Bring on the Cleaver: the Congressional Black Caucus does what they do best.

The death of Trayvon Martin has divided people in many ways; be it politically, ethnically or racially. The amount of vitriol we have seen regarding this tragedy has only been rivaled by the amount of hyperbole that accompanies it. I have already exposed the non-elected racebaiters a few weeks ago, so no need to do that again. This time I want to call out the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC).

Now what happened in that case with Martin and Zimmerman is still pending, so for me to comment would be unfair. I have made comments before regarding this matter and after I took a step back and looked at it from a wide vantage point; I find it’s just not logical to continue to do so until after the case has been closed, out of respect to those involved. With that said, there is no denying people who are profiteers off of segregation have taken the opportunity to do so.

Released in a 4-page resolution this week, sponsored by CBC Chairman Emmanuel Cleaver, the CBC backed resolution calls to address the controversial “stand your ground” law and in that report is also states that Zimmerman used quote:

“unfounded assumptions and racial bias led to the use of deadly force.”

We have no basis or evidence that there was racial bias involved. CNN has corrected their version where they had Zimmerman saying “coon” on the 9-11 tapes to now “cold” and NBC blames a terrible edit which made Zimmerman look racist. Other then those now corrected errors, how can we draw an “assumption” or conclude there was “racial bias” involved in this case? How can Zimmerman be described as a racist? We can’t. Being that as it may be, that doesn’t stop members from an organization who lines their pockets via race card games, people who are elected many times due to their race, from using this to maximize political capital.

Let’s just pretend that this racial segregation in the form of representative caucuses is acceptable for a moment. Would it not be understandable to expect elected representatives to at least be representing the views of the dominant ethnicity of their district? Take for example; Maxine Waters, who represents the 35th district of California. Only 35% of her constituency is black, 47% of it is Hispanic. Why isn’t she in the Hispanic caucus? Or what about Keith Ellison, who has 73% of his district identifying themselves as White?

Out of 40 members that make up the CBC, thirteen of them are representing districts that are not predominantly black. These districts show African Americans being a minority demographic, and in some cases behind both White and Hispanic populations. Yet you have politicians being elected to serve a minority demographic first and foremost, despite the fact that it took the votes from other larger racial demographics to get them elected in the first place.

The most audacious however and symbolic of this utter hypocrisy, is the Chairman of the CBC, Emmanuel Cleaver who sponsored this resolution. Mr Cleaver who has sixty-nine percent of his district being white is rushing to judgment to label this man a racist, even thou there is not information to conclude Zimmerman was that. Again, 69% of Mr Cleavers district is white. Yet he is chair of the Congressional “Black” Caucus, elected out of Missouri and condemning a person in Florida 1,200 miles away of being… racist?

Mr Zimmerman may or may not be a lot of things. Does he appear to be a creepy guy, a wannabe cop, and reckless… obviously. A murderer? It appears so, but again, the case is still pending. But, a racist? The evidence to this point states he is not and unless there is something totally unforeseen, it appears he is not a guy using “racial bias”.

Even if CNN and NBC corrected themselves and that may have led some to believe he was a racist, I don’t see anyone from the CBC pulling back their slenderest remarks or resolutions. Ironically, the only thing we can absolutely derive from this event is that the Congressional Black Caucus is build upon segregation, intimidation, collectivism and racism. If anyone should be condemned for relying on “unfounded assumptions”, its the CBC. If anyone is guilty of “racial bias” it’s the Congressional Black Caucus.

14 comments to Bring on the Cleaver: the Congressional Black Caucus does what they do best.

  • trailhiker

    Gee Fletch I guess you really want to condemn the man! Based on this blog and your other you can’t help yourself, why not wait until the “authorities” do their investigation and decide what path to follow. I base my opinion on your own statements.

    “Now what happened in that case with Martin and Zimmerman is still pending, so for me to comment would be unfair.” So why comment at all!

    “Mr Zimmerman may or may not be a lot of things. Does he appear to be a creepy guy, a wannabe cop, and reckless… obviously. A murderer? It appears so,” Well it appears you did not head your own advice!

    With people like you in the public it is not hard to see why the powers that be continue to get away with what they do. Remember, Innocent until PROVEN Guilty!

    • lastmanstanding

      I’ll repeat it…”innocent until proven guilty.”

      the legal system in the USA has been destroyed by corrupt politicians who are primarily lawyers supported by the funds of corps, bankers…and I’m not saying all lawyers.

      Our govt. on both sides of the aisles has gone far beyond it boundaries.

      This will not end well…

  • Fletchlives

    First of all their is no sides to the political system anymore. There is no “isles” thus why you have the corruption you do and no changes except superficial changes and the big changes always come with you giving up a freedom.

    Secondly, when i said i wasnt going to comment, i meant it. It means i wasnt going to get caught up in the case and the details. The bottom line is simple, guy kills another guy unarmed – its almost a lock you will be charged with some type of murder, regardless of what transpired. When you draw your weapon you better have legit cause to fire and getting beaten up isnt legit cause, at least it wont be to any reasonable person. The only glimmering hope would be if Martin pulled the gun off Zimmerman and somehow Zimmerman wrestled the gun back and killed him. The chances of that happening and being proved is probably zero %. He would be charged with murder in a state without the stand your ground law, Florida i dont know that will apply. That murder charge could be 1,2 or 3 degree, either way, its likely he will be charged even in florida.

    Thats was what i was referring to when i said it “appears so”. Maybe i should have left that out, i will admit i probably should have. My goal is to only be on the side of logic, without delving into emotion when writing, or at least as least as possible. This “appears” to be a murder case, but again, this wasnt the moral of the story. Just like the last entry this was condemning those using this case to benefit themselves by using race as a vehicle. 75-85% of these two articles are centered around that idea, yet you choose to cherry pick just out of the 15-25% with not even a mention of the focus of this story(s). I find that curious. If anyone is doing the condemning it would be you.

    • lastmanstanding

      Apparently you are very sensitive to what you write…much of it can be shot full of holes rather easily…don’t take it personally. Many of us here don’t need to hear how smart you are but we are interested in “your opinion based on facts or in this case the US Constitution.”

      the facts are, “you are innocent until proven guilty.”

      If you are still having a problem…use the huffington post or media matters…

      they eat that shit up.

      • Jack Martin

        Whose side are you own nimrod? I guess you cannot stand to hear that godly black racist congressional caucus criticized?

  • paul2012

    I don’t think he’s sensitive at all, it appears he is making a point that you obviously don’t understand. From your comments it is obvious you speak for everyone here and because the OP says someone appears to be guilty of something, he should post at obvious liberal websites??? Wow, I’m blown away by that. That type of thinking and branding is a liberal staple, no wonder you know what those websites eat up. That’s pathetic. You don’t speak for me sir. Why people go out of their way to reply to people lime this is a reflection of their own self loathing if you ask me

    • Jack Martin

      You are a leftists infiltrator trying to pretend that you represent everyone here.

      Most conservatives are cowards at heart who fear to say anything critical of media-made racist god-simps. But you are the politically correct police trying to control an honest and objective writer. What have you done for freedom today?

  • Archangel

    Some people get so caught up in the sheet music they miss the song. I get the message lastmanstanding. You have good insight.

  • Cunning Linguist

    “Mr Zimmerman may or may not be a lot of things. Does he appear to be a creepy guy, a wannabe cop, and reckless… obviously. A murderer? It appears so,”

    Creepy guy (based on ???)
    Wannabe cop ( I thought he was neighborhood watch)???
    Reckless (You were there)???
    “He would be charged with murder in a state without the stand your ground law, Florida i dont know that will apply. That murder charge could be 1,2 or 3 degree, either way, its likely he will be charged even in florida.”

    The Sanford police did’nt arrest him/have’nt charged him. You know something they don’t? Or are you just going along with the party line?
    The police are in the arresting business. Do you really believe he would be out on the streets if it was clearcut murder as you suggest?
    Your bias is showing. For someone without making a comment, you sure let one slip did’nt you.
    I think there’s A LOT MORE to this story than we are being told, and until it ALL COMES OUT who knows what the outcome will be.

    • Jack Martin

      Not only do you identify yourself by your “name” but you find fault with this writer that you would not dare demonstrate on a leftist site.

      Your sort is ALWAYS on these conservative forums and you are here to force them to quit criticizing the rabid fanatics that control America,

      You will say anything to achieve that goal. You have no credibility here.

    • Fletchlives

      Creepy, yes it ties in with him being a wanna be cop. He tried to become a cop and even went to classes open to the community. He was denied partly because of his criminal record. He didn’t work. He was patrolling the neighborhood with a gun despite a neighborhood watchman isn’t allowed to carry while patrolling. He is the type of guy who give cops a bad name. He is that type a personality in it for control or the badge. He made like 50 calls in a year. Believe me, that kid was no saint and I’m not saying there was a cold blood murder either. However, any competence will show who he is. He is that classic asshole cop that hides behind a badge and abuses his power, we have all seen that. This is a large part why this is becoming a police state. Now, like the rest of you outside of jack Martin and Paul, we aren’t even debating the real story here. Victory for the racebaiters and dividers. Mission accomplished. This is why this county is doomed, this type of divisive side bantering.

  • Jack Martin

    Thanks to the writer who dared describe at least some of the activities of the segregated and racist Black Congressional Caucus.

    So many cowardly Americans ignore all black racism, which is the predominant racism in America. They scramble around suspiciously eyeing white people looking for a chance to call them “racist.”

    I am so sick of white America’s large class of racist freaks who believe that blacks are demi-gods and whites are always guilty.

    It takes a war to settle this but I would be the only one fighting black racists and their millions of white wigger allies.

    The media has totally brainwashed white America and the whole system should be destroyed. Its not redeemable.

    If America survives obama it will be a black racist controlled dictatorship. So why bother? It must fall!

    I congratulate the author of this article for being courageous and objective. He dared describe the black racists in congress and their eternal race-baiting which so frighten the white masses that after they shit their pants in fear of black wrath, they reach for their pocket books to make another payoff to black minority parasites whose professional racism has made them rich off other people’s labor.

    • Fletchlives

      Jack, its not often someone comes to defend another and says exactly whats needed to say and says it. You have done that and I thank you for that. I’m not trying to offend anyone here I’m just trying to point out this corruption and be as objective as I can. Thanks again.

  • Fletchlives

    Just for the record, i have about 65 original blog entry’s on my blog and out of those 9 articles are involving bigotry and race, with the bulk of those specifically targeting the Black Caucus. Race happens to be one of the most effective devices use to separate and keep the populous distracted from the truth, dive and conquer in action. I do my best to expose that whenever i can. I dont have an ax to grind, i don’t dislike anyone based on their color, as a Libertarian type mentality, how could i? Logic and personal freedom above all.

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