Silver Shield Report #26 – Stages of Local Resilience

This week we will go in depth to various stages of resilience on both a personal and community level.  My guest this week is SSR member Marvin Motsenboker who is a patent lawyer by trade and inventor by passion.  We spoke previously with Marvin in the Silver Shield Report #16- Energy In Our Next Paradigm.  This is a very powerful and enlightening conversation into what we can do in our future to create a new way of life.  I do make one bold prediction, the community we are planning for, I believe can be the most successful community in human history.  The reason why I say this is that we are going to have the ability to bring a ton of capital into a word staving for money.  We will be able to leverage our capital to fund the best ideas on the firm foundation of a way of life that has debt and tax free land, no usury, and a sustainable development with energy independent.  Beyond that we will have the systems to fund and create thriving ideas, businesses and communities.

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18 comments to Silver Shield Report #26 – Stages of Local Resilience

  • Alex Braga

    On sustainable architecture, already a reality, and a must watch:

    Garbage Warriors Trailer:

    Garbage Warriors Full Movie:

  • mong00se

    On sustainable farming.

    • Alex Braga

      This movie is amazing! Thanks for posting. And I want a small farm, bad!

      • mong00se

        Amen! Can’t wait to start this in my own backyard! It really resonated with me.

        • TU-2000

          My wife and I are almost done with our first attempt at a garden using the techniques shown in this film. A few of my friends that are “expert” gardeners say that we are crazy for using wood chips but I’m hoping just not tilling it into the soil (as mentioned in the film) will keep our Nitrogen free next year. I would love to discuss results with others who are trying the same thing!

          • mong00se

            Great idea. I’m buying a house this month and plan to start some raised bed gardens using this method which makes perfect sense to me. No pesticides, no irrigation, few weeds. Would be nice to read others experiences.

          • Alex Braga

            Let us know how it goes in your garden and if you can replicate the results shown in the movie.

  • Tybeir

    This is a style of aqua ponics I have been thinking about doing once I get my greenhouse built hope to power it with solar

  • Joseph Foran

    You mention in your notes not to keep silver in your house or a bank. Where else should you keep it? Thanks.

    • Tybeir

      in the ground put it in a ziploc bag or mason jar or anything and bury it

    • TU-2000

      The last thing you want are a group of armed men breaking in to your house looking for your stash. If it’s not there then it becomes an impossibility for the wrong people to find out about it. Keeping it in a bank (via a safety deposit box) means that when things go bad, it will be in the possesion of another entity. Translation: it’s no longer yours. Most people divide their stack up into several lots and bury them seperately. It would probably be a good idea to let at least one other person you trust know about the location for each stack. That way if something happens to you it is still available to your loved ones.

  • Ben Simon

    This is a great report Chris. Could you email me regarding some ideas. I would like to get more involved with the group but do not know where to start.


  • Robert Selig

    the criminal elites main tool of control is psychological, based on dripping fear into our minds, while simultaneously poisoning us with their corporate foods and chemical medicines. This make us more susceptible to there sorcery by calcifieng our pineal gland which calcifies every other gland and organs, aging us prematurely, and setting the stage for all the chronic degenerative diseases. When we become frail,sick, obese, and broken, we will just have enough energy to perpetuate the vicious cycle of being entertained with their programmed t.v, while stuffing our holes with corporate doses of crack in the box, and happy clown smiles, as the sociopaths gather in their think tanks, on how to exploit the world into our global enslavement…

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