dollar wont get them anywhere or when they cant get a job to make a dollar.

            im fortunate enough to have been able to walk away and get what i did get when i did. and i did it with hard work and i plan on doing some good with it, but i still feel cheated just like a lot of other younger kids out there, i still feel that my true talents and my ambition were taken advantage of in the same system and were put aside so as to function in society and maintain a standard of living.

            we watched boomers build empires and make money legitimately and illegitimately and live a high-life and we expected the opportunity to do the same. a lot of these kids followed suit and expected more considering they had time on their side, better education and savvier tech-knowledge, so it was only natural to assume we would be better off than our parents. but right now they have no resources, no household, no job prospects, no passion to follow, no life to live… and their opportunity to affect this world has been diminished on a grand scale.

            and for the youth who grew up with that American Nightmare, the ones who woke up in the middle of the night of Life, did so kicking and screaming. and then they look back to their parents and grandparents for some truth, answers and some sort of solace only to be told to quit bitching and to work harder, to keep feeding the beast. i highly doubt that is the answer they were looking for.

            most of them, i think, dont have the right knowledge or the critical thought processes to do anything about it right now. they have been fed lies since they were born, have been indoctrinated, and have not had a real education to step back, logically think, and properly analyze the situation for what it is and make provisions for it.

            most just know something isnt right and are only reacting within the parameters of the anger phase. so with an indoctrinated mind, no self-sufficiency and no chance of making it in life they are angry and are looking for help and answers. they dont know how to come to terms with things right now.

            think about what its like to argue with a loved one and call them out on their actions/inactions in the heat of the battle. rarely will it help diffuse the situation, it will only make it worse because no one wants to give in and apologize or admit that they are wrong. well same thing here, salty dogs and green horns do not want to give in to either side. the only way to fix it is by listening, seeking to understand both sides and coming to an agreement while respecting each others feelings and individuality.

            the quote from your comment in regards to millenials saying this:
            * I was told that everyone wins, No one prepared me for losing.*

            that is a fact, not an excuse for them. the education system and helicopter parents, who are involved in every aspect of the youths life, have coddled them and showered them with attention and material stuff, have told them they all win! there are no losers, they didnt want to make anyone feel left out or left behind or hurt anyones feelings and they haven’t taught them what its like to lose. that word most likely doesnt exist in the todays youths vernacular.

            they got fucking stickers, trophies, and pizza parties just for showing up in some cases. most parents covered their ass when they fucked up, handled their issues, and over-provided in some instances and that is what they grew up with. for the most part they dont really know how to be responsible for themselves and hold themselves accountable.

            i mean, most boomers arent even prepared for whats about to come right now, and if they were and had taught the youth to be prepared… there wouldnt be sites like DTOM, so i guess these young cry-baby punks just learned from the best in the biz, so yeah… youre right, what are they crying about?

            nobody prepared me for losing and nobody is saving my ass, but i really wish i didn’t have to walk this path alone. i didn’t ask to be brought into this fucked up world and deal with this shit. i wish my parents were awake and were teaching me this rather than second guessing myself and learning on the fly from strangers that are spread across the country and that i dont even know.

            i wish some of my boomer buddies who i hold in a high regard were awake and were coming along with us on the ride to the other side as well… but right now, theyre not and i am thankful for chris and his work and others members contributions to get me where i am today and it didnt involve anyone calling me a cry-baby or whiner. it involved chris and his work teaching me what was going on and how to handle emotions and logically think. and by all means i still have a long way to go but at least someone pointed me in the right direction for that journey.

            but you are a grown adult and i, a young adult. if you or i, want a better future than this shit-storm we are dealing with right now, it is our responsibility to pass the knowledge we have now down and to teach not only the boomers, who grew up on My Three Sons, The Andy Griffith Show and All In The Family… but also to teach the upcoming youth the life-skills, family values, and work ethics that were found in some of these shows, to be strong and independent and family-orientated individuals.

            to teach them to be real men and women again, not to call them babies and to tell them to quit crying… it isn’t the same and as simple as when most boomers grew up, when hot rods and greased hair were cool and fists fights solved who was going to date little suzy or jane. not saying that there wasnt some serious shit going on back in the day, but there seems to be more fucked up and psychologically damaging issues happening more frequently on a daily basis in todays world.

            think about some other things that are potentially affecting the youth and their mindset; all the processed foods, the prescription/psychotropic meds, the vaccines, fluoridated water, tv, media, video games, celebrity lifestyles, vapid entertainment, garbage ass education and absent family figures.

            they are all contributing in some ways or in varying degrees as to how these kids are growing up. it has affected society as whole, their mentality, their emotions, and their behaviors. there wasnt as much of this shit going on back then as there is now.

            the way they socially interact, the poor quality or the lack thereof of interpersonal relationships affects how they value people and things. its all fucked up, just even in how they react and behave to certain stimuli. they are more than likely not even conscious of it as it becomes a learned behavior and a social adaptation.

            we as people have been socially engineered by the elite to be this way so that we no longer have a family unit, strong relationships and ethical and moral values. this was their way of divide and conquer and so boomers and millenials are only helping to serve the elites interest with this division.

            so talking down to them or bad mouthing them isnt going to do any good. it is our responsibility, for those that are awake, to at least try and point some of this out, to at least give an attempt to salvage what little is left of humanity. the kids growing up today are not like the kids that grew up in the boomer era. and im not trying to make excuses or not hold some of these younger people accountable for their actions and thoughts, but i really think you should take some of these things into consideration.

            ill close with this, and that is that we need to get more younger people on board. giving them shit and not listening to them is when you will see some of these kids act out in destructive ways and is that really what we want?

            when they have nothing to lose and they stop giving a fuck about what anyone says, things go bad in a quick way. we need to show them the truth, to provide them ample opportunity to be themselves and to share their individual talents, and to give them something to give a fuck about again.

            and im not saying we can save everybody, but it will be the younger individuals who will bear most of the work in rebuilding the next system and who still have the responsibility of carrying on the life lessons to the next generation, after the boomers are long gone. it will most likely be a millennial taking care of your medical needs when you are on your way out.

            what happens when we all made them feel like shit. they took their ball and went home and bailed on the rest of us and there is nobody to help care for the boomers on their death bed? cant have another boomer do it, cuz they most likely have a bed next to you and are waiting to check out as well.

            im just saying i don’t necessarily agree that bitching about their bitching or calling them names, like some boomers do, is going to help convince them that we are any better or that we are going to help them live a better life. it certainly wouldnt make me think that life is going to be any better with DTOM, if all i had to look forward to was a bunch of boomers belittling me as a youth or acting high and mighty because i felt upset that i got dealt a bad hand in life and had nothing to show for it and openly voiced my frustration.

            im sure boomers are going to rip into me about everything i wrote and thats fine im open to your thoughts and viewpoints. in all honesty i wish we could go back to some 50s and 60s shit, that was an American Life and Dream. but the fact is, we are in 1984 and we need to unite. we need to drop the bullshit, listen to, and understand each other and work together on this.

            and to go back to your original question: what are the millenials going to do about it? well i can tell you what some of them are doing about it right now in this paradigm when they have no guidance and feel like there are no other options and you can look it up… i was actually going to write an article about it and put it off due to the content.

            there are students that cannot find jobs who are turning to sugar mommas and sugar daddies to get paid for sex so that they can pay off their massive student loans. i am aware that this is nothing new, but it is a trend that is becoming more socially acceptable to do so and there seems to be a supply of boomers with deep pockets willing to use these networking services to help these poor, desperate, and financially strapped college students in their time of need.

            so how would you feel if it was your daughter or grand-daughter getting railed by one of your drinking buddies on a weekly or monthly basis for the sake of being debt free and getting bills paid? are you still going to be tired of hearing them cry and whine and say how unfair it is when they have turned to a life of prostitution or better put, sex slavery, for the sake of making it in this paradigm?

            are you still going to chastise or patronize them when they grow up emotionally damaged and become manipulating sociopaths to get what they want in life? or, are we going to teach the youth how manipulated and contrived the system is, so that they can walk away from all of this with us, obtain freedom, and be who they were meant to be in life?

            • lastmanstanding

              aahhhh…I know who you are…contact SS if you see this…

              We are on the same team young man…thousands of people watched this video and you were the only on to challenge my rant…that is sad.

              I was looking for them, not you.

  • countryboyseein

    Wish I had won the Mega-Millions, I’d pay to have that run as a PSA nationwide.
    Great job guys!

  • Took the Red Pill

    Excellent videos, have enjoyed every one of them. Although I am in my early 40’s I still feel as though I belong to an age group that can do much to improve our current sorry situation. Remember SilverShield, not all 40 somethings are dumasses, some of us see the big picture.

    • Silver Shield

      You cannot talk about generations without generalities and there are a lot of wide awake people in every class of people.

      • Took the Red Pill

        I agree–keep up the important work bro —

        “I can’t understand why people are frightened of new
        ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.”

        John Cage (1912 – 1992)

      • Took the Red Pill

        Chris–just joined the Academy–thanking you for all you selfless dedication to getting it built

      • Aurochs

        Thank you for saying that Chris. I was feeling a bit put out over this. I do understand the need to engage the younger generations in the struggle for freedom but this piece sounded a lot like shame and blame on us older folks, and I know you know better. Keeping us divided and sqabbling amongst ourselves over irrelevent crap is the goal of our enemy.

  • Gareth

    Wish I could watch this vid……..sounds like it got folk ‘heated up’. Bloody ‘dongle’ hardly ever works. Works for the SS reports though – every time. Must be a different output to YT I guess.

    Anyone care to give the gist of the vid?

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