Triple Lutz Report–Owe Unpaid Taxes-Lose Your Passport–07.Apr.2012–Episode #179 presents:

The extent of the governmental corruption in the United States today is beyond comprehension. With that corruption comes the continuing erosion of individual rights and the escalating movement towards totalitarianism. Here’s another example of what we are facing as a nation. A bill, which was  passed by overwhelmingly majority in the US Senate, provides for revocation of a citizen’s passport in the event of the delinquency of $50,000 or more on federal income taxes. Fortunately, passage in the House is questionable for now, but your government is clearly capable of anything.

We see the same types of outrageous actions taking place with government backed student loans. If you’re delinquent on your educational loan, good luck getting your transcript from your private university or college. You’ll quickly find that it’s being held for ransom. Is this really the way we want our government to behave towards us? How much longer before a violation of Obamacare leads to passport revocation? Or perhaps, in New York City failure to eat healthy or cease smoking will lead to seizure of your tax refund? Where will it all end?

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2 comments to Triple Lutz Report–Owe Unpaid Taxes-Lose Your Passport–07.Apr.2012–Episode #179

  • Country Codger

    Good report Kerry.

  • Hoyboy

    passport loss? Is the govt. aware of how much essential commerce, import/export travel, trucking, and business sales contacts cross the Canadian/USA border on an hourly basis? I wonder how many truckers, O&G field workers,or border tourism types, owe federal U.S. taxes? I would think that constricted border business travel would hurt the U.S and help Canada, as they would be inclined to go elsewhere for goods and scvcs. Can you imagine a scene where the Bakkan central sales/contract man cant cross at a NDak portal because his passport renewal was denied. All those job losses.

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