Silver Shield Report #27- Bridging The Generational Gap

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While most of the world is still asleep to the paradigm shift that is coming, we are way ahead of the curve creating the intellectual foundation for the next paradigm.  In today’s Silver Shield Report, we will be discussing how to best bridge the gap in the generations so that we can all work together in building a sustainable, thriving community.  I feel one of the biggest obstacles to overcome is the generational gap that has developed and the Elite exploit.  In this SSR, three generations (Boomers, Xers, and Millenials) come together to construct a context for all to work voluntarily on a solution that resonates with us.

I have stated before that the work we are doing inside the Silver Shield Report will be the foundation of the most success society in human history.  With the capital, freedom, and sustainability at the base of our foundation we will need the social contract and conversation for the community to thrive.  I believe in this Report we push through to the opposite consciousness of Generational Dynamics we currently have into a much better way of life.  Enjoy!

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41 comments to Silver Shield Report #27- Bridging The Generational Gap

  • Country Codger

    I follow some of this and have written articles about some of this. But…but I believe some of the message is lost. How can I mentor someone who does not think that what I want to teach is important? I homeschooled both my children, I put family first. I left my JOB with the government because I felt it was best for my family. Even still, how can you teach someone who thinks the only thing in life is a videogame? How can i teach someone how to cast their own metal? How can I teach someone how to build their own machine shop? How can i teach someone how to grow their own garden if it doesn’t have a joystick? These answers are very very important to the survival of mankind.

    • Country Codger

      Somewhere around the 88 or 89 minute mark you are talking about real wealth. I think it is time for everyone to forget Austrian economics because it is short sighted, especially going into the next paradigm. You must understand the Raw Materials concept. All true wealth comes from the ground. Gold, silver, copper, platinum, food, forage, oil and more come from the ground. I would say Earth but the idea of Mother Earth is so maligned that it is tragic. In the next paradigm, if it does not come from the soil it will have no value, period. Austrian economics only addresses “part” of the riches from the soil not all.

      Good luck and God bless.

    • Gareth

      “When the student is ready, the teacher arrives” Ancient Far-East Proverb :-)

  • speedspirit

    The problem you are trying to address is about finding a NEW way that provides this next generation with a sense of purpose and meaning. The boomer generation which is focased on materialism and the available perverted religious beliefs that provide no resonating support for the young puts us in a place of dead mans territory. Atheism and materialism provides nothing that young people can use to reach beyond the narcissistic view of themselves as the center of the world.There will not be one guru, organization or philosophy that will come to be seen as the primary one in the Aquarian age. What will happen is a Universal understanding of spirituality.Science has made an invaluable contribution by coming up with certain law’s that are independent of the beliefs of human beings, be they political or religious beliefs. Gravity works the same, whether you are a Hindu, a Moslim, a Christian or an atheist. Jump up in the air, and you will be pulled back down to the ground. This is, or it should be, a humbling realization. Isaac Newton was the first one to formulate a description of what he called the “force” of gravity.Albert Einstein came up with a higher view of gravity.The point is that spirituality must likewise become seen as a set of universal principles that guide how the human mind works. And that is what can take society to the next evolutionary level, where now society becomes able to provide all people with a sense of purpose, a sense of meaning, and a sense of how they can improve their situation by improving themselves, by working on their minds.

    For it is not enough in the modern world to work on your practical, physical skills in a certain job. In order to find their place in society, you need to also have developed your mind and the powers of the mind to a certain level. And this is precisely the dimension that is missing, that will allow these young men and young women, who have been brought up with no sense of meaning, to transcend the level of consciousness of the warrior and become those who are the administrators of society or the sages who hold the spiritual balance for society.

    Remember we cannot solve the problems with the same consciousness that created it. And thats why what I am talking about is the logical solution. It is very new thinking for most but stay with my learning and see the logic.

  • Bill Looser

    Good God…these young people are running out of time…Then they had better find that sense of meaning damn quick or they won’t have any idea what having a CHOICE is…how many times do I have to say it…we have all had to find our own way…this sounds like the same old shit that they had blown up there ass in college and while they were growing up…winning at everything they did…

    Did you hear the part about failure is good for everyone…we were told “don’t just stand there…do something!”…and we did till we got it right.

    And we sure as hell didn’t quit because failure wasn’t an option…and it built our character, abilities and confidence.

    To you young folks who see this…you don’t have much time to “get the next evolutionary level, develope your mind and powers to a certain level, transend to warrior consciousness blah blah blah.”

    Please for the love of God and those of us who have been fooled and are moving ahead…Do the same and make it quick! We are here to help.

    Spirituality is getting your ass off the couch and out into the real world and taking some risk. It is treating those as you would like to be treated. The only questions that you need answered will be found on this beautiful planet that God created.

    I’m with CC…the old way is just fine and it is proven.

    I have offered 2 awesome young men on this blog the op to take a risk that will change there lives forever. It will reveal them a ton of opportunity and confidence…and the same for me…it is the best that I have to offer.

    speedspirit…I will not apologize for lack of sensitivity at a time like this…time is damn short and the old fashion way worked for us and it will damn sure work for them.

    Great job guys on the interview…as the end of the boomers I am not taking the blame for anything…speed…the comment about the “boomer generation focused on materialism and the available perverted religious beliefs…” was assinine.

    • speedspirit

      Bill, I am not attacking you here but it was the boomer generation that looked away from all the wrongs by corporate america to better themselves and get another dollar in their pocket that is what I call materialism. Here it is at the end of boomer road and all the wrongs they done have grown into this broken system. Period. The me first and somebody else can fix the problem not me mentality doesnt work. And I am not saying you but your generation.
      And spiritually your generation bought hook line and sinker this crap about God being some angry being in some far off place that only the Catholic church could intervine on your behalf. For exsample all the child molestations that took place and all those parents shusshed their kids not believing or wanting to believe. A weak generation.
      My generation the X’ers were lost but fit it like you say by getting up everytime we got knocked down and found a way because our parents were so busy taking care of themselves. Sure we rebelled with some lame Hairband rock and some too much cocaine but we didnt by the crap about God loving some and hating others. We pretty much have ignored the church.
      This next generation will have enough individuals who will find truth about Universal Laws like I say that will put mankind on an upswing.

      All is well, together we will find a way. Agree.

      • Rainmaker

        Speedspirit, You may not be attacking Bill, but you are attacking an entire generation, of which I am one. No, we are not perfect, but we are not the only ones alive. If our entire generation looked away (note I say if), well we were not alone. We aren’t the only generation to be alive. To be an Xer and blame the Boomers for anything is chickenshit. We may have done some things wrong, but thats better than not doing anything or not believing in anything.

        I gotta ask, what makes the Xers so much more high and mighty than the boomers that you think you have the right to criticize? What have you done so much better than we did so wrongly? This, I gotta hear.

        • Ben Simon

          Hey John…can you email me. I have some things I want to discuss with you.

          One thing….your voices sounds exactly like I expected. It comes across in your writing.

          I don’t know if that makes any sense.

        • Silver Shield

          You do not need to defend a generation, only your actions.
          We need to get beyond the us and them mentality.
          You said it yourself, we love you, you love us.
          That is where the answer lies.

          Being honest is not an attack, just pointing out the obvious so we can say hey that did not work, what is the opposite path?

          My Generation will not amount to much, only acting as a manager to the boomer generation whose paradigm is ending and a millenial generation who will create the next one.

          “We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War’s a spiritual war… our Great Depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won’t. And we’re slowly learning that fact. And we’re very, very pissed off.”
          ― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    Re: “I have offered 2 awesome young men on this blog the op to take a risk that will change there lives forever” that is wonderful. I am so glad to hear that, even if the offer is not accepted. COMMUNITY means more than commercial relationships. This is exactly the kind of thing we can be doing now to get started….

    • Bill Looser

      thanks Marvin…if you need a change from Japan…come visit us in Montana.

      What is really going on over there? The nuclear reactor pools have to be leaking into the earths core. I have heard that there has been talk of evacuation of Tokyo…can you shed any accurate light?

      Stay safe.

  • Ben Simon

    This WAS a great report. I have a few comments.

    First of all, I think Irv got short changed…:)

    I would have liked to hear more of his perspective. All kidding aside, I think there were some great points. There were a few things that stuck out for me in the report. Both Chris and John have children and have a HUMONGO stake in creating a sustainable future for their progeny. That will be a huge undertaking for them and I would hope that they are successful with it.

    However, there are some of us who do not have children who would be just as heavily invested in securing young people’s place in the next paradigm as those who have kids. Just a thought, take it at face value.

    Another thought I have is the notion of human nature. I have brought this up in a lot of my posts. How do you change it? How do you curb it’s influences? The building up and tearing down of civilizations has been going on since Hammurabi.
    And it seems to get worse each time, a point made in the Fourth Turning.

    Why is it going to be different THIS time? I am not trying to be cynnical, I am trying to understand how you sustain this community and its standards. How do you keep it from being co-opted or destroyed? In otherwords, how do you sustain it?How do you keep it going for the greater good? How do you sustain those values, thoughts and ideas?

    It’s not that I don’t agree with a lot of these thoughts and philosophies, I do, but as Howe and Strauss have shown time and time again, history is cyclical (as Chris pointed out) and part of history inculdes the individuals. Would they not be cyclical too? How do you stop a new civilization from falling into the same old trappings of the previous one? It has happened time and time again as those two authors have pointed out in their book.

    How do we get to that point in a society where this can go on for generations to come and sustain itself?

    Will we ever be able to conquer human nature?

  • Rainmaker


    Your right, Irv got shortchanged.

    I have read the fourth turningn and refer to it from time to time. The one thing I noticed, expecially with respect to the Saeculum that book refers to goes back the the 1500s. Central banking began in the early 1600s. Fractional reserve banking, in concept anyway, began around 1000 AD wiuth the gold smiths. But for all practical purposes, modern usury modern frac banking all began around the same time, the 1500s. My point being, while the 4th turning has definite repeating patterns, I, personally, believe that there could be break from those patterns with removal of frac banking, usury with respect to money creation and central banking in general.

    Remove those pernicous standards and espouse ethics, honor and integrity, perhaps we have a chance to keep our communities from being do-opted and destroyed.

    • Ben Simon

      I would agree. Usury is bad. You could make the case that the money changers from bibilical fame were the ones who started usery. I could also bring up the case of Julius Caesar who in 48 B.C. took back the power to coin money, but was later assasinated as were his previous predecessors because he/they believed in honest money. I could make more points about money lenders and changers in the far east who did the same thing well before the Rothchild’s ever started their evil business. My point however, was not about usury or central banking. (We can talk about history of that another time).

      My point was about human nature.

      And once again, not to be cynical, but why will this time be any different then the last 4 or 500 years? What will make us so special? If the Fed and all of those other entities/elites were totally destroyed and put out of commission, would it be enough? Would our little society or collective still be immune to human nature? Could it sustain itself for 500, 600 or 1000 years?

      I hate to bring this up again, but the one thing I got out of the Fourth Turning (besides all of the analysis) was that systems have a beginning, middle and an end. It seems to hold true for individuals as well as instituions.

      And I guess that was my point, how as a society do we change the course of these events? Are we doomed to keep repeating these mistakes until our sun burns out, or will we REALLY figure it out this time?

      Even after this cataclysmic event, could we just revert back to our own animal instincts? Tribalism if you will? You brougth up that point and I happened to agree with you. I think the future will show that we will become more tribal….as well as really good scavengers and salvage artists.

      Here is an example, go back in history, look at our own continent, most people were taught that Native Americans lived and prospered here for many years, that they were “noble savages”. While that is somewhat true, they did have prosperous some prosperous societies, they also warred amongst each other and nations rose and fell throughout the centuries. In other words, things changed, their society changed. And not just from the time that people landed on Plymouth rock. Whole nations rose and fell long before the west arrived.

      What happened to the Mayans? What happened to the Incas or Aztecs?

      So my question is this…

      Will we ever be able to truly move the ball forward and be our highest and best selves?

      Do you think we can sustain it?

      • Bill Looser

        The only way to sustain anything is for everyone to put out an effort that is accepted by all those participating…”whatever the market will bear.”

        I believe in equal opportunity…not equal outcome.

        Once again…that is how the planet works…you better be ready to produce and survive…or perish.

        • Ben Simon

          Well that’s a given….and opportunity does not always begat outcome of any sort.

          I know full well how the planet works. Why do you think I am asking the question.

          How do you sustain it over a long period of time and what will make this community different THIS time?

          You can spout all of the platitudes you want about producing and surviving, and all of the other Rambo shit.

          What I wan to know is, how do you plan to get past the “hunting and gathering” stage, the anger and fear stage and move on to something greater?

          Or should we all just hole up in our little communities or homesteads and shoot anything that moves.

          Stretch your mind a bit.

          • Bill Looser

            Sorry Ben…I was speaking in general…i fully realize that you get it.

            Personally, I believe that most US citizens have no fucking idea of what “hunting and gathering” is. There idea of “hunting gathering” is going to the failed US post office and picking up “their living”. These jokers are the real drain on the earth and society. They offer less than nothing to all concerned. Until they do, there is NO CHANCE.

            Those in a collective are afraid to stand by themselves and live an independent life without others. Until every single family can live totally independant of others (school there kids ,produce there own food, shelter, etc.) I don’t think it can happen.

            Hell, i’m not sure I can do it myself…but I have no intention to fail.

            That seems simple enough doesn’t it?

          • Bill Looser

            “Stretch my mind.” Wish I could condense it.

            • Ben Simon

              LOL….I am just asking the “WHY.” I listened to Chris’ SSR 20? 21? On resiliant communities. And he put forth good ideas as to how things can be sustainable with the his checks and balances system. I think if this community gets up and running. We will ALL have to be VERY VIGILANT as to how we keep out social predators and parasites out. It also has to be taught to the younger generations and the ones that follow.

              I guess my programming gets the better of me at times. Sometimes you think things are destined to turn out a certain way because past hisory of our civilizations and societies have always went that way.

              I wish I could talk to everyone here in a room somewhere. I don’t always convey my messages in the most positive way and sometimes – as Archie Bunker used to say – they get “misconscrewed”.

              This site truly is different. It is really unlike any other site out there regarding ideas and or paradigm shifts.

              It gets exhausting thinking about “gloom and doom” all of the time. I know things will be bad in the next shift…especially in cities, but here is another question….

              Does it always have to be this way?

              The elites want us to think that there is no good left in humanity…or there never was any to begin with….

              I think this community will prove them wrong.

  • speedspirit

    Lets say this is like we are all sitting in a room in a circle and from each of our perspectives we each have a very different view of the room. The x’er generation are nobodies. We were disgusted and ultimately did nothing about it. But now as we raise our kids they are being taught differently then any other generation. These kids are very smart very curious and maybe because of their electronic age capabilities have logic that is many years advanced of their age. We can only hope they see thru the lies and seek the truth.
    I dont want to attack the boomer generation but the truth is what it is. Lets leave it at that so we can move towards a solution. My point was about Spiritualiy. And how we all got off course. Now we need to get on course. And being on the edge of disaster we either seek a higher consciousness to go futher or a animalistic/ survival consciousness to slide backwards.
    Religion is not Spirituality just as dollars are not stored wealth.

    • Bill Looser

      Speed… my brothers, my friends and i were very curious and very smart and we didn’t even know about electronics…X’ers and there kids have nothing on us…every generation thinks it is smarter than the next…not true.

      Lies are lies…we must all deal with them.

      this will piss some of you off but it has to be said…i’m not sure the younger generations understand the basics of animalistic/survival consciousness to move to the higher consciousness that you all seek.

      Sliding backwards may be a good thing…

      I told my daughter and son-in-law that if my grandkids show up with anything electronic…that it will be smashed with an old-fashioned hammer.

      …my phone is ringing, seriously…it is Mitt Romney asking for a donation…no shit…the other day it was Mike Huckabee asking for money to stamp out obammaocare…I’m totally serious.

      Technology has provided us with the truth of what is going on…and provided rot for the younger generations minds…spirituality cannot be found in technology no matter how curious kids are…it can only be found by risk.

  • Jay Taylor

    Great session, guys. But now that I’ve read the posts, I’m sensing that some of the commenters may be missing the point. The time for blame is over. You will notice Chris only briefly mentions his prior challenges growing up, but then spends 99.8% of the time discussing potential next steps vs who did what to whom. The message is: how we gonna work TOGETHER going from here?

    • Bill Looser

      Thanks Marvin…if you need a change from Japan…come and stay with us in Montana.

      what is the truth over there? The radiation cooling pools from the reactors have to be leaking into the earths core…I would like to think that “Mother Nature” could clean up our messes and purge herself of us at will.

      • Silver Shield

        I see a hotel in your future…
        You love playing host 😉

        I bet if you were in Key West you would get more takers :)

    • Bill Looser

      Jay, thanks for participating…teeing off on BB’ers solves nothing, especially since we have kids and grandkids and are here to help all generations.

      We are working together…it is called getting things out in the open and having a right to free speech which by the way is under violent attack.

      Where are the other 250+ members of the SSR?

  • Country Codger

    Hi Bill, Ben, Speedspirit and everyone,

    First off the comment about X’ers are noboby? Come on. Everyone is someone. Each individual is unique. Some boomers get it, some X’ers get and some Millenials get it. But no one group has a monopoly. A community of likeminded individuals will, hopefully, be composed of all age groups including the WWII generation. My mother is 90 and is alert and teaches her great grand daughters what life is all about. Each generation cannot be blamed for the sins of humanity. There are those in the X’er generation, like Chris Duane, Alex Jones and others, that ring the bell 24 hours a day to wake people up. There are people from my generation, the boomers, sometimes called the doom and gloomers, like Gerald Celente, Kerry Lutz that are out there trying to teach others how to see the forest for the trees. I am sure there are some millenials doing the same, I am just not aware of them but then the web is nongerational, asexual and just about anything else that doesn’t have a firm foundation in truth.

    Truth? What is that? Is it something that someone has a monopoly on? Or, rather, is it something that transcends religions and gets to the heart of life. Why are there so many things that resound with Christians, Hindus, Muslims and even atheists. Because they are truth and truth is universal. Your faith may be separate or diffent but that does not change the fundamental TRUTH.
    What is the truth? We are in a war not of flesh and blood but of Good vs. Evil. Where you align yourself, good or evil will determine your outcome and reward, not the outcome of the battle. Good will prevail. If you align yourself with evil be prepared to pay the costs of that choice. Good is universal. Good will triumph. And my F.A.L. will make sure of that.
    Good luck and God bless. you all, except those on the side of evil. We are coming to get you.

    • speedspirit

      Country Codger I get your message and liked it but its not good vs evil.

      See thats duality thinking. When everything is energy that began with God and ever since is growing/transcending. As long as the spiritual people on earth roughly 10% of all people work towards a better understanding of how to be like Christ it keeps a balance. Above that average we begin as a whole a ascend higher on a spiral of consciousness towards a Utopian society. A very long spiral but step by step up circle staircase towards enlightenment/Christ consciousness. When you recognize the evil on this world you commit the first sin. You forget that you are a part of God. A son or daughter of God. That thru the Holy Spirit you have a instant connection to your higher self. But comparing yourself to others who have lost thier connection draws you in. Rich vs poor, smart vs stupid, us vs them, beauty vs ugly, good vs evil, christian vs athiest, is all duality. All things are God created but some creations by the Law of freewill choose to prove their way of creating closed systems is better for them and society. Their way. Control. No free will. All because we forgot how to be connected to our source.
      I have read a many books on The Power of Positive Thinking, Miricle of Believing, The Least you Should Know About Life, ect and they all talk about this connection. If you think dualistic thoughts you change your internal tuning away from the Christ consciousness.

      • Rainmaker

        You lost me at Utopian.

      • Ben Simon

        Since we are going the Jesus/God route, let me state that duality is all over the Bible. It’s also within nature. And how exactly does it make it wrong or sinful because someone thinks in this manner or uses a certain kind of allegory?
        You also said that when you recognize evil you commit your first sin. Does that mean we are born without original sin? We don’t know sin until we recognize it?


        Because most children are not cognizant of their “self” until they are well past two years old. So they are without sin until that time? Hunh…that’s strange, because in my tribe, as well as most other Christian theological doctrines, they believe that humans are born with this condition and that it manifests itself from birth, hence the fall of man thingy dealyjobber. I guess I did not get the memo.

        Man is not just of this world either, but is created in the image of God. The image of God within represents man’s intellectual and cognitive being, as a creature aware of his existence, cognizant of moral implications and able to choose. He can choose good or bad? Slow or fast? That’s that dam free will stuff again. Dam that free will!

        Also, as far as duality goes, we think like this on a daily basis. As I said, it’s all over the Bible. Heck, it is even shows up 3 times in the book of Genesis….via allegory no less. Right off the bat in the first book of the Pentateuch.

        “And God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them (Gen. 1:27).”

        Man and woman.

        “Then the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and
        breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living
        soul (2:7).”

        Soul and man.

        And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he slept; and He took one of his ribs, and closed up the place with flesh instead thereof. And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from the man, made He a woman, and brought her unto the man….and it was totally awesome…(2:21-22).

        Okay that last part wasn’t in there.

        Man and woman again…so good they used it twice! Nice.

        God’s creation of male and female is thereby understood allegorically, and
        the two countenances explain man as dualistically passive and active, receptive
        and creative, reflecting his experience of God as transcendent and all powerful.
        There’s that dam duality again!

        I read this somewhere a time ago…

        So is this evil or sinful?

        How about the Book Of Ecclesiastes, 3rd section. That whole verse is riddled with duality. A time to plant, a time to reap, a time to be born a time to die. Heck, the Byrds wrote a great song about those verses.

        So how again does this disconnect us from God?

        So man’s uniqueness is seen in his duality right? Or is it sinful to think this way? They are both human and godly, man is part of the creative process of the natural world, and at the same time built in the image of God. It is his duality that is expressed in the various descriptions of his creation and is ultimately the expression of his uniqueness. Do we not see this manifested in his intellectual and cognitive abilities as well as his self-awareness and his ability to choose and to create things? (Dam free will again).

        This is part and parcel of the natural process,driven by needs and subject to brute lack of sensitivity, he may passively accept his natural self, with its challenges and limitations, or he may actively take charge of his existence and turn his fate into a challenge of his own destiny.

        I read that somewher too.

        And what in all that is holy have to do with Bridging the generatlional gap between young and old?

        Young and old! WHY….THAT’S duality!

        Can’t coerce faith brother, or impose your belief system on others no matter how hard you try.

        One of my fav quotes…

        “Everything can be taken from a man or a woman but one thing: the last of human freedoms to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way. ”

        -Viktor E. Frankl

        Whew…what a babbling mouthful.

    • Ben Simon

      Very well said CC…

  • Joshua Stewart

    I thought this was a great SS report, love how Chris always refers people smoking pot on a hill being free :-) Pass the Dutchie baby!

    I resonate with this report a lot and think its a good topic. One thing I took from the report is I have no one to blame anymore, My problems start and stop with me now, once you “wake up” you realize blaming past generations or calling the newer ones lazy is not productive. The Boomers did the best they could with what they had its not their fault they have been indoctrinated by the same lie’s spun another way, However it does not matter what generation you are from when you wake up you are then responsible for what you know. This SS got me pumped up to cooperate with all generations, people and backgrounds! I’m so over divide and conquer. I cant wait to be able to live in this community and learn from all the amazing thoughtful people!! keep stack’n! I am really excited for the future of this group!

  • speedspirit

    man and women is not dualistic. they are the same thier souls are no different. thats like saying a republican and democrat both politicians both have the same likeness.

    soul and man. is the same. everyman woman and child have a soul its part of us not seperate from us.

    time to sow time to reap, its a growing process definately not duality.

    Its not an easy concept to really understand because of the ego but the trailblazers, who are willing to see what Saint Paul had seen when he said, “I die daily.” For truly he knew that unless the carnal mind – as he called it – unless the carnal self was allowed to die, bit by bit, day by day, he could not truly follow Christ. For it was what Jesus was talking about when he said, “Take up your cross and follow me.”

    What is the cross? It is the unreality, the illusion, the unreal self that holds you fixated in a position where you think you cannot move. And so, all of humanity is truly crucified, fixated, paralyzed by this illusion, especially the fear of death. Because the fear of death creates a Catch 22—if you fear to let go of the illusion, how can you let go of the illusion?

    How can you overcome unreality if you are afraid to release yourself from it, to release it from you? It cannot be done, for you cannot bear the loss of self—the Conscious You cannot bear to lose all identity. And indeed it is not meant to lose all identity, it is meant to transcend the limited identity until it reaches a higher state of identity, even goes on to reach the ultimate identity of total oneness with God and oneness with all life.

    • Mustafa Cohen

      I finally managed to put my finger on what bothers me in your approach. Example:

      As long as the spiritual people on earth roughly 10% of all people work towards a better understanding of how to be like Christ it keeps a balance. Above that average we begin as a whole a ascend higher on a spiral of consciousness towards a Utopian society.

      That’s 2 claims in one paragraph. Where does “10%” come from? Where does “if [this condition is met], we begin […]” come from? Until these numbers are explained, they are words.

      It’s the growing chasm between words and facts that is killing the civilization right now: dollar is dying because, while printers keep insisting on its value, people begin to realize that this is just this: words.

      I want to believe in the noble cause and superior motives behind your thinking. But I can’t understand WHAT your thoughts are. They are wrapped in layers and layers of unrelated, unsourced quotes, in dross.

      It’s clear that you want the world to be a better place. But this can be said in 9 words.

      There is no need to prop personal thoughts with somebody’s descriptions – speak directly, say what YOU think.

      Are you worried that your own words are not interesting, have less weight than quotes?

      Quite the opposite, at least on this site. The sooner you expel moneychangers from the temple of YOUR mind, the simpler and stronger your life will be; the more attention YOUR words will draw.

      Sorry about bugging you again. There’s more than enough confusion, words, lies, games, and competing descriptions outside of this site.

    • Ben Simon

      I wouldn’t even bother with this effort. I bit down hard on it and took the bait. I think I even had some blood in my mouth. It’s not even worth trying to analyze or rationalize with this person. Especially one so fervant about imposing their will and ideas on someone. It’s like throwing rocks at a tank. It will never do any good. My drunken late night semi-coherant drivel didn’t even make a dent. I usally just pass over this person’s musings, and should have kept it that way. I will not make the same mistake again.

  • Gareth

    I’m 37, so presumably I’m in generation X if I originated from the USA. Not sure if the picture is entirely the same as the ‘boomers’ in the UK as they had a different 1971 to their US counterparts.

    1971 resulted in a default this side of the pond, a 3-day week, and no electricity to homes for several months. People would simply read at candle light. However, the 57+ age-group did rebuild the ‘system’ – after quite a few hard years. This is both a blessing and a curse. When I mention another ‘1971’ could be imminent they can recall that event which makes them ‘wake up’ a bit. Problem is they also remember that the food kept rolling in – and then become complacent. Obviously – after the Rothschild-contolled IMF had finished pillaging the country they ‘allowed’ the new sterling to be floated against the $US the new de-facto world currency. So then I ask that generation, “what happens if the $US fails though, say through a hyperinflation?” They usually respond, “that’ll never happen”?????????

    Unfortunately, most of my fellow Brits, are well and truly ‘brain-washed’. We’ve still got the troll queen, you know? And many will wave flags and the slave-owning demon during her ‘anniversary’ in a few months.

    Keep going my American cousins. You have a good chance of freedom in many areas across the currently known zone of the US.


  • AnnieWade

    The Generational paradigm is just like the Left-Right paradigm.

    We’ve all been forced to live in this world as it is.

    Baby Boomers like me have been forced to have social security and medicare taken out of paychecks, just as the young people nowadays are being forced to pay social security and medicare knowing they will never get any of their money back.

    The only people with money right now are government employees and government pensioners. This will become common knowledge. And it will help force the paradigm shift so that the few evil people who have purposely caused all the problems our country has had over the last couple of centuries will be exposed.

  • James Tetreault

    It seemed a bit much to hear a boomer complain about disrespect toward senior citizens today. I’m not saying that there isn’t any. But doesn’t he remember when it was that traditions of respect for elders was significantly attacked in the U.S.? Doesn’t he remember which generation it was that so openly resisted that tradition of respect for elders? Don’t trust anyone over 30! Who was that?

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