Becoming An Invisible Man Could Save Your Wealth–Trace Mayer 25.Apr.2012 presents:

Trace Mayer and I sat down for lunch together in Manhattan today. We discussed the impending collapse, how governments will sustain themselves, and why it all means bad news for you. Trace, an author and proprietor of, believes the current dollar/currency crisis could go on for many more years. My personal opinion is we’re a lot closer to the end, than the beginning; perhaps, we’re just one Black Swan away.

In any event, there are many strategies available for you to avoid suffering a disastrous fate, but you must act soon. The government, with its insatiable demand for cash to fund its overblown and inefficient operations, is going to be eliminating many of the techniques that you can now use. So, better to do it soon than to see all your options get cancelled out.

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3 comments to Becoming An Invisible Man Could Save Your Wealth–Trace Mayer 25.Apr.2012

  • Jon

    Question: now that China is going to buy Iranian oil with gold, will the US invade Iran to stop it? It’s easier to attack Iran then China. Is the US willing to goto war with everyone to keep the worlds currency status?

  • lastmanstanding

    as soon as those on the dole can’t buy ANYTHING with hyperinflated dollars…look out.

    People who help one another are the solution…the rest are the problem.

    Look back for answers to the problems of mankind…tech is now hurting people.

    In most cases.

  • Jon

    Tech is not the problem, Greed is!

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