Gaddafi Used Libya’s Oil Wealth To Better Life In Libya

5 comments to Gaddafi Used Libya’s Oil Wealth To Better Life In Libya

  • aurochs

    What’s your point rainmaker?

    • Rainmaker

      I dunno. I guess the point is, why did Gaddafi get offed? Why has our media machine made Gaddafi out to be Satan? Its pretty obvious is it not? Its about control of anothers resources. Maybe there is no point, except to realize that the West has used and abused its power over the years to exploit others resourses. I guess I should post about Mosaddeq. 1951-1953 in Iran. Now that is some interesting history. What do you think? What say you?

  • aurochs

    I dunno either. I really don’t give a rats patootie about the middle east or africa or any of it. I got my own problems. I do know that I’m really tired of American imperialism. I’m sick of American boys dying all over the world for people who hate us. Maybe we should try minding our own business for a change (we can believe in.) I guess I’m just an old isolationist from a century gone by.

  • I have an idea.

    Gaddafi was not falling in line on NATO’s Mare Nostrum

    Gaddafi envisioned independent pan-African financial institutions; a Pan African Bank, cutting out the IMF and World Bank.

    Gaddafi was establishing gold backed dinar and all Libyan oil could only be purchased with it.

    JFK wanted pull out of SE Asia

    JFK declared war on the Mafia – illegal finance

    JFK attempted to issue the silver certificate – closing the FED out of their scam.

    Both men ended up having very bad days!

    Finally, the rise of freedom sweeping the ME and N. Africa was a threat to the Hegemonic power. Control of it’s oil resources and the opportunity to make an example that Imperialism was alive and TPTB can crush any movement and put a puppet regime in place proved to be to much to resist.




    NATO’s War Crimes in Libya: Sanctions against defiance

    Libya one year later: a forgotten memory

  • Flyingcloud

    One could add, that Gaddafi claimed that he established in Libya the world’s only democracy which could really be named with that word. And maybe he was right. In Libya, they had peoples’ conferences, sending delegates to the government in a basic democratic matter, which included, that most things are handeled on a local basis, and that the representatives could be withdrawn anytime, when they didn’t do what they were delegated for.

    In western democracies, the party with 51% rules, and the people who elected the losing party, have no voice. The elected representatives get 4 or 5 years years of full power, people don’t have any further influence. Not so in Libya’s former true democracy.

    Gaddafi retreated in the 70’s and had no official power or duty anymore. Not many have heard of that. Why not?

    Since the 70’s, the CIA and MI5 established big mobs of terrorists in Libya, trying one coup after the other, trying to assasinate Gaddafi many times. Without these artificial hordes of terrorists, Libya would have been a peaceful place, without repression and without anything like a “dictator”. Well, in fact they had amnesty programs since some years, and released hundreds of terrorists from the jails. The same secret service led terrorits, who took over now.

    I still think, the economic and political grass roots concepts of Gaddafis Green Book are worth a closer look, because they make sense and they are truly revolutionary. Strange how much these points are overlooked, even by the alternative sites.

    ok, why is that important for us? It shows how relentlessly the media distorts the truth, influencing and distracting even many truthers. And it shows how this war has been won for real with the crucial help of really efficient phony media lies.

    Normal people don’t like wars. If western populations would have been better informed, there would have been a strong peace movement, and that is something which REALLY frightens “them”. Their real enemies are us, they are frightened a lot that we could turn away from their lies.

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