People are Buying Goods with Silver & Gold

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  • aurochs

    I love that they did this in a gun shop but really, couldn’t they turn off the damn radio and have the secretary hold off on the p.a. system while the GOVERNOR was on camera??

    Of course, this whole bill was just a p.r. stunt since you have always been free to trade gold or silver or whatever you HAVE for guns, food storage or whatever you WANT between consenting traders. So there is nothing new or special about the state giving you ‘permission’ to do it. What IS significant and still legally unclear is the capital gains taxes on the apparent rise in fiat value of gold and silver over time, and Utah may have suspended that for state tax law but that has no effect on federal tax codes.

  • It has gone viral in Southeast Asia! People are buying and selling goods/services in physical silver dirhams and gold dinars. Check these 2 videos out:

  • thankful

    Let the peaceful silver revolution to oust the bankers and their worthless paper money from the markets commence worldwide.

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