Silver Doctors- Gold To Silver Ratio Could Hit 5 to 1

Here is my discussion with The Doc at Silver Doctors.

We discuss the following

(1) The Gold and Silver Short Term Fundamentals

(2) Whether we will have QE3 and what effects it will have.

(3) The European Crisis and how it will effect Gold/Silver

5 comments to Silver Doctors- Gold To Silver Ratio Could Hit 5 to 1

  • Rojelio

    Question for the doc. Why are experts seemingly clueless about when a silver shortage might occur? We’ve got websites like his that obsessively track every ounce that goes in and out of the banks. We know how much is mined every year. How much the mint sells every year. How much does industry use every year etc…

    Consider oil, for example. You can’t keep it at $10/barrel by naked short selling paper or any other financial trick. Cheap oil is gone. No hiding it. Not so with silver. Why?

  • lastmanstanding

    5:1!!!…with the current state of affairs, I don’t see gold tanking to $155.00 oz.

    Your should be stacking like a mfer!!!

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