Nigel Farage and the City of London

I love a Challenge

I recently received an email alert from an individual that knows a lot about silver market manipulation, the upcoming collapse, and a variety of methods to prepare for the future.

The email indicated that Nigel Farage, the charismatic spokesman that works as a United Kingdom Independence Party politician after serving many years within the corporation known as the City of London is, wait for it……….. a ‘good guy’.

I immediately queried such an assumption, and emailed back with my first article exploring Farage’s role in British affairs.  I received a response stating that my article didn’t conflict with the assumption that Farage was a ‘good guy’ – to which I agreed.  In fact, I deliberately weighted my first article with both good and bad aspects of Nigel’s statements.  Specifically, I used Farage’s words to indicate he was correct to dislike the European Union, and that he provided good advice when stating precious metals are better than government bonds.

However, I also provided evidence of UKIP’s and Farage’s stance on that diabolical entity known as the City of London.  Why would a ‘good guy’ support the epicentre of global usury and financial slavery?

I believe the individual – who won’t be named here – that perceives Farage as a ‘good guy’ is conflating gold with honesty.  In fact, no offence my American cousins, but I often perceive people on your side of the pond believe that gold is somehow intrinsically ‘good’.  Gold is neutral, it is an element, and has been used for many purposes including enslaving populations through loaning this precious metal to national governments throughout Europe.  Gold doesn’t ‘care’ if you live or die, neither does it care who ‘owns’ it, and though it – who owns you!

Furthermore, let’s review what Farage actually said about gold:

if I was long on Gold, yes, I would stay long on Gold…”

The man is a paper bug, and probably never advises people to hold physical metal.  His family is part of the London’s Metal Exchange – an entity that makes the CME look like a group of girl scouts.  He is actively campaigning and promoting the continuation of the City of London, so for the remainder of this article I will illustrate just how not a ‘good guy’ Farage is through examining the nature of the ‘golden mile’.

The City Of London

“As Nicholas Shaxson explains in his fascinating book Treasure Islands, the Corporation exists outside many of the laws and democratic controls which govern the rest of the United Kingdom. The City of London is the only part of Britain over which parliament has no authority.”  The London Guardian

The ‘London Vatican’, a sovereign state with its own police force, laws, Lord Mayer, and corporate power is a parasitical beast absorbing the energy of not only Britain, but the entire globe.  Although I cannot abide George Monbiot – the author of the article quoted above – he is correct when stating this entity acts with impunity, arrogance, and with an insatiable appetite for theft and fraud.

Most people will find numerous theories when conducting research of The City of London’s origins.  We simply don’t know how or when it was established, but I can assure the reader that the average Englishman has no knowledge they have a sovereign state acting as a parasite within their country.  Exposing this entity will be an ‘interesting; period in the history of this island.

We certainly know the British Crown and the City have been in cahoots for some time, and as Nicholas Shaxson puts it, “By the 1980s, the City was at the centre of a great, secretive financial web cast across the globe, each of whose sections – the individual havens – trapped passing money and business from nearby jurisdictions and fed them up to the City: just as a spider catches insects.”  New Statesman

The City of London acts as a tax haven for all the world’s major banks and is also the home of the Rothschild dynasty.  I’m sure such as association hardly requires further elaboration for DTOM readers.

The Golden Mile lobbies parliament and moulds and indoctrinates Prime Ministers and Chancellors of the Exchequer.  The Lord Mayer of the City is believed to be appointed by our dear Rothschild clan, and its accounts are not subject to scrutiny by any legislative group in existence to day.  This secretive, abominable and greedy parasite is very powerful with a global reach.

The City of London needs to be driven off this island, with any companies remaining being subject to Magna Carta 1215.  It is that simple.


Farage serves the City of London and is currently encouraging many millions in Britain to ‘protect the city of London’.  This is a FACT.

At best, I would describe Farage as an eccentric money-obsessed political pygmy, and at worst I would suggest he’s a clever shill move by the dark Lord Rothschild.  For those that do not understand British politics, UKIP, Farage’s party, is on the scene to mop-up disgruntled Conservatives into another hierarchical collective.

Who knows, maybe he’s just completely delusional and fails to recognise the City of London for what it is: a vehicle to enslave populations on behalf of the secretive and parasitical elite.

I certainly wouldn’t describe him as a ‘good guy’, would you?

Think on…………………


14 comments to Nigel Farage and the City of London

  • Mark

    A very interesting piece. I have started to follow Mr. Farage’s words on matters EU, much of what he said made sense to me. On the matter of PMs, I found him ‘cool’, which considering the global fundamentals was disconcerting. I am sad at myself not taking the time to find out these connections, but knowing his former affiliation with tht Tories, I shouldn’t be that surprised (nor should I be surprised if he came from the Labour Left either). It takes a lot to go through political machinery anywhere in the world and keep your soul intact.

    Fantastic work Gareth, great website too as I am employing your findings with my everyday money.


    • Gareth

      The labour left, Mark? I’m sure Peter Mandleslime would be disappointed as that’s his role :-) Farage is ‘there’ to sweep up disgruntled Tory supporters and place them into another collective, bud. Millions have fallen for it though – which is a shame.

      • Mark Brown

        Hi Gareth, I fell for that Labour Left tag, and am deeply cynical of anyone hovering around Westminster, both parties have conspired to drag the country to its knees (with the orders of those behind the scenes of course). Our main objective is to relegate these people to a realm of irrelevance.

        PS: Peter Mandleslime is good, not heard that before either :-) :-)

        • Mandleslime used ti sip tea with Rothschild during the epic debt creation under the last labour government. He was just another shill.

          Just ignore them, Mark, bud. ALL politicians in Britain are either useful idiots or Rothschild shills. Don’t vote as it justifies their existence. I’d love an election where no one turned up to vote :-)

          PS No one has guessed who sent me the email stating Farage is a ‘good guy’. Perhaps you all already know?

  • Mustafa Cohen

    maybe he’s just completely delusional and fails to recognise the City of London for what it is

    Which is more likely: this or that he is faithfully serving the only source of his importance?

    “Hard rockers against drugs”, “Acne against faces”, “0.1% against Status Quo”. Riiiiight…

  • Gareth

    “Which is more likely: this or that he is faithfully serving the only source of his importance?”

    I’ll let you decide, bud :-)

  • Cardwell

    Even as a Yank (from LA) I agree with you. I heard Farage on KWN and then started following his YouTube videos. But on one speech he was cracking on the EU and was trying to protect “The City”. and I thought to myself “wait a minute… Isn’t The City where all the US Banker scum bags do their real dirty work? Why is Farage advocating protecting the City…?” So while I like Farage railing on the EU slave masters, I am more wary on Nigel now days…. Great article… Question Authority!

  • nloquecido

    I am disappointed by this. I had high hopes for Nigel Farage; I was hoping he was the British Ron Paul, and liked the things he said.

    What about Daniel Hannan? I heard his recent speech at the 2012 CPAC meeting. Can you explain to an American anything you might know about this individual? He comes from that South Eastern region of the UK. Seems to be a bit more conservative over there.

    • Roy

      Hannan is nothing more than a Conservative in name only. He’s just another Romney type douchebag who talks about “Conservative issues” and “small government” whilst supporting Wars, fractional reserve banking, crony-capitalism and erosion of our rights. F**k Daniel Hannan, he’s a Huckster.

    • Hello nloquecido: Hannan’s irrelevant, bud. Farage, on the other hand, is mopping up the disgruntled Tory voters. In other words Farage is rather dangerous IMHO.

      A Patriotic pied-piper is Farage. That’s Yoda grammar :-)

  • Gareth, here’s some history and facts about THE CITY you may find interesting.

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