New World Order Pringles & Wine

So this is what the future will be like, munching on New World Order Pringles chips and Rothschild wine?

I try not to normally eat genetically modified food-like substances, but I purchased this for a more believable snake-in-a-can prank (I’m a bit of a practical joker).

I happened to notice the container of Pringles chips I purchased has nutritional information labeled for MERCOSUR, which is the regional European Union-esque government being implemented for Latin America.

I also wanted to taste the nectar of the gods of money. Pretty amusing when you think about it, by purchasing a Rothschild wine, I’m supporting my own enslavement and drinking to it as well!

The Club of Rome and the EU, among other organizations, have divided the planet up into ten regions, not unlike ten human toes. In the ancient text of Daniel, there is described the breaking of the Roman empire into two (Byzantium and Rome) and finally ten kings or ten toes that would rule over the world. Well, there you have it folks, ten regional EU-like governments.

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Also found on Dissident Thinker.

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