The Silver Drudge Report Bomb

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  • silverdoc

    Went into my local coin shop yesterday, saw two of my friends standing there. They said they had heard about silver lately, and wanted to start investing in coins and bars. I told them its a great decision, and that I would contact them with the 411 on how, why and when (Sons of Liberty Academy).
    On my other side was an elderly man. He asked the clerk if it was better to own gold or silver. The clerk said gold had more value, but on a percentage basis, silver was a better performer. The man then said I want $25,000.00 in silver, at which time the clerk took him aside to make the sale and get more information.
    So here, just in 5 minutes in one shop, I witnessed what I believe must be starting to happen throughout every town in america, newbies and novices wanting to get their hands wet in the physical metals market so they can secure their future and escape “fiatocracy”.
    So when the inevitable finacial tsunami finally does come, those of us here, who are aware and prepared, and who have informed as many friends, family, sheeple, or anyone else that would head our actions and words as vigilant, we will be ready. And its because of people like chris who work unselfishly for the betterment of others, that when the debris clears, we will surface with a clear sense of purpose, with our character intact, and best of all with cold, hard, shiny, honest assets proclaiming the fruits of our labor.

  • Scout

    Here, here! Well said Silverdoc. Good video, Chris. Waking people up, exponentially, one moment at a time!

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