SBSS 24. The Big Silver Picture

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  • David baker

    Nice one the full story in 16 minuets

  • speedspirit

    Excellent job on this video Chris. I think sharing this with a few friends will be an excellent tool to wake them up. Thanks

  • 74°N 56°E


    I accept that one tenth of an ounce of Silver is historically equal to a days pay.

    I also accept that most humans on this planet live on the equivalent of approx 2 dollars per day (and for the benefit of those who dont look outside North-America and / or North-Western Europe, most people on this Earth are not white or middle class).

    Therefore, in order for one tenth of an ounce of Silver to represent a days pay for a North-American or a North-Western European it will need to have a dollar denominated value of c.$100 – $200 dollars (equivilent to $500 to $1000 per ounce).

    Now, as we are in the minority, we cannot expect the majority of the worlds population to suddenly have their daily pay increased by a factor of 10 or 20 to match ours. Therefore it must be more reasonable to assume that WE must take a 10 times or 20 times REDUCTION in the ‘value’ of our pay.

    As such a reduction in the ‘nominal’ sum of our pay would never be tolerated, it must therefore happen in value / purchasing power terms, ie through hyperinflating the value of western paper fiat currencies away until $100 – $200 US Dollars has the same purchasing power as $2 ‘Chiopines’ dollars, for example.

    So, $500 to $1000 US Dollars per ounce of Silver is therefore a real possibility, but only as a result of economic collapse/hyperinflation/devaluation, which means that sum compared to its ‘international purchasing power’ is little more than what one ounce of Silver is today.

    Its all relative, is it not?

    We are simply protecting todays purchasing power (and making a small bet on an international revaluation of Silver upward) are we not?

    No one is going to get rich from this – just like the Zimbawean who became a multi-trillionaire by selling a Canadian Maple leaf coin did not get ‘rich’ – it was relative to the valuation of his currency against others internationally.

    Have I got the message, or have I missed the plot completely?

    The above is straight ‘off the top of my head’ and written down quickly as I didnt want to loose the train of thought – so no spelling and punctuation gestapo agents please – its the idea i’m asking for a comment on, not my use of English.

    • Not right

      16,003,704,183,630 Start. US debt.

      You missed it pretty big. I don’t want to be evil or whatever this is how I explain it.

      With all the manipulation, money printing, corruption, secret money such as derivatives, 500-1000$ is not reasonable in a hyper-inflation depression event. I mean in todays purchasing power.

      When you have a global run on currencies to hard assets you think people are going to stop at 500-1000$?

      And say well that 1/10 of a days pay so its fair now, what happens when the money printing doesn’t stop? Or the next trading session is China? lol. 500 will be 5,000 in about 10 minutes.

      Some people are saying a loaf of bread will be 100$ and silver 750$ well at that price that is ~7.5x its value.

      At todays price a loaf is 5.00 and silver is 35.00 only ~7x. So 750$ silver will be even more of a bargain.

      How long do you think society will tolerate making what it makes now and then bread is 100$? My guess is about 3 minutes.

      People are going to get rich from this, very rich.

      People who do not have real assets will be destroyed in ways not imaginable. People who have it will be protected.***

      When you say the Zimbabwe thing, their currency is the USD, now imagine the USD going through what the Zimbabwe dollar went through, what do people use?

      Global reserve currency hyper inflates and that country will start using another FIAT currency, I don’t think so, it will take it all down.

      Well there will be a mad rush for hard assets, because the USD will hyper inflate.

      I think you need to check out what central banks are buying right now at unreal prices and quantities. Hint its gold.

      So what is the real price of silver,
      well take out manipulation, people wanting to monetize this metal and 500$ in todays purchasing power an ounce is very unrealistic.

      Everyday this continues the higher the price will be in the end.

      Factors that could influence the price even higher, ok a central bank, a country has reserves of silver, done and done.
      Pension plans, one very rich guy, a couple rich guys, a thousand wealthy guys, a million well off guys. Every person who can afford 1 ounce.

      Physical stackers today are physical stackers for life now. What are you going to “invest” in to protect your money?

      7 billion people and lets say only 10% have 500$ thats 700 million people or 350 billion dollars, for 1 years worth of silver production with no silver going into industry.

      Well what happens the next year when the same 700 million people buy 1 ounce again? Industry is seriously not going to get its hands on it? Well no, the price will go up to price those people out, until it reaches an equilibrium.

      You know supply and demand, and we are no where near its true value.

      The suppression is teetering on a knife’s edge.

      Let’s put a timeline on this now.

      The US doesn’t get the results this year for a real resolve to the crisis, So this Nov. Dec.
      Americans are awesome when they get behind something and stand for it, there is nothing that can stop them.

      That is the biggest thing I believe people should be watching. The elections. Not the horse and pony show, the we have this chance to do it right this time and we will either vote him in or we will just do it ourselves.

      Euro breaks up because, well look at it. How long can that last at most another 1-2 years.

      Black swan like anything you could imagine. That puts it to any time, as in right now as your reading this, it could have happened.

      The 1/10 of an ounce is a good start when todays methods of suppression are not put into the equation, but that is the problem, we are not alive during those times, this is today and those suppression tools are alive and well.

      So what is the real price, well look at the worst bank and their ratio to lending like for every dollar how much do they have in reserve. That is a start.

      Right now 30…..50 its the same thing, so it going up a factor of 10-20X is a very low but guaranteed price 500-1000$ in todays purchasing power.

      Think bigger like 72x or greater because there is still a lot of money printing to come.

      *** When I mean protected, i mean they better have more than just PM. Think how easy your life would be during an unforeseeable event and you can go fishing that day or weekend.

      You know while things get settled.

      I am not in the ratio camp. 1 Oz. back then could buy this much of that item.

      These days you have mass globalization, cheap labour for goods, better technology, Huge population and wealth increases.

      I am in the camp if you don’t have it, you will never be able to afford it in your life ever.

      In closing, you think millionaires, billionaires, are going to watch their wealth, their savings lose value over night or the next day and the next day and the next day until they are like us?

      They will move so fast to save whats theirs it will be too late for the little people.

      This is a tiny market and its bursting with the poor woken up sheeple as it is.

      Get it while its hot!

      Finish 16,003,735,800,222

      The US debt not including the rest of the world while writing this went up by 32 million dollars or 1,000,000,000
      1 million ounces. Do that 700X and there’s a problem, well not really.

      • 74°N 56°E

        Excellent reply, thanks for taking the time.

        The more I look into this stuff the more complex I realise it actually is.

        Some interesting times are ahead, I hope we all get through this with more than ‘just’ our wealth intact.

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    This criminal demonetization of silver in 1873 was worked so well that pure silver is now more rare than pure gold above ground and us silver holders will implode this fiat empire of lies.

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