Updated: The Big Silver Picture

Wow it is a big picture!

Thanks Eric!

Here is a thoroughly updated image with a piece that I covered in Silver Shield Report #9.

Thank you so much for ALL of your eyes!


So I was creating a new chart for a new video and I got a little carried away…

You have to click on the image to enlarge it and really appreciate all of the work that went into it.

I will be using this chart in the next few videos to explain what I see coming in the silver market, but I wanted to post it now for you to take a look at and spell check. :)

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  • Irving14941

    Me like.

    One spelling error under “The Aware and Prepared” with the word “OTHERS” instead of “other”

    “By walking away from collective power and becoming independently powerful, we change the world by starving the machine that would seek to enslave us with debt and empower ourselves to be independent enough to work voluntarily with OTHERS independent people without the threat of force.”

    • Silver Shield

      Thank you. Corrected.

      Funny how you can stare at something for hours and miss the same thing.

  • Irving14941

    Can you explain the “Transparent precious metal holdings” chart? What’s the deal with that…

    • Silver Shield

      It is a chart showing how the SLV has added an unbelievable amount of silver they defies logic.

      Which just means that it is another paper illusion that will blow up.

      • “Which just means that it is another paper illusion that will blow up.”

        It really is that simple isn’t it. People are gonna prepare a piece of log instead on a pile of paper bank notes – the log burns for longer :-)

        Great pictorial information, bud.

  • Rich

    consciousness has one “s” after u and before n :)

  • Mad Scientist

    Under The Big Silver Picture:
    2nd paragraph last sentence – recognized should be recognize
    3rd paragraph – sentence begins with SO
    3rd paragraph 1st sentence – misplaced comma after the word hard

  • Not found a typo, but I’ve got a question……..Germany and France?

    The current crop of European money changers are based in Berlin and Paris as well as the City of London. Rothschild is German for Red shield don’t forget, bud.

  • Greg

    Hello, I’m new here, happy to offer spell/grammar help since you sound like a perfectionist like me :)

    In the second paragraph…

    “all” of the gold? Most of it would be more accurate. Gold gets used and tossed in electronics as well as silver, probably gets wasted in other ways too.

    “Silver for the past few decades HAS been used…” not HAVE.

    “thrown away in such small quantities…” confusing. Much, if not most of it has been thrown away, so the quantity is actually large, but yes in many tiny amounts.

    “At some point the relative value of Silver to Gold will RECOGNIZE this,” not RECOGNIZED.

    3rd paragraph…

    “logic would dictate that humanity WILL have to…”

    Your prerogative as the editor, but do you really mean to capitalize Silver, Gold, and Ratio?

    Interesting, thanks for doing all this,


  • intothevoid

    1st paragraph second sentence – ‘fundemental’ – *fundamental

  • some_math_guy

    Over shoot is one word…overshoot.

    Excellent work, this would be great to print out and post on bulletin boards.

  • DaveL

    A truely exquisite collage of silver destiny. The “spelling police” always amuse me…the message is the meat, not how the “silver-ware” is arranged. Nice visual and thought provoking “art”.

  • Jared

    Great information but PLEASE find a good proofreader! Holy crap!

  • Jared

    and silver for the last few dacades “has” been

    100,000 “man” army

    Again…great information.

  • Jared


  • VIPER131

    Grate Foto.

    I lick the Sliver Billet and Silver Shed.


    You Rook!!!!

  • Jared

    April 25, 2012 at 7:57 pm · Reply
    A truely exquisite collage of silver destiny. The “spelling police” always amuse me…the message is the meat, not how the “silver-ware” is arranged. Nice visual and thought provoking “art”.

    Have you noticed how difficult it has become to read through an article online, regardless of the source, and not find it riddled with grammatical errors? It’s an epidemic and it’s shameful. This is our language and it is already endangered. I say we preserve it by respecting it and using it correctly. If this trend continues where will our language be in 20 or 30 years? We rail against the dumbing down of society, in particular the middle class, and yet we publish our message to tens of thousands of readers in bad English. It erodes our credibility and damages our message.
    Did Thomas Jefferson or Ben Franklin publish their ideas in anything but correct and proper English? Is our message less important than theirs? I would argue that ours is more important because we are in for a much harder fight than they had.
    When our flag is displayed incorrectly are we not offended? I happen to feel the same way about our language.

    • 74°N 56°E

      The dumbing down of all languages has been happening for many generations (by design not by accident, nor by natural evolution), with perhaps the worst examples of this today being ‘text speak’ and ‘street talk’.

      There will not be any (genuine) high-level attempts made to correct this degradation, so it will be up the individual to preserve what we have left in order for future generations to pick up the mantle.

      This has been predicted by many over the last century or so, and was most famously warned about by Orwell. Indeed Orwell was very concerned that within just a few generations expressive languages, would cease to exist.

  • I like the chart that commences with the 1340’s, Chris. The resemblance to now is uncanny. ‘Free trade’ and usury with money the banksters didn’t even have was common place in that era too.

    History repeats itself with a twist, they say. The twist this time is the internet, right?

    I agree with the guy above that states it’s make a good A4 poster. Might need to ‘double side’ it somehow or do it A3?

    Good work anyway, bud.


  • thankful

    Ok here is what I saw.

    You spelled Fundamental with an e and not an a.

    I would say …..silver HAS been used and abused. .. that’s been caught above.

    I would say …..money….and DO NOT HAVE access to the amount of energy…..we currently DO and we are facing…..

    Rest is awesome.

    I hope this helps.
    You sent me an e-mail; I replied with same. So you can ignore e-mail.

  • thankful

    Sorry, it looks like your updated one is all fixed.

  • tony

    In the Dominate Model, mobilise should be mobilize.

  • Chris, looks like our friends at JPM are worried about a couple people standing for delivery. They just moved almost their entire customer silver book to the dealer vaults (registered) yesterday. 5 million ounce adjustment increased their registered holdings 500% overnight!!


    • Silver Shield

      Yes I saw that and I don’t remember such a large move from eligible to registered. Since the recent rapid growth in their over all inventory I think is even more telling. I have long stated that JP will not crash, they will just go long physical and screw everyone with their paper. They will be first in line to the physical and dump their paper on the Fed and treasury. Don’t forget their involvment with SLV. ( what ever real silver there is.) great scam make billions suppressing a market luring more silver in their hands and when it blows they can ride the physical rocket. Personally I hope they do blow up but between Blythes interview and their increased physical storage I think they are setting themselves up to ride the rocket with us.

      • 74°N 56°E

        That has always been the plan – it was baked into the cake so to speak.

        These guys are not stupid – greedy yes – stupid no.

        They can settle any contract they wish in cash.

        They will only part with physical for as long as playing this game suits them. After that contracts get settled in cash. Its like flipping a coin and saying heads I win tails you loose.

        They are making a fortune skimming all paper players.

        They get to buy cheap, keep any physical they already have, shuffle it around with their partners for some creative accounting, skim off the paper players, and help the government support the dollar all at the same time.

        The paper game will go on for as long as there is still an advantage to having it continue. Watching it and waiting to see it implode is like watching a pot boil on someone elses fire – and with them putting on and removing logs as it suits them.

        Just keep buying whatever physical you can afford and turn away from the paper market. Spot price at this stage in the game is only of interest to sellers. If you are holding long term put your energy into something more constructive.

        It is 2 minutes to midnight and there is still prepping to be done. Forget kitco and concentrate on what matters.

        • lastmanstanding

          It’s just that simple 74 56…wouldn’t it be awesome to just print shit, add a few zeros, shuffle money to your friends and use it to buy pm’s like they are…knowing that a few of us dumb bastards have stronger hands than they do

          That is why we will survive and they won’t this time.

          I have to believe that.

  • Bravo Silver Shield: Outstanding!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the chart. Resembles the order of battle for the World War II Operation Overlord – the invasion of Normandy.

    You are helping more people than you will ever know. The Magnified View is getting a lot of hits and comments since I made a comment on Don’t Tread on Me.

    Dare to prepare

    Right on brother – WRITE ON!

    Cordially, Yoda http://www.magnifiedview.com

    P.S. I am multilingual, can’t spell in any language and really care less.

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