The Most Important Reason To Have ALL Of Your Money Out Of Their Casino

You have NO shot….

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  • Rojelio

    We have always been taught to think that technology is supposed make our lives better (computers, phones, etc…). To some extent that has been true, since our standard of living is better than what they had hundreds of years ago. Even the war machine has served to artificially increase the standard of living of the “homeland”, so in a twisted way. Think of the overfed 300 pounders living in suburban mansions driving to Costco pulling large trailers.

    However, this highlights an interesting paradigm shift. Our leaders (the bankers) are designing technology specifically to attack those who previously benefited. Skynet is starting to turn upon its creators.

    • In a way I would tend to agree but, what is quality of life? Is it been able to communicate with someone around the world in millisecods? Sending video of a dumb blonde shooting a big gun to your buddie’s Iphone?

      Perhaps it is having plenty to eat? We cant deny that Americans have easier acces to “food” than ever. Or that efficiency of process has reduced food preparation time. The obesity stats can’t be denied. But, is that quality of life?

      We have better and more powerful drugs for our better and more powerful diseases. In the 50s no one had heard of AIDS or Mad Cow disease or Avian flu or MRSA. Is that a better quality of life?

      The stock market and the nominal average salaries are much higher today when compared with the 50’s. Consumer goods prices are much lower. Of course, our salaries buy less, both parents work outside the home in order to support much higher personal debt levels and consumer goods last 1/10 the time they used to.

      SO, I am not to sure how to prove that we have a higher quality of life.

      • Rojelio

        Good thoughts. I personally would like to travel back to the USA of the 1950’s in terms of quality of life.

        What struck me about this particular video however, is the idea that the barrel of the bazooka has rotated and is now pointed directly at those who previously benefited from the empire.

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