Mitt Romney Is Totally Unelectable! Vote Ron Paul 2012!

In many respects Ron Paul has won. But, not yet.  The race is still far from over and the reports of Dr. Paul’s demise by the MSM are greatly exaggerated.

He has ignited a passion for our Constitution and started a movement among the youth who are not tied to the status quo; who long for a better more sustainable society.  He has informed us of the FED’s unconstitutionality and that it’s Monetary Policies are at the heart of debt and war.   He has made clear the constitution is not a loose guideline to be ignored and trampled upon when it is convenient or profitable but, that it is the very foundation and framework that allowed our country’s past prosperity and success.

Ron Paul supporters are not looking for compromise with a corrupt Republican Party that is nothing more then one wing of a two party Oligarchy.  They understand there is little difference between the two party’s and the GOP has been hijacked by NeoCon RINO’s who do not believe in limited government or free market capitalism.   They understand the GOP leadership is in bed with Democratic Neo Liberals and they are dividing the nations wealth amongst their handlers and themselves at the expense of “We The People”.   Besides do you really think there’s a great difference between Romney and Obama, please.  Romney may be a better manager but they both march to the same drummer.

I agree with the young lady in the video recently presented by Rainmaker who said, “I welcome losing if the winning team is not supporting the principles this country was founded on.”   So this is no time to give in and fall behind the Neo Cons.  They represent much of what we are fighting to change.  The way to beat them is to end run them.   And run to your last breath trying.  The best fight is to stick to the Idea and wholly reject the dieing paradigm.  The movement depends on the young people behind it.  Anything less and they will see right through it and the movement suffers.

If forced, a third party run could backfire on these GOP idiots who would rather loose than give up their grip on an myth based on a idea they do not believe in.   This may truly ignite the revolution and expose them, the President and their media minions for the Charlatans they are.   I believe the primary’s and media response were a manipulated joke.  Time for an honest polling source to step up and set the bar.

Ron Paul supporters see there is only one candidate who speaks to the real issues/problems we face and is the only one with solid, single sided solutions for positive change.   I am not talking about feel good change.  I am talking about the potential survival or continued collapse of the Republic.  Sans a meltdown between now and the election ‘Crime Supporter’ Obama will likely be reelected.  WHAT HAPPENS IF I AM WRONG and Romney is elected?… NOTHING – Either way; Obama or Romney are empty souls waiting on their marching orders.

A choice between Romney or Obama is no real choice.  It insures we remain on the same destructive path.  Trends however are breakable and we are on the precipice of a whole paradigm collapse.   If you don’t believe it, we should continue operating within the same dialectic because it has worked so well ( ).  We can either get out in front of real change or we can play politics thus propping up a deadly illusion.

Ron Paul will not be offered the understudy position and likely would not accept it.   And Rand Paul; well, he is no Ron Paul.  Frankly, if the movement gives in at the convention it is done.   Momentum will collapse and it will be usurped.  The Presidency and thus the hope for a peaceful paradigm shift is the prize, not the antiquated notion of representing one side of the two party Oligarchy.

The collapse of the old paradigm will insure a revival of the Freedom movement.  It will also unleash a host of horrible consequences and darker movements.  And four years marks the duration of WWI and the U.S. involvement in WWII.

It is understood that the cat remains in the bag until after the nomination.  But even the self serving RINO Republicans should know, on principle alone, the idea, energy and momentum have coalesced and the time is now.

Today’s challenges bring to mind JFK’s prophetic words of truth in his attempts to End The Fed, stop the war in SE Asia and battle organized crime;

“A revolution is coming – a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough, compassionate if we care enough, successful if we are fortunate enough – but a revolution is coming whether we will it or not. We can affect its character, we cannot alter its inevitability.” – JFK

It is really very simple; those who stand for nothing will fall for anything.

“This is not a question of party loyalty, but a great fundamental principle of freedom, justice and humanity, a tenet of truth, law and legal right which is sought to be tampered with, and down-trod.” – Colonel Charles V. DeLand, February 8, 1854 – A Principle founder of the then ‘new’ Republican Party (the last time a major party was replaced).


THE 2012 RIGGED ELECTION – Romney Chosen by the Establishment as the Nominee

“Truth is treason in an Empire of Lies” – Ron Paul

Inflection Point

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