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“Is everything that is posted on this site approved and accepted by Chris? If so, I’m not sure if I’ll be following this site anymore.” Paul Nicholas.  Quote found here

Like many websites, I’m sure DTOM gets a variety of visitors, some of whom will be regulars whilst others may be here for the first time.

I’d just like to clarify a few points about the writers.

  1. We do not get approval from Chris before posting.  We simply log on and post.
  2. We are not sat in an office somewhere debating strategy or topics to write about.  I, for, example, am in the UK and over 6000 miles away.
  3. We might not even know each other.  In fact I only know what Chris looks like and have only had email conversations with Chris and Country Codger.

In essence, this site is written by many people with wide ranging views and although we share some similar philosophies we are fundamentally very different people.  I, for, example, couldn’t care less about Ron Paul, nor do I care what happens to the price of gold.

One final point:  Although this is a free blog for anyone to read and comment upon, the site does have running costs.  Not for me, not for Mustafa, nor for PP, CC, goldsaver and all the other writers…… but for Chris.

Chris pays for a host server, and also fights against hackers and other malevolent forces.  He polices spammers and trolls. The DTOM blog is part of Chris’ full-time role.

If you enjoy reading the posts here, and wish to continue reading perspectives from a wide range of people, then please contribute to the DTOM cause through joining the silver shield report or making a one-off contribution.

Thanks for reading and hope you appreciate what Chris and other writers are hoping to achieve.


18 comments to The DTOM Way of Writing

  • Andy in the UK

    Thanks for the clarification Gareth (and for your articles).

    I only have one issue, if you could even describe it as such, and that is the request for money.

    I believe, and have always believed that knowledge should be given freely, not sold or bought. In those very rare circumstances when I have had something useful to say/add I have passed this knowledge/information freely. In the past I have freely shared technical and scientific information which I knew could be considered ‘intellectual property’ and sold, however as it was to be used in public service I had no issues with this. I dont expect others to do the same, it just illustrates that I do practice what i preach (well most of the time anyway – lol)

    I understand that Chris and others have ‘operating costs’, and I certainly appreciate the work they have done in informing people, but I am not in any financial position to contribute to this site or any other for that matter. I am no longer in full time employment and spend my days scratching around for a living in between doing voluntary/charity work – long gone are the days when I used to work in a science lab and earn a decent pay for an honest days work.

    It has taken me one full year to buy just a few ounces of Silver – so few in fact that I can hold my ‘stack’ in the palm of just one hand.

    I would assume that I am not the only visitor to this site who has only a very limited income with very high demands on it.

    If people can afford to donate then thats great. If more money is needed to run the site then what about attracting advertisers?

    I understand that you are acting in what you feel are the best interests of the site, but should I now feel guilty for not financially contributing, or should I stop visiting the site altogether as I’m taking something for nothing?

    I mean you no disrespect in the comments above, they represent my initial reaction and are not a personal attack in any way, shape or form.

    All the best from a fellow islander.

    • Silver Shield


      My Silver Shield Report is my advanced training is not for everyone and certainly not valued by everyone.
      Those that have joined have been VERY supportive and appreciative for what they are getting for their subscription.
      Go to the testimonials if you doubt me.

      The second reason why there is a barrier to entry, unlike the hundreds of hours I give away for free like the Sons of Liberty Academy, Truth Never Told, and my work on DTOM, is that we are building an intellectual foundation for a community. I have seen too many wide open organizations that have been destroyed by people who are anonymous and have no skin in the game drive out those that have interest in building something.

      Those that are joining the Report are interested in building a new paradigm that I laid out in the Ultimate Exit Strategy and the Truth about Silver Shield. There is a lot of intellectual foundation that needs to be laid out before we commit to each other on building something special. Those that cant or wont pay the cover charge will most like be the same people who can’t or won’t be relied upon when we actually do something. I believe the start of this community will be a dangerous thing and having people who understood this and got what is going on before the collapse is going to be invaluable.

      Someone said I should follow Alex Jones business model. I wrote back and said that if I wanted to be Alex Jones I would but that does not resonate with me. I would rather have a few hundred people that care and support my efforts than hundreds of thousands that really don’t care or throw rocks at my efforts.

      That does not mean that there will not be opportunity for those that can’t or won’t join us now. After we have the systems and investments set up in our community I believe we will be able to fund the dreams and talents of the next generation of businesses and talents. And we will do it of the opposite consciousness by using local equity investing not debt or capital tyranny.

      I view the charge as a cover charge to keep the trolls out, support the free efforts that everyone benefits from, and a more balance relationship between my work and you consumption. When you go to work does your boss expect you to give away your work for the betterment of the community? The costs of running the sites are not that big of a deal, it is my costs to live that are expensive. Doing this full time with no other means of fiat support is not for the faint of heart. I have not had insurance for the past year because we are running a very tight budget and it kills me to dip into my savings to continue doing things for free. I am sure my wife has looked at me crossed eyed a few times this past year as I have never not made 6 figures as an adult.

      I am planning on making a very expensive investment in a virtual video conferencing service so that our community can really get to know each other and take these ideas to the next level.

    • Don’t worry if you can’t afford to contribute, Andy, and I can fully assure you that I didn’t want nor intend to make you feel ‘guilty’ for not making a contribution.

      I’m very realistic about things, and some can afford but choose not too, whilst others would want to contribute, but have the lec and food bill to pay. The ‘block’ for the SSR is primarily for the former group, and not for those without the means to contribute.

      Chris recently had a $1 offer you know – that’s around 70pence! Well worth it so watch out for it happening again in the future (maybe – not my decision). Also, please feel free to comment and read any articles at DTOM.

      PS That handful of silver will be worth a small fortune after the paradigm shift is complete so keep going lad.


  • Silver Shield

    Thanks Gareth.

    I would just like to add that the reason why I have allowed 50+ contributors have so much freedom on my site is that there are a lot of talented people that have started their own blogs, written a ton of good articles that get read by no one. Or if they do get on to other sites it is at the whim of the blog master. For example I have been on Zerohedge once out of hundreds that I have sent and even then I barely got a link back to my site. So it is difficult to build a following with such an ad hoc approach. Here authors have their own RSS feeds to build an audience and the editorial freedom to build an image.

    Also it is easier to get on to other sites by posting on DTOM. The brand is something other bloggers recognize and will more likely link or publish your work than of it was a new article on a new site.

    I also practice what I preach. If centralized communication of ideas is a problem with major media or major blogs, then a decentralized approach must be an answer.

    The only thing that I ask of the bloggers is that they make people think and be prepared to defend their logic in an arena of sharp and passionate readers.

    If you are blogger or YouTuber and want to join DTOM email me at

  • Rojelio

    My 2 cents worth. I like the diversity of postings. I personally would focus mostly on quality control instead of censorship, which is probably what Chris does.

    The elite membership doesn’t work for me unless I can get to know some more people. Just more podcasts don’t cut it for me. I think Chris is on the right track..

    Hopefully the discussions on the postings will progress to more engaging and lively like what you see on ZeroHedge or Chris Martenson for example. Many times you’re really interested in post but there is no 2-way exchange, just maybe 3 or 4 lone comments that fade into the mist of the data collection center in Utah.

  • Annie Wade

    I’m wondering if in the UK people have access to buying gold and silver (other than the 50% old silver coins?)
    Sincerely, Annie Wade

  • Ben

    “I believe, and have always believed that knowledge should be given freely…”

    I used to think that too. I have sinced changed my tune, or, at the very least, have a different perspective on it. Knowledge should be free, ideas are what cost money.

    (Hey, that’s a pretty good quote, I may have to use that one).

    I am sorry for your plight Andy, I was out of work for awhile myself, and it’s hard to put money into something that may not have a payoff for you. But Chris has set it up for you to quit at any time, he also recently put out an offer out there for getting the information for $1.00. You could have spent that dollar and downloaded all of his reports and gotten a TON of information.

    You would also come to realize the Mr. D. puts a lot of blood, sweat and tears into his work. You would see his passion coming through and realize that is money well spent.

  • Great work. There are many perspectives here. Some write for the uninformed who are just starting to question things. Others have a much greater philosophical understanding and the best message of hope is that it all depends on you the individual.

    First, it is important that the people understand things as they are. As an example of the new honorable Fourth Estate,DTOM stands out.

    Today’s challenges bring to mind JFK’s prophetic words of truth in his attempts to End The Fed, stop the war in SE Asia and battle organized crime;

    “A revolution is coming – a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough, compassionate if we care enough, successful if we are fortunate enough – but a revolution is coming whether we will it or not. We can affect its character, we cannot alter its inevitability.” – JFK

    I agree with Chris’s hopeful vision for the settled future. As the center plots for ironfisted control, decentralization is showing up everywhere. It marks the beginning of a more genuine life a caring society that will resonate with our very being. I fear the psychopaths controlling the game pieces will make it hell getting there. Though in truth, “We The People” have the power to lead by example.

  • Country Codger

    Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
    I have a freebie blog and the time that it takes to keep up with emails, and comments is considerable. Chris gives his time and knowledge AND makes DTOM available to thousands for free. The other levels of reading and knowledge are voluntary. You can sign up or tell Chris to kiss off but, I know for sure that to operate a site as extensive as DTOM you incur a considerable expense. I choose not to advertise, but my site is free to me. Chris has to pay for bandwidth, hosting and a lot of other things. If you don’t like the advertising DON’T GO! Personally, going back to the Scriptures, “A workman is worthy of his hire.” You do not have to sign up for any other level of the Silver Shield Report or anything else. IT IS VOLUNTARY. But please understand, IT TAKES A HELL OF A LOT OF TIME TO DO SOMETHING ON THIS SCALE!

    I thank God for the friendships I have made on this site. Not only Chris but also CCM, Gareth, Pitchman, PlanetPrisoner, Rainmaker, Ben, April, MPB and many many others. These people have become my virtual family. What price can you put on that? PlanetPrisoner, Ben, RangerRick, April, Rainmaker, Sunflower, Bill and others have become my friends and confidantes. April is like a sponge so is Sunflower. These two ladies soak up knowledge and grow right before your eyes. Both of these ladies are now teaching others things are far beyond the level they were at when the first came here.

    I don’t know about anybody else but this is extremely rewarding to me. I could give Chris $10/mo., $50/mo., $100/mo, or a $1000/mo. and I would still get my money’s worth. If you think you can do better please do it and do it for free and let me know where your site is so I can soak up all that free knowledge. But, I will say this, free advice is worth every damn penny you paid for it, except here at DTOM, and at codgerville. LOL.


    • I agree. My site, which you can access my clicking on my name :-) is 100% free to me in terms of cash outlay so I cannot ask for a donation. I merely ask people to chat about the concepts (copper&nickel as currency in Britain)if they like them with people around them.

      DTOM must cost a small fortune and a LOT of energy to keep up-and-running.

      Anyone know how I can get more than five articles on my freebie blog? I currently started an another as I had a five article limit on my wordpress site (which you can access my clicking on my name :-)

      “I thank God for the friendships I have made on this site” hear hear, I also think DTOM has helped me remain sane and dragged me out of an angry phase.

      Cheers, CC.

      PS Read the PhD yet?

  • Country Codger

    Come on Gareth it is 500 pages. I am reading but have not read. So far i like what I have read. I will go back and re-read in several areas. It drives Von crazy because I can read a book 10, 12 or 20 times and enjoy it each time. I will comment on some tings here in the near future so you can get some feedback for me. Rub Leanne’s tummy and God bless you both.

    p.s. talk to the baby now. Read a bedtime story, duscuss your hopes and dreams and let her know that you are anxiously awaiting her arrival. Babies can hear at this age and they will respond. Drop something loud, like a pot or pan, and see if the baby doesn’t jump. They hear, listen and believe it or not understand.

    • Will do, CC. Bump is getting bigger everyday :-)

    • …couldn’t agree more CC. I would place my hands on my girls when they were “bumps” and actually sing a lullaby, feeling them “wiggle”, read to them, even gave them a nudge back when they were wiggling. …Started reading to them immediately after birth, at first whatever I needed to read-I read to them, doesn’t have to be kiddie storybooks, THEY ARE SPONGES from 0-6+.
      The early years of my 30, 14, and 12 year old girls were the best years of my life.
      Garth, grab it and GO, cherish every second, open their minds. :-)

  • Paleo Man

    Boston T. Party (AKA Kenneth Royce), one of my favorite authors who helped me go from the conservative mindset to a more free one (along with Chris, of course), tells a story in one of his books.

    He said that he used to give his books to his friends and family, and they would thank him. However, they never read them, and they just sat on their bookshelves.

    Boston came to believe that people do not really value what they have not invested in. I have personally spent over $100 on Boston’s books, and will spend more. I have gotten so much knowledge, freedom, enjoyment, and ideas from them I would do it again in an instant.

    Chris have made so much available free. If you are well meaning and able to make an investment later, he will let you in. However, there is something to be said for the free market where you get what you pay for.

  • DTOM is PRICELESS. SS is an I can tell he is an “old soul” just by his writings and vids. In fact, I feel that many writers here at DTOM have ‘been around awhile’.

    Each writer has his special set of skills that contributes to the whole of DTOM. Some writers authored blogs prior to writing on DTOM, some began their blogs afterward…..ALL have something important to say. Visiting readers associate with their chosen writer and subscribe to their RSS feed. One thing is for sure, DTOM is getting people to talk and this talk is leading to change. We have a global influence whether we realize it or not.

    The change I am speaking of is associated to the rhythm of survival in our world. The pulse of the world is in a quickening, and we happen to be living in the most epic time of our age. The common thread I read all over the web is that things are out of whack everywhere.

    I think there are two kinds of writings on the web.
    1] writings that say that things are out of whack, and tries to contribute to getting it back into Truth,
    2] writings that commit to keeping things out of whack.

    DTOM is of the first type. You’ll notice that there is also a degree of respect in here that is unusual for a blog of such touchy subjects and so many writers….very little immature ramblings and attacks like I even see on InfoWars to a growing degree [no offense to Alex, but I rarely read comments on his site anymore]. DTOM is hard-core, and I think our crowd is more of triple digit IQs than other sites.
    WHAT WE HAVE HERE, IS A NEW PARADIGM BEGINNING where like-minded can agree to disagree and also agree to focus on solutions through unselfish contributions, GLOBALLY…I am sure that SS will better that synopsis for us.
    I am thankful for the virtual associations that I have made here.

  • @Garth- THNX for the PhD…Thick as a Brick, and so far….VERY INTERESTING! Prayers are with the 3 of you!
    @SilverShield- U R TOPS Use all of that energy while you are young! It actually makes you livelier when you are older…ya know-Use IT of Lose It!
    @Pitchman- “I agree with Chris’s hopeful vision for the settled future. As the center plots for ironfisted control, decentralization is showing up everywhere. It marks the beginning of a more genuine life a caring society that will resonate with our very being. I fear the psychopaths controlling the game pieces will make it hell getting there. Though in truth, “We The People” have the power to lead by example.” AWESOME
    “Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito”

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