Now Breitbart’s Coroner Is Dead

I created a video a month or so ago about the very suspicious death of Andrew Breitbart.  A few days after the coroner’s report comes out that claims his death was natural, the coroner that did the report is now dead from apparent arsenic poisoning.  Just another weird death…

2 comments to Now Breitbart’s Coroner Is Dead

  • Ben

    I saw that too Chris.

    Here is a link from The Intel Hub’s story about that very incident.

    I saw on another site that he had some real damming evidence in his report. Apparently that report will not be published. I guess it was lost or something….or something…ummmmm…yaaaah…..riiiight…lost or something.


    Nothing to see here folks.

    But hey! The NFL draft is being analyzed all week on ESPN! Let’s watch that shall we?

    Boggles the mind doesn’t it?

  • Bill Maddox

    Breitbart dies after threatening Obama and now the coroner dies. It’s hard to believe that’s a coincidence. It’s not that easy for an educated scientist to poison themselves with arsenic.They know what kind of precautions are necessary to take to be safe. New novel based on 2008 election documents lots of suspicious deaths linked to Obama: Congressman (Gillmore) investigating ACORN, Hawaii Records worker, Dem Party Chair from AR( Bill Gwatney). Get the book and see for yourself. “ADMIT THE HORSE” on Amazon. It will freak you out.

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