CNBC Anchor and CFR Member Erin Burnett Toes the Line for Her Bankster Masters: What if We BANNED Cash?

We wonder, what if we got rid of cash? After all, cash is what keeps terrorists, drug dealers and gun dealers in business.” – Erin Burnett

by SGT

As I outlined in my recent article, Stumbling Blocks to ‘Global Governance in a Changing World, mere “human resources” like us can get an insider’s look at the very real problems plaguing the folks that seek to enslave the world by tuning into the CFR’s own You Tube channel, where they regularly discuss these issues. Now we can get some of that CFR spin on CNBC too.

CNBC’s Erin Burnett is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, as is NBC’s Brian Williams and many other public figures. And each does their best to tow the line for their Bankster Oligarch masters, helmed by the Sith Lord himself, David Rockefeller.
In this clip, Burnett excitedly promotes the NWO plan of killing physical money through her “interview” with former Israeli Ministry of Defense consultant Jonathan Lipow who demonizes cash in a NY Times article only Edward Bernays could love titled ‘Turn in Your Bin Ladens’.

Burnett asks: “So your solution is let’s get rid of the cash and that would cut off a lot of the illicit activity out there, and certainly a lot of the funding for terrorists.”

Burnett doesn’t ask if this should be done, nor does she attempt to debate the concept in any way. She tows the line with this follow up question: “So how do we do that practically?

As we know, there is also a parallel Department of Homeland Security strategy to depict those who use physical cash as terrorists. This CNBC interview is yet another blatant piece of Bankster propaganda. A cashless society is part of a long-term plan designed to enslave you as the Banksters push for implantable biometric chips containing all of your personal financial data. A meme eagerly conveyed here by the despicable Erin Burnett. And why not? Burnett has committed to the CFR’s mission of destroying national sovereignty and implementing global governance. And as NBC Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams enthusiastically stated in the CFR’s own 2007 promo video:

“I am always six to nine months away from next trip to Afghanistan and Iraq. And before I go I rely on the resources of the Council. I think it would be foolish not to.”
– Brian Williams, 2007

15 comments to CNBC Anchor and CFR Member Erin Burnett Toes the Line for Her Bankster Masters: What if We BANNED Cash?

  • A debt-based digital that they can manipulate and TAX is ‘their’ goal.

    Let’s not allow them to succeed, eh.

  • speedspirit

    We know that its coming unless enough people wake up and take responsibility for our government and monetary system. I wonder if we are doing the right thing stocking up on PM’s and waiting for the collape. Because surely they have a plan to take us deeper into the trap. A few hundred members holding Silver will not be able to change the world.
    We need to attract members of society that can help bring the masses to awakening. In huge numbers we can then change the world.
    For if we think we can live on an island of a community in the midst of their system they will come for us and mow us down under some lie that we are bad.

  • GoldSaver

    Did you mean “toes the line” as in puts her toes against the line (reference to military obedience during basic training. Green recruits learn to line up in formation by placing their toes against a line painted on the ground) or “tows the line” as in a tug boat pulling a ship into harbor?

  • Fiat Facade

    Erin Burnett and Steve ‘Lies’man are federal reserve/bankster cheerleaders and apologists. They would sell their grandmoms for a nickel in order to keep their gravy train running. Erin has since moved to Bloomberg because CNBC’s ratings are in the toilet. They’re all the same really because all MSM channels are bankster controlled.

    One day these brainwashed bobbleheads will become totally irrelevant and completely insignificant… I look forward to that day.

  • Mark

    “We wonder, what if we got rid of cash? After all, cash is what keeps terrorists, drug dealers and gun dealers in business.” – Erin Burnett

    What about what we use? Not much consideration there……No solution involving the ‘little people’. I found it painful listening to these two. I nearly stopped 2 minutes in, but I painfully hung in there. Hopefully, they will find themselves where they deserve to be.

  • Rojelio

    Get everyone tagged when they come out with the model 666 chipper.Some key trends seem to be going in the opposite direction, however.

    1. Look at the strong resurgence of barter in Greece, a prelude to what we face here.

    2. And globalization heading towards one world bank really depends upon fuel so cheap its almost free. That paradigm is on its last legs. When distance costs money, then you get localization of economies, not more globalization.

    3. Thirdly, one can imagine that when the masters of the universe (Rothschilds or whatever) are sitting in some chalet plotting things out, they’re most likely not jabbering in Mandarin. So how are they going to get the Chinese and the Russians etc.. to go along with a one world domination plot?

    • lastmanstanding

      Nice…instead of rolling the dice and hoping for 7 or 11…for a wad of fiat…take the fiat and scoop up mercury dimes and Ag quarters…

      prepare for the local economy…bike tires will be an outstanding item to rathole…I’m stoked for decentralization of govt.

      I just want to be left alone…beware to those who touch my apple and cherry trees.

      • Shane Thomasson

        “I just want to be left alone…beware to those who touch my apple and cherry trees.”

        Maybe we can trade scions sometime. I have Red and Golden Delicious, Stayman Winesap, Yellow Flat, Roxburry Russet for apples. And Bing and Black Tartarian for cherries.

        • lastmanstanding

          My cherries are “Montmorency” and “Evans” they are pie cherries. The apples are to numerous to mention…I am a landscape contractor in Montana and my local tree supplier is a friend…his specialty is grafting fruit trees…he grew up in Oregon and learned at an early age. You should see the shit he does…It just blows my mind…we have been friends for nearly 20 years.

          We have an apple tree that is grafted like a grape vine…no shit.

          He had rows of them, grafted, pruned and in a neat row just like grapes….there are 4 branches and a top, grafted off one trunk.

          Each branch is a different graft and the top is “Kerr” crabapple. I get 5 different apples off of one tree…

          Not to brag, but you should see my “John” pear tree right now…hundreds of blooms getting ready to set fruit…right here in SW Montana. Everytime I stop by his nursery I am inspired. I wish I could show everyone here the pictures of these beautiful trees.

          I also have a few “one of a kinds” and “culls” that were not worthy but were scavenged from the burn pile and nursed back to health…only one guy in Montana can pull things out of a former Navy SEAL’s burn pile and live to tell about it!

          If you are a SSR member, ask SS for my email and we will talk more and I will send you some pics.

          Like my SEAL buddy who loves to graft beautiful fruit trees to exercise his demons says, “don’t go down without one helluva fight.”

  • Cunning Linguist

    Without cash, EVERY transaction would be available to be taxed. No more “working under the table,” and speaking of tables. No more underreporting of waiters/waitresses tips either, no privacy. The government is bound and determined to get EVERY LAST CENT from EVERYBODY from now on.
    They also would be able to “SHUT YOU DOWN” in an instant if you ever pissed them off for any reason. TOTAL PERSONAL CONTROL of every aspect of your entire life. It’s been their goal all along. This would just help facilitate it all the better.

    We’re freakin doomed…

  • D. Rolling KEarney

    They are already implementing this. have you heard of “Stored Value Cards”? The military overseas gets them in the form of EagleCash cards. Here is the description on the Treasury Dept.’s own website:

  • Egalitarian

    Yet more economic tyranny perpetuated by the “Synagogue of Satan”!

  • lastmanstanding

    All…How many of you will comply?…Just “use” an attractive woman to “suggest” something totally ignorant…I’m headed the other way.

    This will start the ball rolling…you can bet on it.

    …has the heat got to any of you yet?

  • Jeff

    This out to be an issue that any polititcian who claims to be a follower of christ would be totally against…afterall, does it not specifically say in the book of revelation (or is it Daniel) that no one will be able to buy or sell lest he has the mark.

    This should terrify the SHIT out of any believer….unless of course they are of the kooky types that WANT to winess coming of the anti-christ and the great tribulation (you never know…there really are millions of people who want it to happen)

    I see the end of hard currency as the final nail in the coffin that buries personal freedom…you just sit and think about all that digital currency ONLY entails…and the control that it will allow a person in a far off place to dictate over your life…and then tell me….what will YOU do when they start implenting it? Wake up now…it still is not to late.

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