We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For

If you listen to one interview of mine, this would be it!


This is an issue that really gets my blood pumping.  I spent so much time trolling the internet chasing bad guys everywhere and I realized that there was nothing good that came out of it as it put there responsibility for the ills of the world on someone else.

My awakening happened when I realized that they do not have any power over that which I did not give them.
I put myself in debt.
I joined their military.
I listened to their media.
I empowered them!

When you realize the independent power you can have IF you take responsibility for your actions.

This is the way out of this cyclical nature of debt and death cycle.

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  • Mother Patriot

    Hi Chris:
    Great interview with Sean. I agree with you sir, I am responsible for creating my life and the world that I occupy. Thanks to the work of you and Sean as well as many other truth tellers, my family is safe. We have food, water, silver, guns and bullets, as well as a library of great books to educate our children and grandchildren.
    Mother Patriot

  • Mark

    Hi Chris,

    There is a way how you and SGT discuss and deliver the Silver and Truth Telling issues that I think is simply brilliant. Both of you are beyond awesome. This latest interview with SGT is where my mind is currently. It is great.

    Both of you guys stay strong.


  • Flyingcloud

    The elite are ultimately irritated by love. That’s what they don’t know and what they can’t handle.

  • 74°N 56°E


    This is one of your best interviews / discussions yet.

    Sean from SGT has a very professional and highly effective interview style which is both balanced and unassuming. He ‘knocks the spots off’ many (most) well paid mainstream hosts and journalists.

    There was real ‘chemistry’ in this discussion which showed through.

    Although I did not agree with everything I agreed with most, and I was pleased that the importance of ‘prepping’ rather than just ‘stacking’ was discussed and described. Its about 2 minutes to midnight on my clock, so those who have yet to start prepping need to get moving.

    A very positive discussion overall between two very well respected people. I hope it inspires a new audience to be pro-active and I hope this gets the very wide circulation it deserves.

    Thankyou, both of you, for your efforts.

  • This is hands-down one of the best discussions I have heard pertaining to our current economic problems. Liberty and individual responsibility is what will move us in the proper direction. “We are the ones we have been waiting for”. Thank-you.

  • jc


    Please spread the word of 1 million against monsanto

    • Silver Shield

      I hate Monsanto but all collective action against collective force will ultimately fail.

      We needs individuals to become independent of the entire system we support.

      This will defeat Monsanto, the Fed and just about every other ill in the world.

  • trailhiker

    Another great interview Chis, you keep getting better and your confidence is really showing through! Keep up the good work, the message is getting out.

  • Chris, I hope you will take the time to read Wealth Shift. (www.wealthshift.org) It speaks very clearly to the points that you and Sean have made in these segments, namely that we as humans are perfectly capable of being own own best friends and worst enemies. Over years of working with major companies I noticed that those leaders who concentrated heavily on legacy building and modeling ethical behavior got paid back many times over both monetarily and psychologically, while those who concentrated on taking short cuts to get a big $ payday ended up bankrupting not only their companies but the psyches and ethos of everyone in those companies as well. People fail to grasp that behavior is not only seen, but emulated. Taking out loans with no viable plan for repayment started with the wealthy. The poor and middle class learned how easy it is to get liar loans from watching people like Donald Trump do it time and time again with success. Same with strategic bankruptcy. The rich do it all the time, why not me? I feel so strongly that we must be the change we want to see, we must be vigilant of our legacy even when others are seeming to gain from abandoning theirs. It is so easy to point the finger and blame someone else, but America is not rotten in spots, it is rotten to the core. We aren’t just thirsting for sound money…we are thirsting for a return of values, as well. It truly won’t matter how much food, ammo, silver or anything else you have if you and everyone around you is constantly thinking “how can I screw you to get more for me?”

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