A Spiritual Home

“Dust Thou Art, and Unto Dust Shalt Thou Return.” Genesis 2:7

My attention has been drawn to the conversation of location, location, location, and so I thought I’d throw in my own opinion with quick fashion.

Firstly, move to an area of arable land with fresh water, plenty of rain, and sufficient sun-light.  If you’re currently in the desert without any reliable source of water bar imports, you really should consider moving.  If the land around you is fertile yet it hardly rains, you should be thinking about long-term water storage.  If, like me, it isn’t the soil or rainfall that is a significant problem but sunlight hours are a concern, you need to study the greenhouse system.

Secondly, you need to consider culture.  Can you speak the local language and are you aware of taboos, norms, and other such knowledge?  If you aren’t then I suggest you either learn quickly or move to an area in which you can comprehend the other people.  If you decide to move then ‘culture shock’ could, and does, occur to people who move somewhere they have no knowledge of.  Think it through carefully, you could fare much better in an area with second-rate land and people you understand than a natural paradise containing folk you have little in common with.

Overall, you need to find your spiritual home; a place in which your very soul feels at peace and contains other spirits/beings that you share many ‘perspectives’ on life with.  You are ‘of the earth’ so allow your ‘inner voice, ‘God’, ‘Gaia’, or however you understand existence to guide you through.  Think.

I wish you all the best.


10 comments to A Spiritual Home

  • Country Codger

    Good thoughts Gareth. It is just me or are our articles finally addressing those things which bring joy, happiness, contentment? Interesting development.
    Don’t forget to read to the baby every night.

    • Gareth

      I have a little, still feel self-conscious using ‘off the top of my head’ stuff at the moment. I realise I shouldn’t but it’s all new to me, bud. Gonna get some happy story books to assist me early next week :-)

      Both my sweetie and our baby bump are at their Nanna and great-Nanna’s tonight. Leanne sleeps there once a week to keep her Nanna company.

      Cheers, CC, and aye, people are becoming more positive. The ‘awake’ are realising they’re not alone. The internet is the ‘twist’, right?


  • Ben

    Very good Gareth.

    I always enjoy your posts.

  • lastmanstanding

    G…your efforts and your spirit are appreciated…

  • Rico

    Thaks Gareth for your always ripe and positive thoughts. Best of luck with the newbie! Blessings and Peace, rico

  • Mark Brown

    Nice words Gareth,

    I also enjoy reading what you write. Are you somewhere in the west country in the UK?


  • Gareth

    Thanks all, it’s important to remain positive and keep moving forward :-)

    I’m in the north east, Mark, bud.

    • 74°N 56°E


      Just be careful how much personal info you give out – not everyone who reads this site is friendly.

      From the personal info you have already given out (and which stands recorded on this site, and others, for anyone to see) it is already possible to ‘profile’ you and even locate your place of work (and also your residence to within just a couple of square miles too).

      This is something everyone should be mindful of even amongst friends (unless of course you take the view of CC and seemingly dont care who knows – I would insert a smile here but dont know how).

      Anyway – just keep in mind the ‘bad guys’ visit this site too.

      • Gareth

        Thanks for the concern, bud, but I’m of a familiar mindset of people that no longer really care. I would imagine the ‘elite’ in England will have bigger problems than yours truly :-)


      • Gareth

        “A Brave man risks no more than a coward” Napoleon Bonaparte

        What d’ye reckon he meant?

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