Silver’s BIGGEST Short – The American Public

The following YouTube commentary is thought provoking and bares many questions (including these):

  • Can the “Too Big To Fail” ever truly fail?
  • Will the American people be bound to cover Wall Street banking failures (yet again) due to Wall Street’s eventual and inevitable inability to cover their substantial Silver/Gold short positions (or due to their failure to deliver the physical Silver/Gold)?
  • And if these Wall Street banking failures are bailed out (yet again) by the American people, will there be an escape from an absolute collapse (like in 2008), or will the momentum of a Silver/Gold run on the banks be too much to be thwarted off by the Bernanke, or will a completely different result/paradigm emerge?

Interesting food for thought. I hope you enjoy!


3 comments to Silver’s BIGGEST Short – The American Public

  • aurochs

    I think this guy is still trying to figure out how to beat the house at blackjack. He’s not a physical metal thinker but stuck in the short and long futures paper casino paradigm. But he’s right to notice that the sheeple will end up suffering the consequences of this crooked system. The bill is coming due.

  • Tekoa

    Hey aurochs,

    I think that was part of my unspoken message. It’s all just a fantasy land, where arguing about fine points is a great way to keep people busy, while the true investors are out actually acquiring land and projects in the real world, haha.

    The smart money is one step ahead of “holding physical metal”. They’re tying up the last of the world’s “in the ground” resources. But heck, to each their own, party on.


  • Archangel

    Tekoa, what do you mean the “smart money is one step ahead of holding physical metal.”? Are you referring the the people who are buying up oil, mining and drilling companies?

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