Obama On Drones: We don’t need no stinking Rules of Engagement!

Obama Approves Expanded Drone War in Yemen – Increased airstrikes will raise number of civilian casualties, undermine US law, and further destabilize Yemen, say critics

by Common Dreams staff

The CIA and US military may target suspected al-Qaida militants in Yemen with drones even when suspects’ identities are not known, report the Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post citing “unnamed” US government officials.  The policy shift gives permission to the CIA and the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) to fire on targets based solely on the targets’ intelligence “signatures” — patterns of behavior detected through intercepts, human sources and aerial surveillance that indicate the presence of “key operative” or a “threatening” act.


Obama approved the use of “signature” strikes this month and the killing of an al-Qaeda operative near the border of Yemen’s Marib province this week was among the first attacks carried out under the new Imperial authority where POTUS is Judge, Jury and Executioner!.

Obama approved the use of “signature” strikes this month and that the killing of an al-Qaida operative near the border of Yemen’s Marib province this week was among the first attacks carried out under the new authority, officials told the Post. The new lethal authority is given even when identity of those in harm’s way is not known, the reports indicate.

The Wall Street Journal quotes a US official as saying “Every Yemeni is armed, so how can they differentiate between suspected militants and armed Yemenis?”

After reports of the new strategy in Yemen — which came in the form of a request from CIA Director David Petraeus — law professor Bruce Ackerman, in a Washington Post op-ed, urged the president to reject it, arguing that even George W. Bush never received authorization to carry out such expansive war powers. “The president should not try to sleep-walk the United States into a permanent state of war by pretending that Congress has given him authority that Bush clearly failed to obtain at the height of the panic after Sept. 11.”   Read: Obama Approves Expanded Drone War


Inflection Point:  “For every intended drone target as many as 50 innocents die.” – OBAMA’S DRONES: WAR ON WOMEN AND CHILDREN!

As rules of engagement are tossed aside in drone attacks on foreign soil, be mindful of the fact that the NDAA 2012 authorized the deployment of military drones into United States airspace and the FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act authorized 30,000 drones to be used by 2015 right here in the good old USA.



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Inflection Point

13 comments to Obama On Drones: We don’t need no stinking Rules of Engagement!

  • Ben

    …and the noose tightens…

    but hey…what does that matter…American Idol is close to picking a winner!

  • In the measure of maintaining one’s liberty there are two types of people. The first takes it upon themselves to understand whether they are winning or loosing; patriotically working to to defend and expand liberty. The second has no idea; prone to believing the party line. On every plane of existence this simple principle separates the free from the slave. – Inflection Point – http://notionalvalue.blogspot.com/

    The plasticity of American society has molded us into unthinking morons who let evil slowly take over until we’re numb with it. – comment to Frank Zappa’s “I’m The Slime” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfUB4Wv5ooI – on You Tube

  • Ben

    You do know that second part was in jest….don’t you?

  • RealityChick

    Your video above of Dr. Wasfi is spot on. She is an unbelievably courageous and articulate messenger of the bitter truth. Not unlike Ron Paul and a few others. If we heard these voices on the MSM instead of the blabber that currently spews in our faces, we’d be so ahead of the “game”… She is SO my hero and wish I had her guts. Well, I guess getting kicked out of my congressman’s office for asking how much $$$ he gets from the pharmaceutical companies is a start. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to just GO TO HIS LOCAL OFFICE! We have the POWER, people!! And they’re getting scared that one by one, we’re waking up…and it’s showing.

    • Ben


      She has a lot of great videos.

      Kicked out of the office? Really? Nice!

      My local state legislator won’t even take my calls or emails anymore. One of her staffers called me a “busybody”. I wear it as a badge of honor.

    • Ben and RealityChick:

      You have the power to show the people who their true constituents are and everything they do that is contrary to their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. Point them out. And down the road you can label them; Gone.

  • 74°N 56°E

    The video was interesting on many levels.

    What hit me in particular was that some of the scenes are very likely to be played out in Western cities in the years to come. I am not talking about ‘blow back’ from a foreign power, but the treatment our citizens can expect from their respective governments (or by the UN or a global government if the NWO guys have their way).

    The British have already tried much of what is being put in place in the US today. They set the example (and the bar) for domestic military occupation / martial law decades ago through the treatment of their own citizens in Northern Island.

    Since then many more years of de-sensitivity to violence and cruelty have taken place all around the world. The reinforcement of ‘might is right’, arrogance, ignorance, and perception management has brought us to the point where we can expect any form of domestic martial law to be brutal and bloody – just look to see how peaceful, unarmed, ‘occupy’ kids get treated. Imagine the massacre of these kids that would ensue if ‘someone in the crowd’ pulled a gun and took a shot at the police.

    Our military and police would not take on their own citizens, certainly not with deadly force? Dream on.

    Lets be honest about this and not idealistic. Anyone who has spent any time within any military, police, or government dept will have met many who would happily pull the trigger on their fellow citizens – especially if they belonged to a different race, religion, or lifestyle.

    Even if these guys could be ‘controlled’ by those who would not shoot their own people, we now have fully equipped and war-ready ‘private’ standing armies of mercenaries. They may be called ‘contractors’ by politicians, but lets not split hairs – they are hired guns, plain and simple.

    Then you have the pack mentality – someone starts shooting at you and your kin/team/unit or whatever, and you will shoot back and defend them, whoever you are shooting back at. Again lets be honest about this and not idealistic.

    The model for governmental ‘replacement’ through social unrest has been tried and tested – and is currently being refined in Syria. The British and US governments are doing a ‘painting by numbers’ job on us all in order to further the agenda of the so called elite.

    This thing has the potential to get real bad, real quick, and it does not take a brain the size of a bus to work out that a city could easily become a giant open air prison (take a look at Gaza for that model).

    I would also suggest that anyone living in a major population centre identify the main escape choke points now, but moreover please take a careful look at all main escape routes. See what has been done to them in preparation for what may come. The US government has been prepping for this for over a decade and certain features of the infrastructure in major cities have been constructed with ‘population management’ (and both fixed and mobile checkpoints in mind).

    Dont get me started on the ‘camps’. Wait and see how many people walk into the camps willingly – with their families – for their ‘free’ food/water/welfafe check/immunisation shot/i-pod or whatever will attract the uninformed and unprepared.

    Watch that video again and imagine that as your future – it will take on new meaning.

  • East of Murmansk – Burr:

    “…the scenes are very likely to be played out in Western cities in the years to come. I am not talking about ‘blow back’ from a foreign power, but the treatment our citizens can expect from their respective governments (or by the UN or a global government if the NWO guys have their way).” and the rest of your comment is well put!

    It is a point we are consistently making at Inflection Point – http://notionalvalue.blogspot.com/

    Please check out the links at the bottom of the post.

    “…many more years of de-sensitivity to violence and cruelty have taken place” This is the banality of evil.
    Check out the Inflection Point site and type in: banality of evil – under, SEARCH THIS BLOG in the upper right hand corner.

    • 74°N 56°E

      > Pitchman,

      Yes, I’ll check out the links asap – and I’ve just taken a quick squint at Inflection Point, thanks for that also.

      Looks like you have given me a fair bit more reading to do so I’ve bookmarked Inflection point for a return visit as soon as I’m able to.

      It is clear to me that you are deep thinker, I like that. There are still not enough deep thinkers even amongst the ‘awake’ to turn this thing around – at least not yet, so keep the articles coming.

  • Ben


    Is that your blog? Or one you post at with a group of people? Or just your blog?

    Either way…it’s very nice. Good work! I like it.

    I have added it to my favorites….inbetween DTOM and Lew Rockwell.

    How sad is it that I alphabatize my favorites?

    Now if you will exuse me…….I have to rearrange my sock drawer.

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