Club K. New container weapon

Been around for about 3 years:

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  • Ben

    Embrace the suck.

  • PeterK.

    God Bless the Russians in their fight against the NWO elites.

  • Country Codger

    What was it the Church Lady used to say? “My, isn’t that special?” Unfortunately we have been led down the primrose path of destruction, with no apologies from anyone. One day it will be our turn. God bless the Republic. Death to the New World Order.

  • Rojelio

    How much silver is in one of those?

  • 74°N 56°E

    Container / truck / tanker / whatever ‘Q’ systems are decades old – its only the contents that change. I think it was the Brits who first did heavy guns, torpedos, and depth charges hidden inside wooden cargo crates during WW1. Since then its just been levels of refinement, with missiles of various types gradually replacing guns and torpedos (although I did see a nice remotely controlled 20mm cannon disguised as an architectural feature a couple of years ago).

    Iran has many variations of these systems, in fact it has demonstrated in public several such systems over the last couple of years – from large shipping container based systems to smaller truck mounted systems.

    Iran has also hinted they may have already deployed such systems outside of her borders (I would guess they contain various indiginous or Russian/Chinese missiles, from anti-ship to SS depending on where they are).

    Many ‘experts’ speculate such systems are already deployed inside the borders of the US, but their is no doubt that Iranian missiles are in Venezuela ready to be deployed – perhaps to Mexico or the US. I have seen some very nice pieces of kit in the hands of the Iranians – perhaps thats why we still haven’t gone toe to toe with them (we have got used to fighting countries that cant fight back).

    A did a quick 30 second search of youtube and found several clips of Iranian container sized if not containerised systems, but this obviously ‘collapsable’ system (which may or may not be containerised) was as good as any:

    Anyway, nice CGI graphics, but nothing really new.

    • Rainmaker

      Whats new is that these weapon systems are mass produced, and can be transported anywhere easily and operated via satelite or even cell phone. They can literally be operational anywhere anytime. The manufacturer, Novator, also manufactures the S-300 and S-400 that we hear so much about. The new variant, the Club-K Container Missile System is perhaps the ultimate concealed weapon as the entire system is housed, transported and fired using a standard 40 ft shipping container. Such a container, referred to in the shipping industry as a ‘forty-foot equivalent unit’, provides a completely anonymous means to move and deploy the Club-K system. Novator highlights the system’s ability to be launched from land or sea by non-military platforms, with no obvious sign of the weapon’s presence until it is fired.

      • 74°N 56°E


        I did not mean mean to be critical, sorry if my comments came across that way.

        • Rainmaker

          No offense taken, sorry if my reponse seemed terse. My bad. My response was only to point out that we probably have a whole lotta 40 foot containers that say COSCO or something on the side filled with tubes and arms that can be fired remotely from anywhere, and they are probably all over the world, with a huge majority in or near the USA (we have the most containsers so……).

          This ain’t nuthin new, I do agree, its just more insidious. We should do some posts on weapons systems that most folks cannot even imagine that have been underwraps. We all know about HAARP, but does anyone realy delve into the capabilities? How about new Plasma weapons. Those are already operational but being hidden completely. There us a lot of realy bad stuff out there that is not even talked about. Its going to be a picnic.

          By the way, whats on 74n/56e? Does not look like much.

          • 74°N 56°E

            Totally agree with you about raising awareness of weapons systems that have been fielded, especially those systems which would seem like they have come straight out of a Holywood movie to those not familiar with them.

            It facinates me that mankind employs its very best minds and resources into ever more creative ways to kill other men. Just how far would our species have advanced if we had not spent the last few millenia prioritising killing?

            Anyway, I have been reading (not on the web unfortunately so cant provide a link) about some really ‘out there’ systems which a generation ago people would have put firmly in the realms of sci-fi. In ‘my travels’ I have had described to me an actual operational weapon (which does not use any projectiles or explosives) but instead relies upon various forms of energy (propagated as waveforms). The science behind it is a bit above my level but I got the principle, including some really bizarre applications such as the disruption of the ‘wernickes’ and ‘broca’ areas of the human brain (ie disrupting these structures removes the ability of a soldier to give/receive/understand instructions – thereby making them vulnerable to conventional weapons. It also potentially allows an enemy to make ‘suggestions’ to a soldier(s) which will be processed by the brain in the same way an auditory signal is normally, ie as a sound/voice. Makes the defence of ‘the voices told me to do it…’ take on a whole new meaning).

            Honestly, if the likes of me can get to hear about such stuff, which must be already years out of date by the way, just how much more advanced are these systems today? (and what else have they got!).

            By the way 74°N 56°E was the location of a Soviet era advanced weapons facility which was destroyed in 1961 by the now infamous ‘Tsar Bomb’ test – the largest nuclear explosion the planet has ever seen (and hopefully ever will see). I thought using some co-ordinates rather than a user name added a bit of mystery, especially if any old cold-war warriors saw it – nothing more too it than that.

            • 74°N 56°E

              Embarrassingly, its just been pointed out to me that the system I described above is little more than an early branch of the HAARP program. I knew it was a bit out of date but apparently it is 20 years out of date and been in the public domain for about that long too – whoops (with a big, very red face).

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