SBSS 22. Look How Far Silver Has Come

7 comments to SBSS 22. Look How Far Silver Has Come

  • marz

    That so funny swordsman running away at 0:50!

  • David baker

    Great vid i allways look forward to watching your positive take on silver and making me think about things a little bit diferently,,

  • Andy

    but Blythe said there is no manipulation..

  • Sharky

    These video’s are a real highlight in the silver commentary scene IMO.

    It’s so clear and precise and the silver manipulation videos were the best breakdown of silver manipulation I have seen anywhere on the web,
    Looking forward to more videos.

    One thing I have found as i regulary comment in a left wing newspaper forum in rhe UK is people are still extremely stubborn and unwilling to consider precious metal as a alternative to investing in property to the point where I had everyone on the forum attacking me for suggesting that precious metal is a better alternative to housing. People were saying precious metals were in a bubble and despite the fact that I stated I had literally studied the market for 1000’s of hours and read hundreds upon hundred of articles /interviews/case studies / seminars /videos And put in 3 hours a day people ended up personally attacking me even though I did not approach it in a arrogant way I Es just stating that I new the market well!

    I think in the UK there is such a huge culture of house owning at what ever it takes despite the fact that orices are insanely high and the bubble is still yet to pop it’s crazy! This is backed up by endless property shows which I just see as social engineering now.

    It is truly amazing how fast everyone is too dismiss silver and Gold as a investment despite the mountains of evidence that it is literally the only investment you want! I think only a very small percentage of UK people will be on the silver AARK when the fiat Tsunami hits the island !

  • JP Morgan paid $21,000 in 2011 for security services at Jamie Dimon’s house in NYC in the wake of Occupy Wall Street. Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

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